Falling For His Ghost

Falling For His Ghost

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Crystal, an orphan who has lived almost all her life Trying to please her wicked aunty and her husband. A day came when she came in contact with the ruthless billoniare Red but not in his normal state, she met him as a Ghost. What will happen next ? find out as you read more on FFHG.

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7 Chapters
Crystal's Family.
       The wind blew with so much peace within it, making the trees wave their branches in thanksgiving.    The birds flew off the trees to go get what they would have for the day with so much joy .      A lady’s hands are crossed in a little room though fancy. She walks around the room endlessly thinking about what to do next.       She was restless like she was about losing a soul in her family. She released a heavy sigh in frustration and stepped out of the room immediately.     She climbs the stairs and walks up to a new room door. She opens it and her facial expression changes .    She suddenly looked disgusted seeing that the little girl she was about talking to was still sleeping.     She suddenly walked out of the room but returned back few minutes later with a big bucket of water in her hands.    &ld
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      “Hello miss, don’t you think it’s time to come study? I’ve been waiting for ages” Mrs. Bethy asked knocking on Crystal’s door.      She was one of the best teacher in Crystal’s school and she trained Crystal too. So she knew almost everything about Crystal and how to treat her.     “Go away!!” Crystal yelled out with a pillow on top of her head. She had tried forgetting the fact that her parents left without her but couldn’t.     “I hate this life!” She mumbled to herself still in her room.    “Come on Crystal, you still have the whole year to go out with them, just come down let’s study. Your exam is in three days time.” Mrs. Bethy begged .      Crystal sat up on her bed hearing that her exams were coming up soon enough. She just
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The Stranger
      “The train is about to be crashed Mark, what should we do now?” Rose who was scared to death asked . She just couldn’t bare the fact that she was going to lose her little babies to the cold hands of death.    She wished she had never embarked on such journey and had began to blame Mark her husband for what was about happening to them.     “You caused all these Mark. I should have just declined this silly decision of yours when you came up with it!” She blamed him with a sad look on her face.     “Oh no Rose, you can’t accuse me for what I didn’t do intentionally. We both accepted it and we had to embark on this journey” He returned looking at her with a cold gaze.     Before he could turn to look at his kids, he blacked out .    They had crashed into another train and it wasn’t a funny a
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Growing Up
 Six Years later……           It was just barely seven years since Crystal’s family died and was buried. She cried her eye balls out thinking they would come back to life during the burial. But it was of no just use.      “Now I’m all alone in this cold world , going through pain and hell mom, just because of what I had said that day” she whispered.      She had the fear that she was responsible for her family’s death. She could still remember how she had wished they never ever came back to the house before she slept off that day.      She kept on blaming herself for their death because of the wrong Choice of words she used.     “I miss you so much mom, I don’t think I can continue staying in this wicked world” She murmured.     Aunt Lucy and her husband James
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Robin's Home.
 Robin's Home.     It was the brightest day in the house of the Robinson's family. Mr. And Mrs. Robinson had kept a bright smile on so as to welcome different guests that had kept on trooping into their house.    There were exciting sounds and cheers from different individuals that walked into the house with so much joy in their hearts.      The black long speaker which was placed close to the television set in their sitting room kept on releasing nice music that were pleasant to their ears.     It was the twenty fourth day in the month of November precisely nine Thirty four AM in the morning.        "Mrs. Robinson" A lady in her late forties called out from the door side as she walked close to go give Mrs. Robinson a warm embrace.     She had seen Mrs. Robinson in her shiny red long gown which flowed flawlessly on the ground.  &
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What Happens Without His Mask
Four years later in the Robin's house:: "Good m…." Crystal who was hurrying to go into the kitchen tried greeting but then Red interrupted her kind gestures. "Will you get your filthy face off my sight this minute!!" He ordered in a rude tone. He got disgusted seeing how she had ran out from no where and bumping into him. He disliked it when humans who weren't related to him acted all weird more especially when it was a female gender. His hands were fixed into his blue jean pockets and his gaze on Crystal was cold. She felt shirtless as she stood in front of him. She prayed that the ground would be divided into two and swallow her up so she could escape his cold gaze. She always heard about Red, the billionaire's son but she had never encountered him before. It was her first time meeting him face to face. She had always wondered what his real face looked like though. "You don't get it right!!" he bellowed pulling Crystal out of her tho
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The Break Up
"Crystal!!!" Jack who was already mad and furious at the scene Crystal had caused yelled out on top of his voice. The customers in the store had left the café because of how noisy and dangerous it looked. Everyone paused for a while as they turned to look at their boss . He was burning from inside but tried to hide it. Red forced Crystal's hands off his hair and he left without saying a word to her. He got to his car , climbed into it and drove out of sight. He had decided to go to his father's company to chill off since he was going to be the next CEO in the company. "What the hell do you think you were doing Crystal ?" Jack inquired as he took a step in front of the other close to Crystal. Jack was a kind hearted young man. He loved Crystal with all his heart and had vowed never to hurt her no matter what. He made different promises to her about their relationship and he worked towards keeping it. Seeing the mess that Crystal
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