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Christian Knight is a billionaire and the President of Knight Group. He is the heartthrob and the hottest eligible bachelor of London. With a body like a Greek god and sharp features, he could make any girl fall for his charm, but his grandfather forced him to marry an Indian girl in exchange for the CEO position in the Knight Group. Will Christian accept his demand when he is already in love with someone else? Mishka Ranawat is a beautiful yet modest girl from India. Her innocent eyes and cute dimples can capture anyone’s heart but she is more than just a beauty. Mishka is a hard-working girl determined to fulfil her dreams in life. But what compelled her to marry a complete stranger? *** “I want you to sign these papers,” Christian demanded in his deep domineering voice, forwarding the file towards Mishka. “What is this?” She narrowed her eyes taking the file. “Read and I’ll explain everything,” Christian answered, his cold eyes stared at her, and as soon as Mishka opened the file, her face lost all colour reading the bold letters. “CONTRACT MARRIAGE” Will she give into Christian's demand or her masterstroke will change the dynamics of the trap which Christian set for her? What will happen when their entirely different world will crash? Will these two grieving hearts find solace in each other's arms? Let’s find out in the story!

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155 chapters
Episode 1 Decision Taken
It was a pleasant sunny day when the guards opened the giant black metal gates of the Knight Mansion and a speeding Red Audi R8 limited edition sports car slid into the driveway. Christian Knight stepped out of his car in a charcoal grey suit, seething in rage, and slammed the door of the car shut with a rude bang. He strode towards the gorgeous Italian-styled Knight Mansion crossing the expanded water fountain. The house helper opened the magnificent mahogany door and respectfully greeted him, but Christian ignored it. “Where is Grandpa?” He asked, his nostrils flaming in anger. “Sir, they are in the living area.” The house helper answered meekly and Christian turned on his heels, taking long strides sauntering towards the living area, where he saw his father Luke Knight and grandfather Leo Knight sitting together enjoying coffee and chatting about some forthcoming projects. Christian charged toward them with blazing eyes. “Grandpa, how can you do this to me?” He thundered, glarin
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Episode 2 Mishka
Christian left the house in the morning after the heated argument with his grandfather and did not come back. But Christian’s Grandfather, Leo, was still as calm as the sea, it was already late evening, and resting on his bed, Leo was talking to the picture of his deceased wife Rosella, he was telling her about the Indian girl, and why he chose her for their grandson when Dr Agnes came in the room with a bottle of wine and two glasses. “Hey, oldie! Talking to Rosella?” Dr Agnes asked, giving a broad smile. “Yeah, I was telling her about the girl I met in India,” Leo responded. “Oh, that same girl you chose for Chris?” Agnes asked. “Yes,” Leo replied with a broad grin. “Well, I sincerely wish to know, what is so exceptional about this Indian girl that you like her so much?” Agnes enquired, sitting on the couch and pouring wine into the glasses. Leo placed Rosella’s photo frame on the side table and sat next to Agnes on the couch to answer him. “Well, she is a beautiful girl. She k
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Episode 3 That Eye Contact
Till late last night, Christian continued struggling to pronounce Mishka’s name properly, but he still couldn’t pronounce it fluently. “Why are these Indian names so difficult? I will definitely name her Mia after the marriage. Fuck, I still can’t believe that I am being forced to marry an Indian girl whom I have not seen yet.” Christian thought. He strode to the dresser and stared at himself in the mirror. “You can do this, Chris. You can do this.” He kept chanting this in his mind again and again to calm himself, but he was still losing his patience. “How can I marry a girl whose name I am not even able to pronounce perfectly? God, please get me out of this trouble.” Christian was thinking of another way to get rid of this girl when his phone started ringing. “LOVE” CALLING “Good morning, babe. Did you have a good night sleep?” Lia asked, behaving as if this was some other normal day. “What is so good about this morning, Lia? Till late last night, I was practising to take that b
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Episode 4 Unexpected Proposal
As soon as Mishka walked in through the main door, Leo rose from his chair and sauntered in her direction with a broad smile. “Mishka, my darling!!” He beamed with happiness. Mishka grinned, and as Leo came close to her, she bent down and touched his feet first (Indians take the blessing of their elders touching their feet) and hugged him. Leo embraced her with a surreal smile on his face and everyone was watching them as if a father and a daughter has reunited after a long time. “How are you, my child, and how was your flight? I hope you reached here comfortably.” Leo asked. “I am good, Dadu. The flight was great, but I am exhausted. I can barely keep my eyes open.” Mishka answered with a tired expression. “I know, sweetheart, let me introduce you to everyone here, then I'll take you to your room,” Leo said, holding her hand, and introduced her to everyone. “This is Luke, my son and Chris’s father, this is Jennifer, this is my daughter Berry and her husband Dan, Jake’s mom and d
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Episode 5 A Date, Mr. Knight?
It was around ten-thirty in the night, everyone checked into their rooms after dinner and Christian descended the stairs to grab his black coffee from the kitchen when he picked up a call from Lia. “What’s up?” Christian asked while sipping his coffee, sitting on the kitchen stool. “What are you doing? The entire day has passed, and I have not received a single text from you. Are you already busy with your soon-to-be wife?” Lia complained furiously. “Jealous?” Christian teased, raising an eyebrow. “Why would I be jealous of that Mishka? She is just a temporary arrangement. I am the permanent one.” Lia stated proudly. “Fuck, how did you take her name so well? I practised overnight, despite that, I still can not pronounce it so effortlessly.” Christian said, stunned. “Hahaha, anyway, I called you to inform you that the Contract Marriage papers are ready. I just got a text from your annoying lawyer friend, Danny. Now, you just have to persuade her to sign them.” Lia said anxiously,
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Episode 6 World's Best Grandpa
Outside the W. S Mall, Christian handed over the car keys to the valet and followed Mishka inside the Mall, he saw her widening her eyes in excitement. “Oh my god. It’s so beautiful.” She exclaimed. “I am coming to such a big mall for the first time!! I’ve never been out of my city in India.” She started roaming in random directions praising the style of the mall and Christian was trailing behind her, but a few minutes later, he held her wrist to stop her and she turned to look at him, narrowing her eyes. “Now let’s do the work for which we are here. What do you think?” He asked, and she nodded her head in approval. “Sorry, I got a little excited. Let’s go.” Mishka apologised for her childish behaviour. “It’s okay, but we really need to rush,” Christian said, and held Mishka’s soft hand in his giant one, dragging her inside the vintage store. “I think we should buy this emerald coat for grandpa. What do you think?” Christian asked and looked at Mishka for her opinion, but she was
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Episode 7 No To Marriage
When they arrived home, Christian poked her in the arms to wake her up, but Mishka was in deep slumber. Christian heaved, stepping out of the chauffeur’s seat, and opened the door of the passenger seat. “It seems I have to pick you up,” Christian murmured and raised her up in his arms, striding inside the mansion. Opening the door of her room with his back, Christian carefully tucked her into the bed and was about to leave when he noticed a strand of her hair entangled in his wristwatch. He carefully tried to open the knot without interrupting her sleep, but Mishka woke up and was startled to find Christian close to her face. “Ow!! Ouch!” She struggled to sit on her bed in her panic state. “Just a second!” Christian pulled out her hair from his wristwatch. “How did I come to the room?” Mishka asked. “You fell asleep in the car. I tried hard to get you up, but you didn’t respond, so I had to pick you up and bring in you to your room.” Christian said and rose up
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Episode 8 Grandma's Last Designed Dress
Mishka spent the day in her room, scrolling through her phone, and doing something she loves the most, but she was sorry about not being able to fulfil her Dadu’s wish and she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Suddenly, an idea popped into her mind and she stormed out of her room, sprinting to the kitchen. Asking for all the ingredients from the house helpers, Mishka made a sugar-free vanilla cake for Leo, precisely how he loves it with the icing of dry fruits. All the helpers were in awe, staring at the cake as she placed it inside the refrigerator and left for her room. It was six in the evening when her mobile buzzed in her pocket. She took the phone out and looked at Leo’s message while climbing the stairs. Dadu: I have called some stylists for you. They will show up shortly to prepare you for the party. Me: Dadu, there was no need for you to do so much for me. I would have prepared myself. It’s your birthday and you are pampering me. Dadu: I know you can prepare yourself, but
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Episode 9 When Danny Met Mishka
At the Farmhouse, “Leo, I think you should cut the cake. The guests are waiting.” Agnes said, handing over the glass of wine to Leo and Pasha. “Not until Mishka is here. Pasha, did you call them? Where are they?” Leo asked Pasha anxiously. “Yeah, I messaged Mishka, and she said they will be here in ten minutes. Don’t worry! She is with Chris.” Pasha answered. “And that’s exactly why I’m worried!” Leo murmured. “Let’s start the party if they are just ten minutes off. They must be reaching” Leo bottomed up wine, and they strode over to the centre table where the three-tier vanilla cake was waiting for Leo. Soon, all the guests gathered around the table, but Leo’s eyes were fixed on the entrance. *** Christian’s conversation with his friend opened up his other side to Mishka and now she doesn’t even want to see his face, let alone if he was the most handsome man she has ever seen. But her honour meant everything to her. The entire day, she was upset about turning down Leo’s wish, bu
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Episode 10 This Close?
Since Leo was busy accompanying some foreign delegates and Rose was attending her guest, Mishka was roaming around the party aimlessly when she spotted Lisa, the dress designer, who prepared her for the party. She was at the bar enjoying red wine when Mishka reached her. “Hey Lisa, what a surprise! I didn’t know you were invited to this party? We’d have come together!” Mishka smiled, standing next to her. “Hi Mish, I had some work, it’s finished early, so I came here to wish Sir Leo,” Lisa answered and Mishka nodded her head, ordering an orange juice for herself. “I am glad you came, and by the way, you are looking stunning tonight!” Mishka complimented. “Not more than you, Mish! You are looking breathtakingly gorgeous, and this gown, this is Madame Rosella’s last designed gown and the diamonds in the neckline are worth one million pounds, but sadly, it’s not for sale. Sir Leo reserved this dress for his grandson’s future bride. He wanted to gift this dress to the girl as Madame Ro
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