Going Rogue

Going Rogue

By:  Anja Ulven  Completed
Language: English
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Giovanna (Gina) Akir has a reputation that she's proud of. She's worked hard for years to cultivate this reputation, so why is she Going Rogue? "I pride myself on my reputation. I know that probably sounds strange coming from someone who is known as the pack , but I’ve worked for a few years to establish myself as the woman who can help you deal with your stress and pain without adding to it. Becoming the pack was never a goal of mine, and honestly, I hate the title, but it won’t deter me from what I do. My position in the pack does not mean that I’ll sleep with just anyone for any reason. I think of it like a service. I offer physical comfort to those in need, and although I don’t receive money for what I do, I like to think that I add value to the pack by helping our warriors to get out of their own head so they can do what they need to do." ***Author Note*** I am limited to how often I can update because I work 2 part time jobs, and I have children and other responsibilities. New chapters will be published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is the story of a side character from my first book "Second Chance Luna" Each book will have some spoilers for the other, but you do not need to read either one to understand the other.

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69 Chapters
My skin is sticky with sweat and the smell of sex permeates the room. I slide off the bed and start searching the floor for my clothes while the man behind me, a warrior from our pack, stands and begins walking towards the bathroom. “You can let yourself out.” He utters without so much as a glance over his shoulder. The bathroom door slams shut, and I hear the spray from the shower turn on. I’m a little irked that he didn’t even bother to thank me for helping him relieve his stress, but not all of them do. I know what I’m getting myself into when I come home with a guy like this. He’s a bit of a slob too, so it takes me a minute to find my clothes. My dress is in the corner, and it has a small tear in it, but at least it’s still wearable. I quickly pull the dress over my head and glance at myself in a mirror as I comb my fingers through my long chestnut brown hair. Swiping my fingers under my golden-brown eyes to remove some of the black smudges from my eye makeup. It’s alwa
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Chapter 1
*3 Years Earlier*“Jill, I need your help to pick out my birthday outfit for tomorrow!” I whined to my best friend. “Can you please come home with me after school?”“Of course, girl! Do you and Brent have something special planned?” She wiggled her eyebrows playfully.I blush, “yeah, we really lucked out that my eighteenth birthday fell on a Saturday. We have the whole evening planned out.”Jill grins and her forest green eyes sparkle with enthusiasm, “Well, don’t hold back, give me the details! What do you have planned?!”“Well, first, we are going to meet at Grand Teton National Park. You know, to see if the mate bond snaps into place. Then, we plan to just hang out for a bit before we head to dinner, we’ll finish off the night camping out together under the stars, and we’ll probably mark each other.” I couldn’t hold back the smile that crept onto my lips.Brent and I have been dating for the last three and a half years, and we are both certain that we are mates, but we have
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Chapter 2
The clock on my nightstand shows that it’s already 4:43 PM and I need to leave soon if I don’t want to be late. Brent will be meeting me at Grand Teton National Park which is about a 40-minute drive from my house. We wanted to meet somewhere beautiful so that when we see each other, and the mate bond snaps into place we have a beautiful setting to add to the memory and the stories we’ll tell our children and grandchildren. After one more quick glance in the mirror to confirm that I look okay. I slip on my brown ballet flats grab my purse and keys and head out the door. I opted for the flats instead of heels because I need to be able to easily walk the trails in the park to get to the spot where we agreed to meet. It’s getting warm out and the mountain breeze feels so good, but today I’m driving with the windows up and the A/C running on a low setting. I don’t want to risk messing up my hair. Everything about this moment needs to be perfect. Admittedly, I tend to speed when I dr
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Chapter 3
The rest of the year flew by so fast. Before we knew it, it was the end of school and the begining of summer. Brent and I never found our mates, which was kind of a relief. Jill managed to pass her calculus course with a B+ and I was so proud of her and all her hard work. I can’t believe our graduation ceremony is tonight! Although Brent and I had a small rough patch when we initially discovered that we weren’t fated mates, it didn’t take long for us to fall back into a comfortable rhythm with each other. We never did get around to marking each other, and it was a little awkward how it never came up as a conversation topic when it had so often been the focal point when we spoke about the future, but I tried not to stress myself out about it too much. I’m sure we’ll mark each other after graduation. Maybe Brent is just planning some sort of a surprise and he’s avoided talking about it, so he doesn’t slip and give anything away. He was always so sweet with the surprises he would
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Chapter 4
Poor Jill was heart-broken again. She spent so much time and effort getting herself ready for the Blue Moon Ball and she still didn’t find her mate. I did my best to comfort her, but I think she really just needed some time to grieve and cry. Being her shoulder to cry on was my main priority after the ball, but she kept insisting that I go and enjoy myself with Brent, that she would be fine. I wasn’t convinced, but Brent kept pushing for me to give her some space, so he and I went away for a long weekend trip to Portland Oregon. When we returned Jill seemed to be in a better place emotionally, so I didn’t press her for information or ask for details. She also agreed to go with Brent and I on a trip to Vegas. We spent a week lounging around a pool, going to shows, and gambling a bit as well. It was so fun, and Brent was very understanding about not being too affectionate in front of Jill. I didn’t want her to feel like the third wheel on our trip. The summer was filled with tr
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Chapter 5
“Mate!” When I heard that all too familiar female voice behind us, my heart stopped beating and my breath hitched. This has got to be some sort of joke, but when I turned and looked at Brent’s face, I knew it wasn’t a joke. He had gone pale, but I could hear his heart racing. His nostrils flared, telling me he was taking in the scent of his fated mate. His fists were still clenched with white knuckles, and there were now a few drops of his blood on the table from his nails elongating and piercing his palms. His whole body was ridged, as if a single movement would lead to his death. I could sense her standing behind us, but I dare not turn around to confirm my worst nightmare. All he needs to do is resist the mate bond and reject her, but as the seconds ticked by and he remained frozen I began to worry. The girl behind us stood there silently waiting for something, anything, to happen. The room had gone silent as everyone in the cafeteria waited to see how this would play out.
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Chapter 6
“It’s more…” That was the moment the pressure became too much and the cracks in my heart couldn’t take it anymore. I shattered into a thousand pieces. I wanted to run, I wanted to scream, I wanted to bury myself in my bed and never get up again. Brent reached for me with sad eyes, but I stepped back again. This time I turned and ran back to the dorms. Hopefully everyone will be out since it’s the middle of the day on Sunday. I didn’t really want to be seen like this. Everything I thought I knew about Brent and our relationship; I was now viewing through a different lens. He had slept around before we dated. How did I not know that? He cheated on me with Amanda. I should have been more suspicious of her from the start. I should have paid closer attention to how Brent responded to her. I’m sure there were signs and hints that I missed. I wonder how many people knew these things about him that I didn’t. Did they all assume that I just didn’t care, or were you they laughing
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Chapter 7
The next day I woke up early and was feeling pretty good about getting back to training. I didn’t know what Brent was going to decide, but I was ready to face the day. Until I walked into the gym and saw Brent. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with emotions again, and my feet carried me straight to Brent without my permission. He smiled at me, but it didn’t reach his eyes. For the umpteenth time I felt my heart drop. Had he already decided what he was going to do?“Hi,” I say softly while looking down at our feet. Brent curls his index finger under my chin and lifts my face, so our eyes meet. I’m looking into the same soft turquoise eyes that hold all the love and affection I’ve gotten used to seeing, but there was something else there. He looked indecisive and tormented, but I wasn’t ready to give up. Brent opened his mouth to respond, but then he paused and looked over my shoulder. He quickly pulled his hand away from me and took a step back, putting distance between us. I tur
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Chapter 8
The drive back to the training complex took longer than I would have liked. While Trevor was resting his hand on my thigh and rubbing his thumb up and down, I had a few minutes for my shifter healing to start working through the alcohol I had consumed. By the time we arrived, my buzz was significantly less, and the fog from my lust was wearing down slightly. My confidence wavered and I started thinking of a way to back out of this without completely embarrassing myself or offending Trevor. It’s not his fault that I said yes and then had doubts. We pulled in close to the building where the guys bunk and my heart started racing. I hadn’t come up with a good enough excuse yet and I’m running out of time. While I sat there in a panic, Trevor came around and opened the door for me. He was being such a gentleman. Taking his hand as I climbed out of the car, our eyes suddenly locked. As soon as I was standing, he wrapped both arms around my waist and pulled me in close. “Don’t be n
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Chapter 9
Since Trevor and I hadn’t really talked much before and never ran in the same crowds, I didn’t have his phone number. I saw him plenty during the week at trainings and around the complex, but I wasn’t sure where to find him over the weekends. I knew I could have used the mind-link to reach out but dropping in on him like that just felt wrong considering the circumstances and the nature of the conversation I wanted to have. I thought it was important to have this conversation in person, and I didn’t want to come across as desperate either. I did my best to remain patient in hopes of running into him casually, but it was Sunday night now, and I hadn’t seen him since I left his room on Saturday morning. Maybe he went home to see his family for a day or two. If that’s the case, he should be back already, or headed back soon. Everywhere I went, I felt like people were staring at me and whispering about the rumors that were circulating. I’d heard a few of them. One said that Brent w
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