The Kingpins Angel

The Kingpins Angel

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"I want you... Wolf," She whispers sweetly, taking my bottom lip between her teeth and she lightly sucks on it with an erotic moan leaving her lips. She releases my lip, her hands move to the buckle of my slacks and she loosens it. I clamp my eyes shut, leaning my head against the doorframe with a silent plea hanging on the tip of my tongue that I don't lose control and take her like a savaged beast. --- When a Kings empire is threatened and starts to crumble around him, a tyrant with a dark secret seizes his queen. To what lengths will a tattooed, raven-haired, sapphire blue-eyed wolf, with an insatiable hunger for domination go to get his Little Red back, with the promise of a happily ever after to his screwed up fairy tale love story??

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ARTEMIS AKA WOLF I have carved my name into this world by taking what I want. My past is tattooed into my soul. Born into the Volkov family, I was raised in brutality and violence. Now I run these streets. Blood and violence taunt everything I touch. This life I lead is cruel. It's brutal to no extent. The things I've seen and the devastation I've created to protect what's mine isn't for the faint-hearted. To be a great Kingpin, you must be merciless and willing to take lives to push your authority and benefit from the cruel organization's illicit activities. Artemis Ivan Volkov is my given name, and my late father was Nikolai Volkov. Till the end, my father was a merciless bastard, and it is because of him that I am the lone survivor of our bloodline. The manner in which a Volkov must ascend the throne to govern conceals a hidden secret. A secret that has developed into a ritual on the eve of your coronation. "It's the only way, Wolf," Igor says again bursting my bubble
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ARIA AKA REDOnce upon a time is such a cliche story, but here we are with me staring at my reflection in the large mirror.I glide my hands over the beautiful wedding gown that clings to my body perfectly. "You look absolutely stunning!" The designer of my gown coos. I smile in silence. She has to say that if she wants me to buy it, right? She lowers herself and begins to fluff around with the train of the skirt, "Whoever he is, he is a lucky man and I hope you'll be happy together." A dreamy sigh departs her lips. Lifting my left hand, I look at my naked ring finger that will soon adorn a wedding ring. A gold band to legally state that I am officially off the market and that I exclusively belong to one of the cruellest men alive. A Bratva Kingpin. Artemis Volkov. Did you know that Volkov means Wolf in the English language? Pretty ironic if you ask me since he prefers to be addressed as, Wolf. A tattooed, raven-haired, sapphire blue-eyed wolf with an insatiable hunger for d
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ARTEMIS AKA WOLFI watch as my young wife to be, who is much younger than I am. Runaway with tears pooling in her piercing Jade coloured irises.Her mane of red hair bounces up and down with each angry stride she makes. Leaving behind her scent, and femininity of hibiscus petals.It clings to my nose and then recedes as her heels click harshly against the marble floor, playing a brutal symphony of disdain and grief. Thrusting out my chin, I inhale the air and feed off her anguish. She has poison written all over her. Innocent, and naive. I release the harsh breath that contaminates my mouth, brushing a rough hand over my face. "You better not screw me over on this Igor," I mutter as I turn to face him."As a close friend and consigliere, I have nothing but your best interests in mind. By marrying her, you reclaim complete power over the city's fifteen districts." He declares with certainty. "She is young. Too young." "Yes, and if you choose to have children, she is ideal for bear
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ARIA AKA REDCopper and molasses.That's what a traitor's blood smells like. The scent is thick in the air laced with the smell of a gun freshly being fired and it claws at my throat. It's distinct. Almost unique and I hate it. Kai deserved the bullet to his head. I thought he showed up to help me get away from Wolf and take me back home. Not trying to take advantage of my innocence in some dive of a bar.Wolf reaches out to touch my face, "No, please don't hurt me!" I cry, pressing my back flush against the wall as the image of Kai getting shot plays over and over in my head. "I didn't know he was waiting for me." "I'm not going to hurt you," he says gruffly. "But I do want your phone."I open my eyes and meet his cold gaze. "My phone?" I sniffle, shaking my head. "It's the only way I can contact my father and best friend Ana." I look at him with displeasure. He holds his hand out, "Give me the phone, Red or I will be forced to take it from you." His eyes narrow as his voice hard
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ARTEMIS AKA WOLF From the foot of the stairs, I tilt my head back and fix my gaze on the enormous cross that rises, dominating atop the Catholic Church's rooftop. I do not regard myself as a religious man. If I'm being completely sincere, I believe that God forgot about me many, many years ago. But then, I could be terribly wrong as I bear the hideous scar of his presence that is smeared across my damn throat. I usually get a bad vibe when I walk into a church. My shoes tend to feel like bricks, weighing me down with every step I take. A sinner like me shouldn't be welcomed here, but the priest somehow manages to make me feel comfortable. I have come here to seek forgiveness for my sins, only to commit them again. I sit in the first pew of the church, my eyes concentrating on the crucifix with Jesus nailed to it, while the priest to my right spins the rosary beads in his hand. I prefer to confess my sins in the open, refusing to enter the confessional because I am unable to l
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ARIA AKA REDThe sound of birds singing gradually awakens me from my slumber. As I pry open my eyelids, I observe the dust particles dancing in the beam of sunlight that fills my room.The exact same room which is not mine. Similar to this bed, these clothes, and the four walls that enclose me. Fortunately, there are two glass doors that open to a terrace that overlooks a stunning rose garden.My heart drops into the pit of my stomach when I remember why I'm here and who I'm herewith. I lift my hand, touching the gold chain around my neck feeding off the subtle strength it provides me with when I desperately need it.I sigh while sitting straight, and my stomach thinks that now is the ideal time to remind me that..."You skipped dinner last night." His baritone voice which feels like little feet drumming on my flesh reverberates across the room.I yelp, placing a trembling hand over my heart as it begins to race. My breath hitches as I search the room and our eyes meet, colliding. I
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ARTEMIS AKA WOLFI stand at our appointed table, conversing with Deniz Avci who is the kingpin of the Turkish family. They reside in the upper east end of Linkin and he specialises in trafficking and selling narcotics. He has come to the gala tonight in honour of my late father.The entire galas focus is to honour the late and prestigious Kingpins before our generation. "Wolf, I had no idea your wife was this young and beautiful," Zeynep gushes over Red. "The gold sequin gown accentuates your hips and your hair." She gasps. "Is that your real colour?" I cast a sidelong glance at Red admiring the way her cheeks flush from Zeyneps compliments. "Yes, this is my natural hair colour. My father believes it is a throwback gene from his side." "It's such an exotic colour and I love it," One of the venue waiters approaches our table with a silver tray filled with flutes of white wine. Zeynep leans over the table and snatches two from the tray, passing one to Red."Bottoms up, askim [my lo
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ARIA AKA REDI swallow back the tears of humiliation watching Wolf, my husband, shamelessly kiss another stunning woman in front of everyone.Gods! I'm being ridiculous! I don't even know why I feel this upset. It's not like I'm in some fairy tale story where I've grown feelings for him in less than twenty-four hours. Or maybe it's because he's paraded me around on his arm introducing me as Mrs Volkov, and now I have multiple eyes staring at me with pity or laughter glazing in them.I turn away, "Fucking jerk!" I mumble, swiping another two flutes from the silver tray that swings by our table. I drink the first flute in one fluid motion, placing it down on the table while I face Zeynep. A look of utter shock mars her face before her chocolate brown irises meet my gaze with a sense of understanding masking her features. Blowing air out of her nose, she shakes her head, "Mobsters always think they are invincible to the naked eye." She hisses as her gaze leaves mine and she stares at
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ARTEMIS AKA WOLF "Your father was a rational man of tremendous importance to the organization. You have big shoes to fill, but I'm more than certain you will follow in his footsteps too." Augusto from the Cartel preaches. I shake his hand, "I'm sure-" Without any warning, the shrilling sound of women screaming reverberates off the walls as gunshots discharge through the air. I turn around to look back at the table where I left Red, and she isn't there. Neither is Zeynep. "Fuck!" I bellow, retrieving my gun from the back of my pants and I take off running toward the ballroom. A swarm of people pushing and shoving each other rush toward me, and I brace myself as I run straight toward them. "The girls," Deniz snarls, reaching my side. "Where the fuck did they go?" A gut-wrenching scream pierces my ears and my heart instantly stills. "Red!!" I growl and shove people out of my way, stepping on bodies that fall to the ground. I don't care what I have to do to get to her, I'll
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ARIA AKA RED"You know you have to do this Aria. After the death of your mother, I had to do things I didn't want to do just so I could put food on the table and keep a roof over your head. Now the time has come for me to pay the consequences and it's only fair that you bear the burden too." My father scolded me as he paced the living room with his head nestled in his hands."You know I would do anything for you father, but please, please don't make me do this," I beg, rising from the sofa as I approach him. "I don't love him let alone know him."My father stops pacing, he lifts his head with a look of disgust written all over his tired face."LOVE?! Gods child! Do you think I loved your mother when I married her? No. And look what kind of life I had to endure with her before she took her own life." He grabs me by the shoulders and shoves me against the door panel, knocking my head against the cold cruel timber as he gets in my face. "If you don't do this, Artemis will kill me, then he
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