A Brother's Regret

A Brother's Regret

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Andrew had always wanted to be among the popular students in his school but for that to happen he needs to be a bully to his little sister Amelia who is the school biggest nerd. unfortunately, his need to become popular overpowers his love for his sister and he made the biggest mistake of his life.

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A Brother's Regret is a coming-of-age teenage drama novel. It is about Andrew, a boy willing to do what it takes to be popular. As he tries to climb up the social ladder, Andrew ends up bullying his younger sister Amelia. Amelia is the school's nerd and is a constant target of ridicule. Amelia is a part of his family. But he manages to sacrifice her for his gain. It leads to an unexpected consequence as Amelia falls into a coma. Will he ever get the chance to apologize? Or is he going to regret this for the rest of his life?

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The party was still going on when Andrew made his way in through the doors that were already opened wild to welcome those who were yet to come. Andrew tug the protesting figure known as Amelia Benson his little sister forward as they carefully avoided the drunken bodies that were sprawled on the floor. He notice Amelia cringing her face in disgust when she noticed many couples making out shamelessly, not caring to be seen by others. "Drew i don't think i want to be here" she informed as her eyes roam around the place in horror at the sight before her. Andrew rolled his eyes at her statement. This is what normally happens at a teen party but his sister was way too isolated to notice."It' normal lia. It's just that you haven't been to one before"She didn't reply knowing he was right but he still notice the way her eyes look around clearly not liking what she was seeing He tugged her through the mass of sweaty bodies dancing t
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Chapter 1
"Amelia get your ass out of bed!" A loud angry voice yelled loudly outside Amelia's bedroom followed by a loud angry knock on the door. Groaning she got out of bed sluggishly. She was slowly getting used to his harsh treatment. It all started after that party. Andrew's attitude towards her changed. He suddenly changed from being a caring big brother to a nasty mean bully like the others at school. It was a real shock to her because she never expected him to do such a thing. Although back then she saw the guilt in his eyes and convince herself that he didn't mean it but as months went by, he became extremely mean and desperate to be fully accepted by the popular jocks at school. Even if it meant giving her new bruises everyday so he could brag about it to his friends and it didn't help that their parent are always not around.Signing loudly, she picked up her glasses on the bedside table and put it on, then she got out of bed limping her way tow
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Chapter 2
Amelia and Dave sat on the rough floor at the roof top munching on Dave's pasta which he said was prepared by his mother.Amelia has visited his home many times and she knew his mother is a great cook.The Carver family home was her safe heaven. It is the place she usually goes to escape her brother's bullying especially when their parent were not present and his family welcomed her with opened arms. She even made friends with his twin younger siblings Gabriel and Gabriella and they seem to love her a lot.Dave has the loveliest of family but Erin's betrayal changed him a lot and she could understand him but she didn't like the hurt in his eyes whenever he sees her. She wanted him to move on.Slowly, she glance at him and watch him chewing slowly; his eyes staring straight ahead of him in deep thought. She knew exactly what he was thinking but instead of bringing it up, she decided to cheer him up."Dave" she called washing down her pasta
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Chapter 3
Andrew sat in the waiting room at the hospital staring at the white wall before him. He was still in shock at the incident which took place a while ago.His vision blurred with tears as he realize the reason for his sister's accident. It was all his fault.Amelia was lying there at that hospital room fighting for her life because of him.If only he had been a good brother to her If only he had protected her all this wouldn't have happened.What would he say to his parent? How would he tell them that he was the reason why his sister is so close to death.The thought cause his heart to tighten in hurt and his eyes glass with unshed tears.He was in so much emotional pain that he didn't notice Dave, Amelia's friend who has been pacing around finally came in front of him."This is all your fault" he accused; his voice was shaky and tears were running down his eyes. Dave never openly stood up to Andrew so
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Chapter 4
Weeks flew by and Amelia remained in a coma. The doctors had said that she had suffered a severe head injury and so it was a fifty to fifty chance that she might survive.Andrew on the other hand grew depressed. He kept to himself and was no longer associating himself with anyone especially his friends.He wanted to keep to his words and become the best brother to Amelia even if that means avoiding Francis for the rest of his highschool.Andrew kept himself busy by visiting Amelia everyday at the hospital despite his parent urging him to take a little break and rest but Andrew wouldn't do that. He wanted Amelia to survive; he wanted her to know that he was ready to be a good brother to her again.But then again there was Dave. Andrew knew that Dave wouldn't make it easy for him but he was going to try.Dave visited Amelia often and his parents were becoming fond of him. Amelia barely had any friends so their parent were more than happy to
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Chapter 5
Andrew looked around the parking lot hoping that Francis hadn't left. He searched for Francis car and he spotted it at the other side and noticed that Francis was almost getting inside."France" he called as he ran to meet him.Francis hands held the car door confused as he searched for the voice that called his name. He notice Andrew running towards him and he waited to hear what he had to say.He hoped it would be something nice and hopefully nothing mean.Francis knew that he doesn't deserve anything from Andrew but Andrew is the only real friend he ever had even if he didn't want to admit it sometimes.He was stund when Andrew suddenly pulled him into a hug but it didn't take long for him to relax and hug him back, his eyes heavy with tears."You moron. You call me your friend and you didn't tell me about your family"Francis allowed the tears to fall. He didn't care if he looked like a cry baby at this moment. All t
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Chapter 6
Andrew rushed forward through the hospital hallways; he couldn't wait to see her, to talk to her and apologize for every single pain he caused her. He just hopes she forgives him and let him be the brother he never was to her.He pushed open the door to her room and slowly walked. There she sat on the bed looking at their patents with a small weak smile on her face.A bandage was neatly tied to her head and as he looked at her, he was reminded once again that it was all his fault but she's awake now; he was given a second chance to be with his sister and he won't mess it up.Seeing Amelia alive and okay brought tears of happiness to his eyes. He finally got her back.Patricia was the first to notice him "oh Andrew you're here"Amelia followed her mother's eyes and looked towards his wayThe minute her eyes met his, he notice her tense and she began breathing hard. Her expression held fear and she was shaking"Honey is something wrong?" Patricia asked noticing her changed expression
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Chapter 7
Life became hell and lonely for Andrew. His parent refused to speak to him after they found out what he did. He also kept his distance from Amelia and it hurts to see she was doing much better without him.He could only watch her from her hospital room window and he could see her laughing with her parent and Dave. Not once did she request for him. It was as if she had totally forgotten about him.Francis was around most of the time to comfort him. Apparently the whole school had to keep their distance so she won't get into another panic attack.It took two weeks before Amelia was finally released from the hospital. She was brought home in a wheel chair because she had broken her legs but the doctors assured that it would be healed soon.Andrew had to hide in other to avoid Amelia. Yeah it was tough but he had to do this; he had to do this so she will get better quickly but it seems it was all wishful thinking on his part.One night, after everyone had gone to bed, Andrew heard Amelia
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Chapter 8
Two years laterThe sound of the alarm clock filled the room followed by a groan from the shirtless figure sprawl on the bed. He sluggishly reached for it and turn it off then he proceeded to get some more sleep but a voice called from outside of his room."Get up Andrew it's time for school"He groan once again and used the pillows to cover his ears but the voice yelled again "get up Andrew don't make me come over there and wake you up myself" That threat got him out of bed immediately and he groan again "I hate mornings" he mumbled to himself as he walk towards his bathroom.After ten minutes, he was already dressed, standing in front of his mirror fixing his hair. As he combed through his hair, his eyes caught the photo frame on the bed side table; it was the picture he took from Amelia's room two years ago after she was taken to Paris.He sighed and picked it up with a smile "how are you doing little sister?" His finger trace her smiling face in the photo.He missed her so much
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Chapter 9
The day dragged on slowly and by each passing second, Andrew could feel his nerve increasing rapidly.Soon he would be seeing his sister and he had no idea how she would react.He just hopes everything to be okay. He wanted his sister to be fine so he could freely fulfill his promise to her. Anyway, he shouldn't be worried because the doctor said she was okay.Soon the bell rang signifying lunch hour. He wasted no time as he exited the class. He still has to inform his friends about the good news.There were already sited around their usual spot charting. The only person missing was Erin and Andrew realized he hadn't seen her all morning.He shrugged off his thought and walked towards the table "hey guys" he greeted and took his his beside Quinn."Hey" they answered back and immediately went back to charting. It seems like Quinn was interrogating Francis and Kaitlin on the level of their relationship.Even Andrew was curious though cause they have been going out for some time now but
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