Young Master

Young Master

By:  Rias Ardani  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jeremy is a nobody. Throughout his life, he was full of bullies around him. No one appreciates and cares about his feelings. Who cares for the poor? Only Esmeralda, who loves and cares for Jeremy so sincerely, always strengthens Jeremy, when the man is insulted by his family. Unexpectedly, poor Jeremy's life sunddenly changes. Money and power are in his hands. Will Jeremy avenge all the insults he has received from those around him? Follow the story, in the novel Young Master.

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71 Chapters
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Young MasterBab1An old hut, a silent witness to Amelia's hatred and anger. This woman hates her own daughter-in-law, Jeremy. For Amelia, this man is not just poor. But also bad luck to his family."Jeremy, get some hot water ready! I want to take a shower."It was her habit, screaming in the morning, if Jeremy was slow to get her some warm water for her bath.Jeremy, who had been busy carrying water from the river, felt very tired."Husband, you look so tired, take a rest first," said Esmeralda, Jeremy's wife, the woman who loved him so very much. "It's okay, I'm used to it!" said Jeremy. Just by looking at his wife's face, Jeremy was able to forget the pain in his heart."Jeremy, hurry! Don't be slow like a snail," shouted Amelia, who suddenly came closer.Jeremy hurriedly put down the container of water he had brought from the river. "Mother, please don't be so rude to her." Esmeralda re
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Bab2 Some of the men in black, carrying wood, to beat Jeremy. Jeremy Mose kept trying to dodge, even though in truth, he could have fought him. "Stop it!" shouted the pot-bellied man, in sunglasses and a hat he was wearing. His appearance was so quirky, like a head thug. "Don Lee," Jeremy whispered. The man in black, who was five in number, stopped. When looking behind the old man, there were two people, holding firearms in their hands, and aiming at the five of them. "Who are you?" shouted the man who had ordered, to beat Jeremy Mose. "Don Lee, the supreme leader of the notorious Mose family, from Yuzong city." The man who was the leader of the men in black was surprised. Who doesn't know Don Lee? A ruthless man, John Mose's right hand man, the leader of a business empire in Yuzong city. Whatever he can do, even buy the law once. "I'm sorry! I was only carrying out orders!" shouted the man in front of Jeremy. Immediately, the six people in front of Jeremy bowed down. "Kil
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Bab3 Young Esmeralda ran from the Tones palace building. She cried, hurt and humiliated in front of the crowd today, she will never forget, her heartbreak tonight deepened. Jeremy who was waiting for him, not far from the Tones building was amazed. Seeing her husband, Esmeralda immediately ran fast and hugged her husband tightly. "What's wrong with you?" asked a confused Jeremy. Esmeralda sobbed, she didn't know how to explain her current pain. "Honey, calm down, okay." Jeremy gently stroked the back of his wife, who was shaking violently. Jeremy was sure, Esmeralda must be experiencing humiliation again. Jeremy's feelings become indecisive, should he accept his grandfather's gift and become the ruler? Or stay like this? Become a loser in the eyes of his wife's family. However, power is not simple. Many greedy people, play a role in it. Given the tragic death, both of his parents, of course Jeremy is not easy, taking his grandfather's kindness for granted. "They insult
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Made a victim
Bab4"Sir, the Tones enterprise is in a state of crisis. They are begging for help.""I don't care and don't help them!" Jeremy said, staring at his monitor.Debara Hwang nodded obediently._______At the Tones company. Mike Tones, calling for Esmeralda, came into his study."I didn't do that!" Esmeralda replied, as Mike accused her of a sinister conspiracy."Don't lie, Esmeralda. If you can't wait anymore, then Grandpa won't hesitate to make you homeless." Tears rolled freely, on Esmeralda's face, why her grandfather always seemed to hate her and her family so much. "You have to help the company!" press Mike Tones. Esmeralda was still silent."Come to the Giant Company Group company. And, get a cooperation contract with them. So that, our company, get out of this crisis period.""Why me? Isn't there Khan, Albert. This despicable cleaning service, it can't be sent to that big company,
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Young masterChapter 5Jeremy smiled at his wife's very beautiful face."You're just angry so beautiful, women out there! There must be a lot of jealousy of you."Esmeralda snorted, even though her heart swelled with joy, hearing the words of praise from her husband, the husband she had fallen in love with every day."Tell me, why are you here?" Esmeralda ordered, she seemed impatient, waiting for an explanation from Jeremy, the husband she knew as a poor orphan.Esmeralda's heart continued to wonder, how could her husband occupy the chair of the leader of the company, the Giant Company Group.A prestigious company, which has the number one business empire in the city of Monarchs."As you can see, I'm the head of this company," replied Jeremy, smiling sweetly at his wife.The dashing man, who has dimples on his cheeks, made Esmeralda's heart beat even harder."Although he is a poor man, but I must admit, he is the m
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Young masterChapter 6They both finally agreed, to keep Jeremy Mose's real identity.Jeremy Mose looked at his wife intently, that made Esmeralda stiffen a little.This dashing man, who has dimples on his cheeks, made Esmeralda's heart beat even harder."You know, it's like a dream to me, Jeremy."The man smiled. "This is a new chapter in our household, my dear. I promise, I won't let them look down on us forever again.""You're so sweet, I didn't expect it, I'm so lucky to have you.""It's not you who is lucky, but me. I am the luckiest poor man.""Oh no, that's not true. You're not a poor man, they don't know anything about you."Jeremy Mose smiled. "Remember, keep our secret. I don't want our quiet life to be disturbed.""Definitely, my husband."Jeremy Mose was relieved that there was no need to keep this big thing a secret from his wife. After all, Jeremy Mose is indeed a man who really cares and p
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Young masterPart7Esmeralda walked into the Tones enterprise building. Inside the Director's room, Mike Tones and Khan Tones were having a conversation."Grandpa sure, Esmeralda will succeed?" asked Khan Tones nervously."I don't know, Esmeralda's way, the important thing is that we get the big company's signature."_______"Hi Esmeralda, did you manage to get the cooperation contract? After our proposals were rejected several times? I'm sure, you must have failed too," sneered Albert Tones, when he saw Esmeralda heading to Mike's work room.Esmeralda just smiled, not in the least bit of her intention, in response to Albert Tones' rambling which was of no use to her."Are you deaf? Mute? Since becoming the culprit of the company's bad luck?" Albert Tones again mocked him, insulting at the same time.Esmeralda stopped in her tracks, she was angry and very angry actually.Seeing Esmeralda's hateful gaze, Albert Tones m
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Young masterPart8At the mini park, Jeremy Mose and Esmeralda meet Diana Catwalk."Esmeralda," said Diana Catwalk.Esmeralda turned. "Wow, Diana." Esemeralda stood up, and they embraced."Who are you with?" Diana asked, stretching her arms."Jeremy, introduce me, this is Diana, my old college friend. And Diana, introduce me to my husband, Jeremy Mose.""Husband?" Diana was dumbfounded and scanned all over Jeremy's modest appearance."I think what I've heard about him is true.""What did you hear?" Esmeralda was curious."Is he that jobless man, living with your family?"Esmeralda felt uncomfortable, hearing her friend's words."Diana, we'll excuse ourselves," said Esmeralda.Diana was silent, watching Esmeralda's attitude turn cold._______Esmeralda and Jeremy arrived in front of their shabby house. Amelia stared coldly at their arrival.Meanwhile, James Wade, sat quietly be
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Young masterChapter 9 "Mother may hate me, but don't you dare accuse my daughter. After all, she is still your granddaughter, my daughter." Amelia said with teary eyes. He didn't think that his mother would say such contemptuous things to her daughter. "Anyway, don't want to know, Esmeralda, that we have to restore stability to the company, no matter what, this is her responsibility," said Rose Tones. After saying that, Rose Tones walked towards the car. Erina Tones, and Khan didn't make a sound either, they also got back into the car. Amelia looked sadly at Esmeralda. However, he was unable to speak. "That's the kind of family you defend so desperately. Are you really happy, if they continue to treat this family unfairly?" said James Wade. Amelia felt her chest tighten. "It's all because of Jeremy! What an unlucky man," Amelia Tones muttered. "Just keep blaming my husband, Mom. If you continue like this, we'd better get out of this house," said Esmeralda. Amelia turned to he
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Bad itention
Young masterChapter 10Khan Tones scolded by his grandfather. And thought it was all the fault of Khan, who kept on provoking, to insult Esmeralda.Feeling himself being an outlet, Khan Tones grew increasingly angry with Esmeralda."I'll find out where Esmeralda's power comes from," said Khan Tones.He invited his college friends to come to his cousin's birthday. Albert Tones, he invited all his relatives, including important figures his father knew in business.Mike Tones required his entire family to come, no reason to refuse. Including Esmeralda.Even though the brown eyed woman refused, Amelia continued to force them to come."We're not coming. Why come? It'll only be the subject of their humiliation," said Esmeralda, refusing her mother's invitation."You have to come, don't complicate things, after all they are our big family."With heavy feelings, Esmeralda obeyed her mother's insistence."It's Albert
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