Her Eighteenth Birthday

Her Eighteenth Birthday

By:  Gillian Nkwambeng  Ongoing
Language: English
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This is a story of two close friends (Courtney and Judy) and the odds that meet them as soon as Courtney turns 18. They hope for a bright future together but have no clue on things that are yet to unfold in their lives.

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5 chapters
Chapter 1: May 18th
It was an early Sunday morning in the small town of "Builth Wells" and all you could hear were the chirping of birds that flew across the bright skies and the bells that rang in the Catholic Church which was not very far from where I lived.I stood on my balcony for a while staring at the sun as it rose and thinking to myself what delight it was to see the beauty in Gods creation. As I stared I wondered within me what could possibly make news on such a beautiful day.“Oh! It is the 18th of May” I said to myself as I smiled. This day was of course very special to me and most especially to my best friend Courtney because it was her birthday.Courtney and I had known each other since we were five. They first moved into our neighborhood shortly after Courtney's father(Mr. Williams) lost his job as a bartender because of his ill mannered and insolent behavior 13years ago.On this very special day, I already had Courtney's birthday present well figured out and as always, I was so certain sh
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Chapter 2: The Surprise Party
I asked her to give me every detail of how she got close to Chris until they started dating. We both sat at the edge of my spring bed and she started narrating...“Chris started making advances on me 6months ago at the grocery shop when we first talked. In the beginning, I ignored but he insisted on getting even just my name. Two days later, some roses were delivered to our door with a small paper which read“ for you Courtney from Chris” tagged on them.I found this very strange but took the flowers anyway. As days went on, I received more flowers and gift baskets but he never showed up until a month ago.It was about 6:00pm when I heard the door bell ring. I peeped through my window and saw a guy standing there but couldn’t see his face. I ran down the stairs and when I opened the door to my greatest surprise was Chris.I just looked at him speechless for a couple of minutes as I knew not what to say or how to react. For a moment I was all trembly and my entire body went numb. It’
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Chapter 3: The Uncovered Truth
A few miles into the road, Courtney realized Chris was taking a different turn and not that which they came through. Though drunk, she questioned Chris on why he didn’t use the same road as before but he snubbed and kept driving.This made Courtney very scared and she decided to take out her phone and make some calls and inform anyone what had happened. As soon as she dialed my number, Chris was very angry and pulled over at a very high speed that almost cost both their lives.He seized her phone, smashed it and using a plastic tape which was in his car sealed her mouth. He tied her up and force her into the backseat of his car. Then he called two of his friends from the party to come meet them.Courtney couldn’t do anything because she was so weak and scared. She loved and trusted Chris and even managed to convince her best friend Judy(me) that he was a good guy.I had tried reaching Courtney’s phone several times in the night and was already very worried. I smelled something fish
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Chapter 4: The new guy
The next day, Courtney and I met up again with hopes of continuing our bucket list for summer.We had a very long list of things to do together well planned and planned on doing them all before the summer break was finally over.The next thing on our bucket list was to go hiking. This was something we had never done before, but would at least give it a try.I was very scared of heights and wasn’t even sure to climb half the height of where we chose.Courtney on the other hand was a fancy young lady who loved fashion and fancy trips and had never gone hiking either.We knew it was going to be a very tiring yet beautiful adventure together. We had been wanting to do this for so long and now was the time.She and I woke up very early and were all set and ready for our adventure. We chose to climb a hill which was not very far from where we lived.We packed some food, water, face towels, dressed up in sportive attires and kicked off.We took a cab to the foot of the hill where we alighted
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Chapter 5: Jealousy Begins
Just about then, Courtney came out of the ward accompanied by the nurses who worked on her.“Her wounds have all been cleaned and some medicines have been prescribed to help her recover quickly” one of the nurses told us.“Thank you very much” Henry replied standing to his feet. I hope you feel better now too he asked me and I nodded.Courtney’s facial expressions immediately changed as she stepped out of the ward and saw Henry giving me a foot massage.Her face became so gloomy and I could also sense some jealousy in how she looked at me.“Do you feel any better now poo?” I asked her and she reluctantly answered with a “Yes I do.”We walked to the pharmacy where Henry offered to buy the medicines that were prescribed for Courtney.When he finished, we walked out of the hospital and he asked to help take us home.I realized Courtney was very mute and would not say a word, so I decided to bring up a conversation on how our day went.She was still reluctant to say anything until Henry a
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