The Alpha Queen's Mysterious Mate

The Alpha Queen's Mysterious Mate

By:  J G Edwards  Ongoing
Language: English
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Elara is the future Alpha Queen, a princess who doesn't have a wolf yet possesses an anonymous power that protects her. Only she and her best friend knew a secret condition of her wolf. She belongs to the direct descendants of the Moon Goddess thus her pack is forbidden to reject their mates but will the princess make a new rule when she gets to know that she is mated to a rogue?. Will she go against the rules and risk her life to reject her mate just because he's a rogue and Alpha of a rogue pack?

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    25 chapters
    The Silver moonlight gleamed on her already fair enough skin making it shine like a star itself, and she looked more beautiful than ever.    In the murky darkness of the night and the dim sheen of the moon, they promised each other through their eyes not to think about anything else but the affection they had for each other.    She managed to smile slightly under his passionate gaze, his hands lifted her and made her sit on his lap.    Her bare back smashed with his hard chest, sending shivers down her spine. She bit her lower lip in the realization that he was the Alpha King, the descendent of the Moon Goddess so his body would be as hard as wood.   He glided his finger down to the only clothing stuc
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    Chapter 1
    Elara The fragrance of the herbs, raspberries trees, oak trees, and many more different species of plants and trees soothed me, it calmed me the way nothing or nobody could.  The orange and pink hues flattered the bluish-white sky making the twilight more beautiful than generally.  My eyes fell on the ground, oh, I forgot to mention that I, Elara Alinsky, the princess of the Alpha King of the Crimson Moon pack, was laying on a strawberry tree whilst plucking the fruit and shoving it into my mouth.  "I knew it, you would be here," his comical voice rang out and I rolled my eyes before plucking one last strawberry.  "And I knew
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    Chapter 2
    Elara  His ravenous mouth savored every inch of my shoulder, taking advantage of my off-shoulder gown. I shamelessly held my head back to give him more access to my body.    My body seemed on fire, with every single touch of his skin. His flawless hands grabbed my breasts and my breath hitched for a minute.    I wanted to adore his gorgeous face that was hidden under the hoodie he wore from the moment he entered my room, he practically broke into my room.    My body was enjoying the pleasure of his sensual touches, wet kisses, and the thousands of feelings he made me feel that I was unknown about existed within me.    His athletic palms
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    Chapter 3
    Elara  Ezra growled loudly, it must be painful because his wolf's yellow eyes flickered, his skin changing into the black furs. He was trying to appall me, perhaps he knew that I couldn't shift.    'If I wouldn't have vowed to shift when I found our mate, I would have killed him.' Liv sneered in the back of my mind, showing her rage for Ezra's touch.    'What the heck! Didn't you smell our mate and led me here?' I scowled at her stupid act.    She hopped causing her furry tail to squirm. 'He was here a second ago, I can still smell him behind that apple tree. This sh-t isn't our mate.'    'Is he playing hide and seek with us? If so,
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    Chapter 4
    Noel The files of the rogues' attacks were growing day by day. Those feral and animalistic creatures were up to something hazardous, and I had to sort it out along with saving my people and the other packs.  It was getting dark and I had to go out for the pack's run and training so I discarded the latest file of the rogue attack on my desk that happened a few days ago and the Alpha of the Black Crescent pack personally came to me to ask for help.   "Alpha, the pack members seek your presence for the training." The bellboy reminded me, bowing his head.  "Not tonight, Matt. Someone else seeks our Alpha's presence." Jasper, my Beta startled me.  Read more
    Chapter 5
    Elara “There is no way we’re letting you fight in a duel. We’ll fight for you, with you, and if the Moon Goddess wants to demolish our pack, we’ll die with you but at any cost, we’re not letting you challenge Ralph for an Alpha duel,” Gamma Harold’s deep baritone voice assured rest of the folks who were present in the room, planning for tomorrow’s war. Ralph and everyone else left the party when my father declared the battle. Fear would be an understatement for what I felt at that time. I was the reason for this war and I couldn't withstand the guilt for bringing misfortune to my pack. Though we were the strongest pack and my father was an Alpha King, war was something I despised the most. War wasn't between just two Alphas, it was between two packs and many warriors would martyr in a war. I didn't fancy the idea of the deaths of hundreds of werewolves just for someone's greed for sovereignty. My dad always combated following the rules and won all the battles with his vitality but
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    Chapter 6
    NoelAfter finding our mate, Luca was hell-bent on making our presence known and helping the Crimson Moon pack. His excitement was obvious since I had never let him give a chance to find our mate since I…“Alpha, the warriors are prepared, our Gamma Thomas and his team have handled everything efficiently. They are just waiting for your order to depart for the Crimson Moon pack and salvage our Luna,” Jasper informed me as soon as I left the hall and witnessed how Ralph dared to offend my mate and the Alpha King declared a war among all the packs' Alphas.“Are you kidding me?” I looked at him with my blazing eyes. “How could you give them hope of having a Luna when I haven’t met my mate yet? Do you think that a princess will accept me?” I couldn’t hide the trails of anger in my voice.Her rejection won’t surprise me because it was inevitable. No sane princess would ever accept me as her mate when she could have a better second chance mate.“The mating bond isn’t a joke, she’ll accept yo
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    Chapter 7
    ElaraLucy and I went to all the pack members’ houses and gathered all the women and children in the hall of our mansion. If I would have known that my eighteenth birthday would turn out this way, I would never have dressed up like a doll. At least, casual attire wouldn’t have bothered me in walking and running in this calamity. “Honey, go and get changed,” my mom suggested, her eyes twinkling with pity. “I had thought of a different scenario on your eighteenth birthday," she muttered with a sad smile on her face and cupped my cheeks before looking away from my eyes. "You would find your mate and will become the Alpha Queen but nothing went like that,” she paused and held my hands in hers and stroked the back of my hands gently. “I’m sorry, my sweetheart.”I couldn’t condone seeing the tears in her beautiful hazel eyes, my fists clenched firmly as I restrained my anger. The urge to find that bastard Ezra and his father and shred their limbs got triggered when I felt her tears on the
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    Chapter 8
    Noel The Alpha King didn’t hinder me and I felt at ease as he bobbed his head slightly when our eyes met. His men arranged the bonfire and I prayed to the Moon Goddess for her pack’s safety before standing next to the bonfire so did Ralph. “I, Noel Wolf, take the pledge to fight while following the rules and if I win the duel, I’ll take the responsibility for the Silver Shadow pack and treat each pack member the same as my current pack members, and if Alpha Ralph yields, I’ll leave him and not kill him. I’ll end the war right then,” I pledged, keeping my right hand on the left side of my chest and holding my head high to the sky to face the full moon. Ralph took the same pledge, finishing the ritual whilst his pack members stood behind him with thunderstruck faces. Perhaps it was Alpha Ralph’s first duel because he won all the battles by deceiving the others and there was no way one could defraud in a duel. “In the name of the Holy Moon Goddess, I, the Alpha King, Arthur Alinsky,
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    Chapter 9
    Elara“I’m sorry, dad,” I mumbled and lowered my head, feeling utterly guilty for taking action before knowing the whole thing.  “Such irresponsible behavior from the future Alpha Queen isn’t acceptable,” he uttered, feeling disappointed in me, and shifted his gaze back to the duel.  ‘You didn’t tell my father about me coming there?’ I asked Aiden, knowing all too well that Klaus would have somehow persuaded him to hide it from my father. ‘Nope, my dear princess. You deserved to be reprimanded, this time. Thanks to your mate’s Gamma and warriors, we were able to kill all the poachers and keep the women and children of
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