The Alpha King's Rejected Mate

The Alpha King's Rejected Mate

By:  Hanifah Amirah  Completed
Language: English
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"Wider." He growled with lust as he walked towards me. I did as he told me to and he dropped before me on his knees, his hands came to my legs, bunching my dress up to my waist and widening my legs more. "Such a good girl." His fingers traced my thighs causing my arousal to worsen. He traced my thighs, his face tightening as he saw the marks but he never said anything. I felt somewhat powerful at the moment with the sight before me. The Alpha King was on his knees before me, ready to please me. ****** Lycus Dardanos, The Alpha King had always wanted a mate but she wasn't what he was expecting when he first saw her, he wasn't expecting her to be what he hated the most, a weak rogue omega with a child and also she was the abominable and cursed silver wolf. As far as he was concerned they were of the untrustworthy kind and he wasn't going to have anything to do with them, the only thing on his mind was rejection but the moon goddess had other plans and the power of the mate bond is quite irresistible.

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102 Chapters
This book is a dark romance, contains dark themes of abuse, mentions of sexual abuse, violence, bdsm themes, daddy kink and other dark themes, proceed at your own risk _____________ Nyx's pov I hissed as the silver laced whip came down against my back. I felt my skin slash open with a new wound as the whip came down again leaving an injury worse than the last."Should we do twenty one?" His laugh was sinister as always, "Or twenty one multiplied by two?" He brought the whip down again and this time I yelled in pain as I couldn't keep it in any longer. The tears I had been fighting to hold back rolled down my eyes and they stung harshly. We are suppose to be mates! I bit back my words, why are you doing this? And I couldn't ask this either fearing for what would come next, we have a child together for goodness sake! I didn't have enough courage to say this too. "I wonder what the moon goddess was thinking when she made us mates!" He gritted as he bent to where I w
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Nyx's pov Guilt had never eaten me up this much, the first time I ever felt this way was when my now late father had constantly reminded me that I was the cause of my mother's death. She had died bearing me and now, all pack members made an effort to taunt me about how I was the cause of my father's death.It's been weeks since Alpha Titan had snapped his neck killing him, weeks since I was left outside on the open grounds to mourn my loss, weeks since I had been beating myself up and being distant from everyone, including Amara, Hera, and myself.Hera was in a state of mourning too. Even though she had hated him for putting us through shit, he was still our father and she felt a sense of grief knowing that he was gone.Amara didn't know what was going on, it didn't affect her that her grandfather had died. He had been a total stranger to her and he barely even recalled her name, she only knew she had a dead grandma.My fingers felt numb from kneading the flour
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Nyx's POV"No!" I cried out as I rushed over to her with tears already falling from my eyes. I couldn't believe the sight before me.Amara was laying on the floor in a pool of blood, her own blood. I fell to my knees beside her and lifted her. "What happened baby?" I asked, "What happened to you?""It's the Beta." She coughed and trickles of blood came out of her mouth, "It was when he kicked me." I didn't say anything. I quickly rushed to the mattress and laid her on it. I couldn't take her to the pack doctor as we were denied medical access and I couldn't heal her myself.I smoothed her blonde hair to the side and caressed her face as I watched it get paler, she was getting weaker and she kept coughing the spurts of blood coming from her mouth. I lifted her shirt up and saw that she had a gash like wound on her torso.How dare he do this to our pup?! Hera growled, I will fucking end him. Calm down Hera, I said to her, we have got to find a way to get her healed first and I don't
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Nyx's POVMate? I questioned staring at the huge black wolf taking in his scent as he watched us intently.Mate! Hera wagged her tail in excitement and instantly dashed towards him.Hera no! I tried to stop her but it was too late, she had reached him now, he was much taller and huger than we were and she moved closer to him nuzzling his neck with ours. Sparks! We felt them as our furs met and Hera purred in pleasure, I could sense the wolf tense and the other warriors growl watching us."Back down mutt!" The huge wolf barked at us causing us to whimper in shock and withdraw away from him.What is going on? He's our mate! Hera sobbed, he hates us? What is happening again Nyx?I don't know, I said to her as I saw his dark house blaze with anger. He snarled at us causing Hera to jump back again and then he began to pace towards us menacingly with his snarls worsening.He was very close to us and got us cornered near a tree when he stopped and looked like he was fighting within himsel
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Lycus's Pov I shifted into my human form trying to shield out my wolf's grumbles as I bent and picked up my shorts to put them on.I still couldn't wrap my head around what happened last night. I had finally found her after searching for over ten years since when I turned sixteen but meeting her now, I never expected her to be what she was, a silver wolf which was rare, a weak omega and also a rogue. She had all wrong combinations of what I never wanted in a mate and I couldn't possibly accept her, I just couldn't.You have got to be fucking shitting me! My wolf Spyro growled, you are such a fucking idiot Lycus.I choose to ignore his complaints as I walked towards the pack house. He had been mad at me and was still mad at how I treated our mate. I felt the sparks when she rubbed against us and he almost purred along with her but I had to take full control to stop him.I hate you so much right now dick head! He kept whining, we have been waiting for her for years and we
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Nyx's pov.Is he ever going to come meet me? I wondered about my mate as I sat down on the cold prison floor drawing patterns in the sand with my fingers.I have been here for over a week now or more. I am not sure, I lost track of the days and the more we stayed, I noticed that the comfort we were provided were taken away too. We didn't have a mattress anymore nor the blankets neither the meals that came in often.Amara and I were starving and we craved for food more than we ever had in our entire lives. Even the petty thin bread and soup given to other prisoners didn't get to us anymore and I wondered if it was his new method of tormenting us."Hey nyx." I looked up and saw Andros already standing close to his cell bars, "Here you go." He said flinging the bottle of water in his hand towards my cell. He had a very good throw, it landed very near as always."Thank you." I mumbled as I went to pick it up, "Thank you very much." I took the bottle and went back to where Amara was seate
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Nyx's Pov I groaned in pain as I got hit against the wall, the pain tore through my back and I could swear that I felt my posterior bones crack. I opened my eyes trying to see as the light had began to fade away a bit. I looked to my side to see Amara still snuggled in deep sleep which left me wondering how she could sleep through all the commotion."Are you okay?" Lycus's voice pulled my gaze away from Amara and it trailed to him. He was getting up on his feet which meant that he had taken a fall too, "Are you hurt?" He asked again and I saw something flash in his eyes, worry?I was too stunned to answer as I never expected him to actually care about how I felt. The worry in his voice and eyes was quickly gone and he looked away from me towards the direction of the source of light and I followed suit.It seemed that all the streams and streaks of light that faded away had amassed into a huge mass of light and in the middle, a hole was suddenly created and out of the hole
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Nyx's pov I stared at the lady glaring at me like she wished I never existed and from the brown color of her eyes, I knew that she was the white wolf from the day I was taken captive.She was beautiful too. She had long black hair with gorgeous face features and I wondered if everyone around here was beautiful except me."Get the mutt out!" She growled at the two guards standing behind her."But his royal Highness said…" One of the two guards began to speak but she instantly slapped him across the face halting his words."How dare you disobey your beta?!" She barked at him, "You do not want to test me!""Sorry." He mumbled bowing his head in submission."Now! Fucking get her out, I am losing my patience!" They immediately swung into action at her words and opened the cell entrance.They moved the bars aside and sprung into the cell before grabbing me and lifting me by my arms. I struggled against them but they didn't let me go."Where are you taking my mummy?" Amara crie
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Lycus's pov I had left the pack house that morning having slight thoughts of my mate. Something kept pulling me to go down to see her but I resisted the urge and proceeded with my movement.I couldn't let some stupid pull towards her waste my time.I had Alpha duties.I had a meeting with leaders of other were creatures and I couldn't let my insignificant mate ruin my plans. I kept having this bad feeling in my guts as we began the journey but I could care less, I had left my Beta laya in charge of the pack, nothing could go wrong.i have this bad feeling! Spyro had told me as I questioned him about his uneasiness but I threw his response aside.Half way through the journey I just had to order the convoy to turn around, the discomfort and bad feeling was now too strong for me to ignore and when we had reached the pack house and i caught her scent only to perceive blood also, i saw Red.I had shifted into my wolf and raced to the prisons, the smell of her blood grew st
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Nyx's PovI was wet, drenched even. The only thing I felt was water and I snapped open my eyes to see myself in a pool. I struggled to breathe as I flayed my arms trying to get up, to the surface. I fought and tried but it was all a waste as I felt myself being pulled deeper into the water and just when I was about to give up, a strong wave came from nowhere carrying me out of the water and sweeping me onto the shore.I struggled up to my feet, stood straight and looked forward to find help, when I saw a picnic blanket laid on the floor with lots of food. Lycus and Amara were seated eating and playing together. I smiled at the sight before me and then I saw Lycus's head shoot up."Come my love." He beckoned to me, "Come and join us, we missed you."Just as I was about to move towards them, a hand grabbed me harshly halting me in my tracks. I looked behind to see Alpha Titan standing there glaring at me with Blood shot eyes."You thought you could run away from me?" He growled piercing
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