My Bully Likes Me

My Bully Likes Me

By:  Estherace  Completed
Language: English
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Anastasia just wanted to finish highschool so she could breathe. Everyone bullied her and she was used to it but then there was one person that took it upon himself to remind her each day she was an ugly freak. Vincent made it his life mission to taunt and bully her each day. She hated it but couldn't say anything about it because she didn't want to get into more trouble. It gets more intense when Vincent's rival Caleb picks interest on Anastasia and Vincent wasn't going to sit and watch someone trample over him. Anastasia was caught up in the middle of the rival she wanted nothing to do with. Extract from the story **" "You are mine to play with and I won't stand and watch someone take you from me."Vincent hissed at me before shoving me and walking away.

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61 chapters
Chapter 1:Anna
Anastasia POV            The alarm clock on the desk I was using to read rang and I turned it off. It was already 6am.I sighed and took off my glasses and kept it on the desk.         I lazily stood up from the chair and dragged myself to the bathroom to brush my teeth and freshen up.      I brushed my teeth automatically and took a bath. After taking my bath I opened my wardrobe and took off my ironed school uniform. I looked at it with dreadful eyes but I still had to put it on .      I got dressed and put books in my backpack. It doesn't matter if it was in the backpack, I am sure it will end up on the floor somehow.I zipped up my backpack and left my room to the kitchen where I saw mum making breakfast.      "Good morning mum" I greeted.    "Mo
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Chapter 2: Running away
Anastasia POV     As I got to my desk I saw the scribbled notes on my desk-Nerd ,geek.... I didn't bother looking at it as I sat down. These words didn't bother me anymore. I was used to it, Sarah sat beside me .     A few minutes later the school bell rang and our English teacher walked in,we greeted her and class commenced.      I paid full attention to her but most of my classmates were uninterested,since one of them took it upon himself to bother me,he was throwing papers at me ,should I even ask why he was doing it.       I turned around and Dennis smiled at me and I rolled my eyes at him and concentrated but sure enough he continued what he was doing.      "Dennis, what are you doing?" Mrs Stella asked him,and he was caught red handed.    "Nothing ma" he answered . <
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Chapter 3:Who are you?
Anastasia POV       I was so nervous when I walked into school the next day ,running away from Vincent wasn't such a good idea ,but if I stayed I wouldn't have gone home unscathed.            I was scared. The only thing that I was thinking about was how unbalanced this life is. What I did wrong to be getting bullied.          I was walking with my head down as I always do to avoid people noticing me.       I took each step with caution as if he was waiting for me in each corner,lucky for me I didn't run into him and went to class.                        When the bell rang indicating it was time for lunch I sneaked out of class with a book ,the lunch I had at home and my bottle of water ,then I made my way to my secr
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Chapter 4: Caleb
Anastasia POV        Our school football team won the match that they were preparing so hard for.      This past week has been so wonderful, Vincent was so busy that he didn't have time to bully me .       Miss Sofia, our English teacher, was writing on the whiteboard. She's so young but yet she is already a graduate .       I remember the first time she walked into our class ,she was wearing a wrap dress and kitten heels,her hair was packed in a bun,she looked so elegant and she had a round baby face ,that she might be mistaken for a student.       She was fresh out of college but she was so smart ,I wanted to be like her, confident ,smart and beautiful.        I dream of the day that I would be confident and outspoken, I was more of a book worm that g
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Chapter 5:I am not falling for that
Anastasia POV      I was so conscious of my surrounding when I came to school the next day,I don't know why Caleb stood up for me,should I call it a good thing or a bad thing because i'm glancing around me from time to time to see if Vincent wanted to sneak up on me and bully me because of what happened yesterday.     Thank goodness he didn't get into trouble with Mr Samuel or I would be to blame even though I did nothing wrong ,am sure I will be the one who is at fault, that's how bully's pin the punishments teachers give them on you.      I wonder what they gain from bullying ,highschool is a time where we are supposed to have fun and make friends but some ingrates don't want to appreciate it.     I always dreamed of making a lot of friends when I got into highschool but what I met was just bullying and calling of names. Read more
Chapter 6- Ain't you my brother?
Anastasia POV   I smuggled my pillow not wanting to wake up even after my alarm had gone off,I turned off the alarm and rolled around in the bed for a while before deciding to stand up.     I didn't read last night and I was certainly not ready to go to school this morning. What is there to look forward to and expect to learn,it's not like I have friends in school.    I sat at the edge of the bed thinking about how much I have nothing going on in my life except books and studying,Sarah the only friend I have now, has a boyfriend and she barely spends time with me.     Even if we meet up all she talks about is Anthony. I am not jealous or anything but I also want someone to date and laugh with.    I want friends to talk to and hang out with.I tried interacting with my classmates but they always ignored me or bullied me. &nb
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Chapter 7: Trouble
Anastasia POV    BACK TO PRESENT. Thinking about it now I wonder why I never said anything to Mom or Dad.  Maybe if I did it would have been different now. They would have scolded him and maybe he would have changed..just maybe. Maybe he would have continued to treat me as a nobody.I stayed quiet for so long that I got used to his treatment. Avoiding him in school was the only thing I did. If he wasn't proud to call me his younger sister I would stay away.     I walked to school and got to class safely ,nothing eventful happened except Dennis getting on my nerves during class. I don't know if he is just out to bother me each day.      When the bell of breakfast rang , Sarah decided to eat lunch together with me in the cafeteria. She had this sad
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Chapter 8:More trouble
Anastasia POV     The school bell rang indicating school was over and I couldn't feel more at ease.I just wanted to leave this place.I stuffed my books into my backpack as Sarah did the same.     "Do you have any plans for the weekend?" Sarad asked as she zipped her backpack .   "Not really just reading, " I replied nonchalantly.She knew what I did each weekend and she still has to ask,what's she up to?     "Why don't we hang out tomorrow,what do you think?" Sarah asked and I looked at her suspiciously. Sarah never offers to hang out because I turn her down mist times.We might be best friends but we have different hobbies...    "I don't think I can do that ,have you forgotten we were given an English and biology assignment. " I replied as I carried my backpack and she did the same. 
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Chapter 9: Trying something different
Anastasia POV The alarm clock on my reading table rang and I turned it off. It was already 6:30. I stretched my sore body.I woke up by 3 am to study and do my assignment. I know I should be resting during the weekend but I felt it was unnecessary to sleep and waste time instead of studying. I was so exhausted but I felt enlightened by the book I was reading. I lazily dragged myself into the bathroom where I stood In front of the mirror looking at the stranger I saw. I has changed from the once happy and intelligent girl to this nerd,my hair was messy I hardly even took care of it now,I had bags under my eyes it's shouldn't be this way for a highschool student but I choose it to be a better version of myself, but was my choice right ? Am I actually doing the right thing by studying and not trying to blend in to School? I was more like an outsider in school and no one wanted to hang out with the nerd. I exhaled deeply as I held the washbasin,I just wa
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Chapter 10:Where did he come from?
Anastasia POVI gulped as I stared at the grumpy man in front of me. I was sure I haven't seen him around the neighborhood so where did he come from?"S.. sorry." I stuttered, nervous at the glare I was receiving."Get out of the damn way girl." He hissed at me as walked right past me, shoving me aside a bit."Hold on a minute! What did I do?" I shouted at the harsh treatment I received and turned around immediately but he didn't even listen, let alone turn. He had already put a lot of distance between us because he was walking fast.I sighed as I turned back and continued my journey.I wonder if being in thoughts was now a crime. Couldn't he just have avoided walking past me?Weirdo. I greeted my neighbors that I saw as I was going to the mini mall,it was a short distance from my house and after my encounter with the stranger I made sure to pay attention to the rest of my journey to the kin mall. I got to the mini mall and went in,I looked at the list again and noticed th
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