Alpha Reid and the Hybrids

Alpha Reid and the Hybrids

By:  Abigail Phillips  Completed
Language: English
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This is book 2 of, A Broken Alpha, but can be read as a standalone. ️ warning, bxb, lots of detailed scenes, bad language, and abuse. Alpha Reid hates hybrids, especially werewolf- vampire hybrids. What happens when he finds out his mate is one. What happens when he finds him in the dungeon at another pack barely alive. Does he leave him there to continue to get tortured or rescue him?Reid inherited his dad Aiden's abilities plus one unique to him.Alpha Reid quickly becomes the strongest Alpha around. His abilities strengthen and grow once he becomes Alpha. Reid has one flaw, he hates hybrids with a passion. After one killed his best friend at the age of 16 it has been his mission to find this hybrid and kill him. He hates all hybrids because of this and would love to kill them all.What happens when he discovers his mate is a hybrid while visiting another Alpha to see if the hybrid he's looking for is in his dungeon. He initially went into that dungeon to find, torture and kill this hybrid and maybe more. But instead he found his mate. Does he leave him there to rot or does he save him

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163 chapters
Chapter 1
This is book two of, A Broken Alpha. But this can be read as a standalone. Reid's POV I laughed as I look at my masterpiece.My sister thought it was a good idea to burn my brand new shoes this morning so now it's pay back time. I took all of her makeup and froze it all in a solid block of ice. Good luck getting that out, I thought as I quickly slipped out of her room then ran across the hall into my room. I waited patiently in my room while playing on my Xbox. 15 minutes later I hear her swing her door open storming down the hall before she cries out "Daddy! Reid won't stop freezing all my makeup!" Isabel crys out to our dad Aiden. I laughed before I call out,"It's not my fault, she set fire to my damn shoes!" I say trying to defend myself. "Only because you thought it was funny to place all my shoes in a perfect row of giant ice blocks!" Isabel retorts. That was pretty funny I thought to myself as I made my way down the stairs. "That's enough from the both of you!" Our da
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Chapter 2
Reid's POV I groan as I roll over, my arms swinging over and turning my alarm clock off. At least I don't have training today, I think as I roll out of bed. I walk into the bathroom half asleep, my eyes barely open. As I start to pee I feel my piss splashing everywhere and all over myself. "What the fuck!" I yelled as my eyes open all the way trying to figure out what the hell is going on. To my horror I see my toilet has been saran wrapped and I can't stop peeing so it's going everywhere and all over me. "Maddox!" I roar. I'm going to kill that fucking kid! I finally stopped peeing then race out of the bathroom. I run out of my room, I can hear my brother running down the stairs laughing. "Get back here you asshole!" I yell as I run down the stairs after him. "Happy birthday!" He yells as he's running down the stairs. I finally get downstairs just to find the little shit cowering behind our father. "Father, he's going to kill me!"Maddox says still laughing. My father rai
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Chapter 3
Reid's POV The party is actually going great. The place is packed, there's so many people here it's kinda ridiculous. We have people from Alpha Michael's pack and Alpha Asher's pack. They are both good friends of my father and allies of ours. They also border our territory.There's also a couple Alphas from different packs here too. I kept walking around trying to see if I smelled or sensed my mate anywhere. But just like I expected, I didn't. Out of all the people here today not one of them is my mate. I decided to go grab a drink so I head over toward the drink table. As I was waiting for my drink I felt someone's hand rub across my neck. Instantly giving me goosebumps, and not the good kind. I growled without looking back. "Is that the way you greet all your guests?" I hear him say in a seductive voice. His mouth so close to my ear I could feel his hot breath fan my neck. "I suggest backing the fucking up if you don't want me to rip your head off!" I say through gritted te
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Chapter 4
*** Trigger Warning! Mention of abuse and rape in this chapter *** Reid's POV I can hardly sit still, I was practically bouncing in my seat with excitement as we approach Ace's pack house. I hope he's down there. I can already taste the revenge. I see Ace walking out of the house as he walks up to me with a smile. "I'm glad to see you were able to make it." He says shaking my hand. "I wouldn't miss it for the world!" I said with a big smile on my face. "Ready for that revenge?" He says with a smirk on his face. "Hells yes I am!" I say returning the same evil smirk. "You know I was thinking, if it turns out your hybrids not here. I'll let you have a little fun with one of them if you want to." "Really?" I say surprised. I can already feel the excitement and anticipation building up inside me at that thought. "Wow man thanks!" Ace laughs while patting me on the back. "Come on man follow me, I'll show you where the fun is at." He says and I proceed to follow him with Damie
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Chapter 5
  Reid's POV   "Are you going to tell me what that was about?" Damien finally says breaking the silence.   "How could the moon goddess do this to me?" I say staring out the window in front of me.   "What? What are you talking about?" He asked.   "I hate hybrids! She knows I hate hybrids!... Why would she do this to me?"   Who? What are you talking about? you're making no sense." He says confused.   "Is this about that one in the last cell?"   "Yeah." I say quietly.   "Man you gotta tell me... What's going on? You're making me nervous now.?   "It was my mate." I say.   I jerk forward as the tires screech, the car jerking off to the side. Th
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Chapter 6
  *** Trigger Warning! Abuse and rape mentioned in this chapter. ***   Reid's POV   I called Ace and apologize for leaving the way I did and asked if I could come back.   Of course he was more than happy to have me come back. I however did fail to mention that I was bringing the gang along.   "I can't believe you guys made me sit back here!" I hear Xander complain from the very back end of the SUV.   There's six of us and the SUV only seats five so Xander was stuck sitting in the back. We could have taken more than one car but we also didn't tell Ace there are more people coming. We wanted to keep one car just like last time.   As we pull up to the pack house I see Ace walking out the door with a smile on his face.   His smile qui
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Chapter 7
  *** Trigger Warning! Abuse and rape mentioned in this chapter. ***   Reid's POV   After passing two more guards doing the same thing, we finally make it to the end. The last cell on the right.   I look into the cell and see he's still in the same exact spot. My stomach drops and I feel my blood run cold as I'm not even sure if he's alive.   "Well, here we are!" Ace says as he sticks the key in the door before opening it.   He looks in the cell, "yep, I'm going to miss this one! I had a lot of fun with him if you know what I mean. " He says looking at me while wiggling his eyebrows.   I clenched my jaw and squeeze my fist tight as I try to control myself. I can feel my wolf pressing forward wanting out. Wanting to tear Ace to shreds. My dad gi
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Chapter 8
Reid's POVAs we're pulling up to the pack house I mind linked Damien asking him to fill my bathtub for me.My dad walks over opening the door for me and I climb out with my mate in my arms.The movement of me getting out of the car must have woke him. He opened his eyes looking around. He instantly gets scared when he sees pack members walking around.He clings to me, holding on for dear life while his body trembled violently. His breathing picked up as tears rolled down his face.I looked around and noticed several people looking at him. Some surprised but most looked at him in horror.I looked down and realized the blanket have fallen off of him and that's why he was getting the looks that he was.Everyone could see the horrible state he was in. I quickly bend over picking up the blanket before draping it
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Chapter 9
Reid's POVI took the towel and moved it around drying him off before standing up and heading into my room.I walked over to the bed and laid him down before I walked back into the bathroom. I grabbed the first aid kit then walked back over to him, slowly sitting on the edge trying not to scare him.I applied some peroxide on a cotton pad then brought it up to his cheek. He flinched back as I approached his face with my hand and I paused."I just want to clean your wound so it doesn't get any worse than it already is. It might sting a little bit but I'm not trying to hurt you."I slowly move my hand forward again, dabbing his cheek. He hissed and flinched once the peroxide got into the wound on his cheek."I'm sorry, I know it hurts but I have to clean it out okay." I proceeded to move forward again and this time he let me clean
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Chapter 10
Reid's POV I was just coming out of the bathroom when my dad knocked on the door twice before entering with a tray of food. Julian instantly grabbed the pillow and held it in front of him tightly as he looked at my dad terrified. It almost looked as if he was holding the pillow trying to hide behind it. My dad instantly noticed this and froze. He glanced at me then back at Julian. "Julian, it's okay this is my dad Aiden. He means you no harm, he won't hurt you. He just brought some food up for you." I said trying to calm him down. My dad slowly approached setting the tray on the table next to the bed. My dad turned to me and said, "I think it's probably best if I leave you too alone. He probably needs some more time to get used to you." He glances back at Julian, giving him a smile before turning and leaving the bedroom. I take a deep breath and release it before walking over and grabbing the food. I smile when I realize it's pizza night. The tray is loaded with different vari
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