Alpha's True Luna

Alpha's True Luna

By:  TR-INK  Ongoing
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THE ALPHA SERIES 2. The enmity between the Silvermoon pack and the Redmoon pack is dissolved after Kira's discovery and soon after, Damien finds himself slowly getting more and more involved with Kira and becoming more attached than he expected. He's caught in between his childhood sweetheart, Sheila and his unexpected mate, Kira and finds himself slowly drifting away from his promises. Kira slowly finds herself becoming more and more addicted to Damien's presence and when her attraction and her feelings become difficult to control, she becomes torn on whether or not to fight for her man or respect his relationship with the woman he supposedly loves. Sheila, on the other hand becomes desperate as she starts to notice Damien's change of attitude and the sudden fondness between himself and Kira. She hated the fact that Kira was slowly becoming a permanent figure in his life and is very unwilling to let her take over her place as the only woman in Damien's life. Kira and Sheila finally come face to face with eachother and they both go head to head in the second part of the series in order to truly find out who really is, The Alpha's True Luna.

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    9 chapters
    PART II: Chapter 46
    Damien and Kira have been avoiding each other ever since what happened the last time. While Damien was only avoiding her because he had refused to accept the fact that he had feelings for her, Kira was avoiding him for several reasons and the biggest reason was because, she felt embarrassed by the fact that he had ran off to his actual lover the next day after what had happened between them, making her feel like a complete moron.  "I honestly don't understand any of you at this point and I'm starting to think you're all taking this situation very lightly which shouldn't be the case at all. As far as I'm concerned, we're all gonna die one day, so how about we just go for it without overthinking so much?" Sebastian hissed.  Layla clicked her tongue in frustration.  Read more
    PART II: Chapter 47
     "What the fuck are you doing here?" Kira questioned Damien impatiently as soon as he walked into her room.  She dropped the few clothes she had in her hands on the bed quickly and turned to face him directly with her arms folded across her chest.  "I came here to talk to you Kira," Damien replied, maintaining a calm look on his face.  Kira immediately rolled her eyes. Dhe believed that the only reason he came here was to talk about what had happened between them a few nights ago and probably tell her what she already knew and she wasn't ready to feel even more embarrassed than she already was so she had no intention of listening to him.  If he really wanted to say anything positive to her, he would have definitely come to her the night after what happened between them happened or rather, he would have shown the very next morning to speak to her but instead, he went o
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    PART II: Chapter 48
      "Are you seriously asking me what it was for? What are you even doing here Damien? Why are you even here?" Kira asked in anger.    She knew she sounded crazy but she couldn't help the rage that she felt at that moment. Staring at Damien only made her feel foolish and used and she could not hide her anger towards him.    "I only came here to talk, Kira. Nothing else," he replied and Kira couldn't help but roll her eyes. The fact that he just said that to her only made her even angrier and she didn't even bother masking her disdain.    "You came here to talk right? Fine then, that makes sense so it's perfectly fine by me. Now that you're done saying whatever it is you wanted to say, how about you do both of us a favour by leaving? I'd really appreciate it if you used the door," she said to him, using her index finger to show him the direction of the door.   The skin betwee
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    PART II: Chapter 49
    Ever since Kira woke up, she had been staring aimlessly at the ceiling, trying to not be affected by what had happened between Damien and her just a few hours ago. She tried everything she could to keep the thoughts out of her head so that she could focus solely on what she should do next.  While Kira had these thoughts on her mind, Damien was fast asleep beside her, snoring softly with his legs out of the duvet and a part of his bare butt hanging out of the duvet that only partly covered his naked body.  Kira's eyes finally moved away from the ceiling after what felt like hours of her staring blankly at the ceiling. As much as she was trying not to get affected by everything that just happened, she was deeply affected. She disliked the fact that she constantly had to remind herself that Damien had another woman and that everything that just happened between them was simply one sided and that he didn't feel the
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    PART II: Chapter 50
    The question Draco asked wasn't exactly a surprising question but for some reason, Damien still found the question difficult to answer as he did not know exactly what it was that he was feeling.  He had come to accept that he had fallen for Kira and what he felt for Sheila couldn’t be compared to what he felt for Kira but even though he knew all that, he still couldn’t bear the mere thought of letting Sheila go. He already admitted to himself that it was selfish of him to be so indecisive about everything and the fact he didn’t want to hurt any of the women because of how much he cared about both of them made him feel frustrated with himself. “You know Damien that you and I have been friends since forever now and I can confidently say that I know you like I know myself and you also know very well that you can lie to everyone else in the world but not to yourself bro. Now, the reason I'm sayin
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    PART II: Chapter 51
    The skin between Damien’s brows creased in confusion. “Go on Kira, I’m listening. Just tell me once and for all what exactly is going on and be clear with me,” he insisted, wanting her to tell him so he knew what he had done wrong. He was very sick and tired of the whole back-and-forth that they've been having all this while and the fact that she wasn't even saying anything to him and instead, just keep flaring up at him at every opportunity that she got was something that was wearing him out both physically and emotionally and he needed to hear from her what exactly he had done wrong. Kira scoffed. She couldn’t believe he was asking her to keep talking when he could sense that her voice was literally shaking and the fact that he sounded so nonchalant, almost as though he was just waiting to listen to whatever she had to say, made her even angrier than she already felt. It was almost as if he had no remorse whatsoever and he was only trying to listen to her just because he wanted t
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    PART II: Chapter 52
    "Kira dear, are you okay?" Aunt Layla asked as soon as she walked into Kira's room. She had knocked a few times but when she didn't get any response, she decided to check for herself to be sure that Kira was doing okay. She happened to run into Kira earlier and she could immediately sense that something was wrong with her even though Kira had denied it. "Kira, can you hear me?" she asked again when she noticed that Kira wasn't responding to her. When Kira said nothing, she quickly moved closer to her and tapped her a little aggressively to snap her out of her thoughts. Kira is shocked to see her auntie in front of her as she did not see anyone coming in. "When did you get in here auntie and how did you get in?" she asked, and her question only made Layla even more worried. "Are you being serious with me right now Kira? Did you really not notice when I walked in? I knocked on the door a few times and when you weren't responding, I decided to check up on you to make sure that you wer
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    PART II: Chapter 53
    Kira had been sneaking glances at Damien any chances she got.After her conversation with her aunt yesterday, she had decided to think things through and hear from Damien. Anytime Damien turned to meet her eyes, she would immediately look away to avoid getting caught staring too much.They were currently having a meeting but she could barely remember anything that had been said because the only thing that she had been thinking about all the while, was Damien and she wasn't paying attention to anything else but him. Damien was having a feeling that Kira was staring at him and at first, he thought that he was simply imagining things, he just kept getting the feeling that someone was staring at him but whenever he turned to stare at Kira and maybe confirm if she was looking at him, he noticed that she wasn't looking at him and she seemed to be very concentrated on what her aunt was saying to them. After expressing himself and letting Kira know that he had feelings for her, he felt lik
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    PART II: Chapter 54
    Kira stood in front of Damien's room as she contemplated whether or not it was a good idea to even be here. She wanted to knock on the door and speak to him but she was feeling nervous and she wasn't confident that speaking to him would be a good idea. She had tried very hard to contain herself in the last few days even though she wanted to speak to Damien desperately and clarify the situation between them. She still remembered his confession to her very clearly but she just didn't have it in her to believe him because of everything that had happened between them since they met.According to what her aunt had told her, everyone else around them could sense the tension between them and Layla had advised her to settle the situation with him as soon as possible because of how awkward things were for people around them. Kira also wanted to hear from Damien and she was hoping that he would approach her first since she didn't dare to approach him but seeing how he wasn't making any attemp
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