Hatred With Benefits

Hatred With Benefits

By:  MercyCrown  Completed
Language: English
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Eva Carson has one enemy: Son of a rival family, Gorgeous, Cocky, borderline annoying, with a huge Ego– Emerson Ford. They never see eye to eye on things, and remain thorn in each other's flesh. After witnessing Emerson Ford fuck a girl through her window, while holding eye contact with her– something shifts between the two. When their overflowing enmity escalates into an unforgettable night of intense pleasure, Eva's hatred explodes into something else. Something with a teeming, uncontrollable sex drive. With the fued between the two families coupled with her somewhat hatred for him, Eva is unwilling to give in to her unwelcomed desires for Emerson, but when fate plays a cruel trick on them; how long before Eva breaks and finds herself in his bed?

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96 Chapters
EVA.    "How did last night go?" Aliya grins at me as she slumps on the bed and I roll my eyes, shutting the door behind me. "Bad. Honestly bad. "   She sits up with wide eyes, "Are you serious? I thought you caught that blonde guy. "   I shake my head and stride towards her, taking the seat next to her. "That bastard has a girlfriend– or had. "   "Aw, you poor thing. " She coos, wrapping her hands around my neck and I swat her hand away, which causes her to laugh. "You shouldn't think too much into it, babe. His loss. We still have time before we head to college so plenty of time to catch fun. "   "Yeah, " I breathe. "How did yours go?"   When her lips spread into a wide smile, I know she had a better night at getting fucked than I did. A damn lucky bitch.    "Okay, so I met this girl. She was so hot: We were talking one moment
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EVA.    "You look stressed. " Aliya remarks as she walks through the door and I nod, looking behind her. "Did she leave?"   She nods and throws herself beside me. "She said to call her later. "   "But you won't do that, will you?" I lift my brows at her and she smirks, saying, "No chance. "   I laugh and shake my head.    "Why aren't you on the bed?" She asks and I narrow my eyes. "The bed you just had that girl doing God knows what? Nah, I'll pass. "   "We didn't do much. Do you want the details?" She cocks her brows and I frown. "What? No! Fuck off, Aliya. "   She chuckles and moves to the bed. A sigh leaves her parted lips as she lays back and throws her head to the side. "I'm afraid she ruined me for everyone else, Evie. Janet was so damn good, but God help me– I couldn't stop picturing that girl while she had her tongue on
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EVA.    Being in the same room with Emerson Ford is never a good option. We can't stay around each other without having a clash, and this... I saw this coming the moment I walked through the door and sighted him with his friends.    I haven't been in the same room with Emerson since we graduated high school. And that's right; I went to the same high school with the guy I hate so much. With the ever-flowing rage between us, being miles apart from each other is the best thing that could ever happen, but somehow someway– we always end up in the same area.    The office. School... My house.    This is a scenario that's occurred over too many times. Emerson staring down at me with that annoying smirk on his face, and me fuming in anger, wishing I could throw my fist in his face and restructure the sight I hate so damn much– not that I haven't tried several times.   Read more
EVA.    I freeze in my stand and my eyes are wide as I watch Emerson's lip move against mine.    This isn't something I expected, but there is a small fraction that anticipated this: The anger that was burning between us to be fueled into something else. Something unexplainable. Something delirious. I had set the trap, but I didn't think Emerson would take the bait.    Emerson forces my mouth open and slides his tongue through my parted lips, pushing me hard against the elevator wall as his mouth ravages mine and his hand moves to the back of my head, pulling at my ponytail and tilting my head to the back; giving him more opening to plunder my mouth.    Disbelief dances through my veins as Emerson Ford kisses me rough and hard in a way that reflects how it's always been between us.    The warmth in my lower belly explodes into an unbearable sensation that
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EVA.  "Last night here. I'm gonna miss this place. " Aliya sighs as she stares around the club.  "Why did you choose here though? I thought we were heading to the recently opened one downtown?" I ask her as I take a sip of my vodka and Aliya tries to avoid my gaze as she speaks, redness coating her flushed cheekbones. "No reason. I just thought—" "Thought you would see that nameless fuck of yours?" A mocking smile rests on my lips as I raise my brows at her and she rolls her eyes. "It was a instinct, okay?" I hum with a shrug. "Explains why you aren't out of your seat in search of someone to fuck. " "Shut up, Evie. " She groans and I laugh, taking another sip of my vodka.  "You're on your seat, " she drops her gaze to my lap and I nod. "I think that's pretty obvious, Aliya. " "Why are you on your seat? I thought you were going to make the best out of your last day to party? You probably will go back to stuffing t
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EVA. Hot liquid burns through me. A hot, unquenchable thirst that can surprisingly and unfortunately be quenched at this moment by him only. My hands find themselves in his jacket when Emerson pulls my lower lip in his mouth, and tug on it hard; enough to draw a string of pain and pleasure through me. My want explodes into a need, and a sound between a moan and a gasp slips through my parted lips as Emerson's hand move from my hair to my waist, pressing me hard against his chest. He pulls away for a split second, his breathing hard and loud, and mine is the same. Our eyes don't leave each other and our hands stay fitted to their spots before Emerson pushes me in again; his mouth fast, rough and aggressive against mine. He begins to move, pulling me with me, stopping on occasions to check his direction then finding his mouth on mine again. Lust has taken over my brain, and my entire body. Every. Fucking. Inch. Has been consu
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EVA. "You have everything packed?" Mom asks again and a small smile tugs on my lips as I nod before she pulls me into a hug. "Oh, sweetheart. I will miss you so much. ""Mom, " I call her, a laugh slipping through my parted lips. "I'm not moving out of the state, mom. I'm only miles away. "She pulls back with a wide smile resting on her lips. "Does that mean I can come to visit whenever I want?"My smile turns into a frown and I shake my head in protest. "No fucking way. I told you both. I'll come home if I feel like it. You can't come to college. ""I was just teasing you, " she lifts her hand to my cheeks and pinches the skin lightly before dropping it to my side, a sigh leaving her mouth. "I know how much this means to you, and I respect that. ""Thank you, " I mouth and she smiles, her hands resting on either side of my face as she yanks me towards her. She presses her lips to my forehead before pulling back, "Be careful ou
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EVA. A tall shirtless frame. A chest that's decorated with abs and muscles, mouthwatering and glowing before me. A chest that leads to a face on which a tiny smirks rests. Dark short hair complimented with brown eyes which stares back at me with amusement shining through the orbs. Out of everywhere I thought he could be, I never thought it would be here. No fucking way. There's no fucking way this is possible. The woman told me my roommate was a girl, just about my age so how the fuck did that get switched with him?"You look shocked to see me, Carson, " Emerson speaks, breaking the silence between us and I scowl at him. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"He raises a mocking brow. "You're dumb, Carson? What the fuck does it look like I'm doing?" My gaze drops to the mug in his hand and I shake my head. "That's not what I fucking mean. What the hell are you doing here?" It's a stupid question. The man is chest naked in
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EVA.    "Try not to kill him. " Aliya laughs before she ends the call and I text the woman.    ME: Hi. GoodDay, there's an issue with the apartment. I suppose you said my roommate will be a lady?   I chew on my lips as I stare at the screen, waiting for a reply.    Her response comes second later.    APARTMENT: Oh right, Miss Carson. I'm extremely sorry to have not notified you instantly. The girl bailed and luckily, I got another roommate for you right after her. Is there any problem with your new roommate?   Any problem? There's a lot of fucking problems!   I hiss in annoyance and stop myself before I send something stupid. Tossing the phone to the side, I move out of bed.    I slide my feet into the slippers and walk out of the room, moving towards the living room and frowning at the sight
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EMERSON.  I watch the swell of her breasts and the hardness of her nipples, drawing towards me and requesting to make a tug.  I lower my gaze to her face and she has a look of both uncertainty and resentment.  "What are you waiting for?" I take another step closer till her breasts scrape the skin of my naked chest and my cock grazes slightly against her thighs.  I know the exact moment she thought of that night when her eyes drops to my cock again: her pupils dilate, a crease forms over her forehead and her lips part with no word slipping through.  She swallows down, and I drift my gaze to the slight bob in her throat. I want to poke at it before wrapping my hand around it to take her breath from her, have her begging— pleading— to let go. There's an obsession with Carson's pleads I can't seem to get myself. It's that strong urge to hear those
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