Divine Academy

Divine Academy

By:  Marriah Perry  Ongoing
Language: English
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Done checking me out yet, babe?” The godlike man with tattoos covering his muscular forearms asks me with a teasing smirk on his face. "No fair, Miles is hogging her. The name's Beckett, Darling," He said with his deep baritone voice that had my core clenching. "My turn," came another deep gorgeous voice, sounding more sensual than the last. "Hey, Princess." He said, whisking me away from Beckett, "The name's Aphelion." Aphelion grabbed my chin, forcing me to look into his beautiful green eyes. "I can still make your insides burn with want for me." He said once he pulled back, grinning at me, a dimple appearing on his cheek, "By the way, I'm Samael." Katrina was left at an orphanage as an infant, on her 18th birthday she gets a vague letter from her birth mother, that doesn’t go into much detail on why her parents abandon her, just that there was a danger lurking, and Katrina had to disappear. On her 21st birthday Katrina’s best friends take her to the Popular club Hecate where her life turns upside down. One minute she’s having fun getting drunk, the next she’s blasting a pervert on his ass with some unknown power that just blasted out of her hands. Now Katrina is stuck attending school with a bunch of demigods and four very attractive very dangerous gods, who have all staked a claim on her. Katrina must learn how to control this new power of hers, avoid the demigoddess who she has somehow angered by her existence, figure out what the danger is her mother’s letter warned her about, all while juggling four very dominating gods.

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    Chapter 1: Katrina
    I thought the strangest day of my life was when I turned eighteen. The orphanage handed me my documents and one small used pillowcase filled with every item I owned, so one pair of jeans, two shirts, a couple of undies, a bra, socks, and a book about the Gods and Goddesses that had been left in my bassinet, the day I had been left on the orphanage steps. Ms. Myers, the lead director at the orphanage, had also handed me an envelope with a letter addressed to me. The words do not open until your 18th birthday written on it on the drive to the workforce office, where I’d file forms for employment and assisted living. I quickly glanced over to Ms. Myers, and when I noticed she was completely immersed in driving, I decided to open the envelope and read the letter. “My dearest Katrina, I am so sorry, your father and I abandoned you on that doorstep seventeen years ago; if you’re reading this letter now on your eighteenth birthday, it means that our plans failed, as the see
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    Chapter 2: Katrina
    MY STOMACH LURCHED when I opened my eyes, and my vision was still spinning. I drank way too much last night, and I couldn’t remember anything from the moment that disgusting Perv had started grinding on me. Had I blacked out afterward? I felt towards the edge of my bed, looking for my nightstand with my phone; instead, my hand met flesh, very muscular flesh, meaning I hadn’t crashed with Jack or Grace. I cringed inwardly. Had I gone home with the Perv? Surely Grace and Jack would have stopped me unless I was so far gone; they thought I was enjoying his attention. I removed my hand from the muscular flesh when I felt his hand grip mine. “Ah kitten, you’re awake,” Purred the Handsome Stranger, Miles. I felt my core heat at the sound of his groggy morning voice. If Miles had taken me home, no wonder Grace or Jack didn’t try to stop me; they would have considered that sacrilege. I used my free hand to feel myself, trying to determine if I had any clothes on, I felt fabric
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    Chapter 3: Miles
    I felt Katrina's back stiffen when I placed my hand on her waist, and I wondered if she felt the same strong connection that I felt towards her. I could tell my cousins had taken an interest in her as well. They didn't know her, nor had they seen her powers in action, but from the looks on their faces, they wanted to devour her the same as I; even Samael, Heir to the underworld, Mr. Dark Brooding himself, took an interest in her. "First off, Beckett, I didn't fuck her. I watched over while she slept after she drained her powers fighting off a succubus. Secondly, Aphelion, Katrina is gorgeous, hence my need to constantly be touching her, and lastly, Samael, can you get that angry ass look off your face? You're scaring her.""Wait, what?" Katrina asked, pulling away from me, turning to face me. "What powers?""Kitten," I replied calmly, reaching out to grab her arms in case she took the news wrong. "That white light you saw before that snake, Raphael, flew backward; that
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    Chapter 4: Katrina
    Oh, you're awake, goodie." Came the deep baritone voice of the older man from earlier… what had Miles called him. I sat up from the soft couch I was lying on and began to rub my temples. I had a massive headache and was in serious need of a glass of water and possibly something more potent. "Here, dear," The odd-looking man said, reaching towards me, holding a glass of water and aspirin. How did he know I had a headache? Maybe it's normal for someone who just found out that the Gods were real. "I can read minds." The man said, smiling at me. "My name is Godric Simmons; I am the Headmaster of Divine Academy, and the gift bestowed upon me is the ability to read minds. I felt myself blush as I recalled the images that had come to mind when I saw Miles and the other three men sitting at the table. "Don't be embarrassed," Headmaster Simmins responded to my inner thoughts, "Every female and some males even have the same reaction; it's impossible not to find the fu
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    Chapter 5: Katrina
    When the guys led me upstairs to our room, I was expecting to see other students, but the corridors were empty like they were when I first left Miles room this morning. "Wait," I said, turning suddenly towards Miles, losing my footing and almost falling if it hadn't been for Aphelion quickly catching me. "You sure are clumsy, Princess." He whispered in my ear, causing the hair on my neck to stand up. "I thought your room was on the first floor?" I asked Miles ignoring Aphelion. "It was," Miles says, shrugging his shoulders as he walks past me, continuing up the long winding staircase. "Okay, so why are you upstairs now?" I asked, finding myself becoming agitated with his short response. He stopped suddenly and turned to face me, "Would you rather I left you alone with my cousins?" He asks, his hazel eyes flickering to a fiery red. "Don't put words in my mouth," I said, glaring up at him."Alright, lovebirds, if you are done fighting, I'd like to get
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    Chapter 6: Katrina
    Miles held my hand as we followed Samael into the sitting room. Beckett and Aphellion were already there waiting in the love seat. Samael walked to one of the empty armchairs and sat down, patiently waiting for Miles and me to sit down."You can have the armchair; I'll grab a chair from the kitchen table," I told Miles. "Don't be silly, Darling," Beckett said, smiling from the couch. "You can sit with one of us. Miles growled, like actually growled, and it was hard not to laugh; I covered my mouth with my hand, faking a cough, trying to stifle my laughter. Miles stomped over to the armchair, with me in tow. He sat down and pulled me into his lap, pulling my body flush against his as he wrapped his arm around my waist. Samael rolled his eyes at Miles."So Katrina, what questions do you have?" Samael asked.I had so many questions, but there was one that I found to be the most important out of them all, "What does fated mean?" I blurt out.Beckett, takin
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    Chapter 7: Katrina
    Walking into the cafeteria holding Miles’ hand, I couldn’t help but notice the silence in the room. Every table in the cafeteria was full except one. Before they had entered the room, the noise had been loud and cheerful, full of students discussing their upcoming classes, but the moment they had entered the room, all was silent. I squeezed Miles’ hand nervously, and he answered my squeeze by bringing my hand up to his lips and placing a gentle kiss on it. Beckett and Aphelion walked in the right behind us, and I still hadn’t seen Samael this morning, not that I was looking for him. “Aphelion!” Came the hysteric cry of a black-haired green-eyed girl, she looked to be in her early twenties, and she had black raven-colored hair and eyes the color of ivy. Her eyes were heavily lined with black liner, and her lips were painted a blood red. She came running at Aphelion with her arms widespread and threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.
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    Chapter 8: Samael & Katrina
    SAMAEL: Students started trickling into the class eager to scoop up the first row of seats. I had arrived early, having decided to skip breakfast and I took my regular seat in the back, my feet were already kicked up and my arms behind my head. I had planned to catch some zzz’s this class, since I had slept like shit last night, but I felt the pull of my mate before I noticed her presence. Aphelion and Beckett had walked her to class. They were grinning ear to ear, and Beckett said something that made her blush, before Aphelion scooped her into a kiss worthy of the greatest romance novel causing her to blush even fiercer. I could hear Beckett shouting they’d see her at lunch before leaving and making their way to sparring class. Katrina’s eyes swept the room, her gaze locking on mine. She glared at me, before taking a seat at the very front of the class, determined not to acknowledge my presence. I guess I deserved that. But the damn woman was so infuriating. She didn’t even let me f
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    Chapter 9: Katrina
    "Okay," Miles smiles at me with that charming, panty-melting smirk. "Today, we're just going to practice a few take-downs that would work if you're in hand-to-hand combat." "Will I be in combat often?" I ask, worry apparent on my face. "Not if I can help it, Kitten." Miles replies looking at me possessively, "But if you're ever in danger, I want you to know how to protect yourself.""Okay, Show me what you got, big boy." "Easy there, kitten; first, we need to work on your stance," Miles replied, coming up and standing behind me. "This leg," He whispered into my ear, his hand running down my hip to my bare thigh before giving it a gentle squeeze, "Needs to go here." He lifts my left leg and pulls it slightly in front of me. "And this leg," His voice breathless in my ear, as he seductively runs his hand down my right side, this time going across my hip and dipping into my inner thigh slowly, "Needs to go here." He puts my right leg slightly behind me. "And now you j
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    Chapter 10: Katrina
    Walking out of the locker room, I spotted Miles casually leaning against the wall waiting for me. “What’s the matter, kitten?” He asked, furrowing his eyebrows. “Nothing at all, handsome, just some things on my mind.” “Care to talk about them?” Miles asked, taking me into his arms, pressing a soft kiss on my forehead. “Yes, but can we talk later? I want to discuss it with all of you.”I felt Miles’s arms tighten at the mention of my other mates. He was the most possessive out of the four of them, and I knew he was trying his hardest not to be jealous.“Of course, Kitten, whatever you want,” Miles said, stepping back and taking my hands in his. “We should hurry up and get you to your next class; you’ll want to make a good impression on Professor Luca. He’s a tough teacher, and with you already being behind on your magical abilities, he’ll be even tougher on you.”“Magical Studies is about our magical abilities?” I ask as we walk down the corridor.
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