A Curse From The Moon

A Curse From The Moon

By:  Favour U. A.  Completed
Language: English
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After being cursed by a witch, werewolves and werelions could no longer shift to their wolves and lions at will. Well, except Rendall and Helia and the question is why? Eighteen years later after the curse, Rendall, the rebellious son of Alpha of the werewolves, and feisty Helia, daughter of the Alpha of the werelions met and they realized that they were mates. Why did the moon goddess let a witch curse her own? And, can an heir of Khron really become the Luna of werewolves that are against her kind?

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99 chapters
Chapter One: Special Heirs.
Shouts of celebration filled the air of Wulfe, the land of werewolves. The werewolves were having a full moon festival. During the full moon, they hunted the most. In the era, all werewolves lived together in the land of Wulfe and were ruled by only one Alpha— Alpha Janus. The full moon was not the only thing that led to their celebration. The Luna had given birth to a pup— an heir. She and the Alpha stared lovingly at their son. His hair color was as white as the moon and gazing down at his eyes was like gazing at the sea. The Alpha took the pup from the arms of his mother and placed him in his arms. He smiled and looked at the child's face with admiration. "Rendall," The Alpha whispered the name he chose for the child. "That will be his name." "The shield of a wolf," Montague, the Beta smiled as he said the meaning of the name. "It's the perfect name." "My son is sent from the moon goddess, to protect the werewolves," the Alpha said proudly as he admired his son. "My son will b
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Chapter Two: Breaking Boundaries.
Rendall and Montague had reached the Alpha's court and Rendall peeped at his mother's room and he saw young werewolves surrounding her. She was telling them the story of what had happened on the day of his birth. Rendall groaned. He was tired of hearing the same story over and over again. "....at Khron, the land of werelions, a witch was present. Leander, Alpha of the werelions had invited her. Since he had no child, he asked the witch to conjure one for him. Nyx, the witch began to chant ancient words and she conjured a female heir for Alpha Leander. The child was so beautiful and the witch watched her creation with admiration. Nyx requested to keep the child but Alpha Leander's eyes had desired what it had beheld so he declined her request. He took the child from Nyx forcefully and locked Nyx in his dungeon. Nyx was very angry at how Alpha Leander had treated her so she laid a curse. This curse affected the werewolves too since Nyx was extremely angry. Now, the werelions can only b
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Chapter Three: The Complete Truth.
Rendall looked down from the tall tree at the werewolves his father had sent after him. He watched as they looked around trying to figure out which way he had gone. After a while, they gave up and left. Rendall frowned at how they had let him escape easily. "My people are beginning to lose their hunting instincts," Rendall muttered with a sad sigh. "Tsk tsk," Conri, his wolf said disapproving of the werewolves that quitted. "I can sense how weakened their wolves have become. The decreasing amount of meat hunted every full moon is proof. Their wolf side is weakening as the day passes and if nothing is done..." "It'll vanish," Rendall completed his wolf, Conri's statement sadly. "The fact that Nyx curse on the werewolves is heavier than that on the werelion has left me perplexed. Even if she wanted to curse the werewolves for the sin of a werelion, why should the curse be as heavy as the werelions' curse?" Seeing that the coast was clear, Rendall climbed down the tree. He sat on the
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Chapter Four: Finding Him is Necessary.
"Nyx is dead? How? When? How?" It was hard for Rendall to believe that Nyx was dead. Helia gave a sad sigh. "When Nyx came for me, two guards had tried to stop her but she turned them to stone. Leander, Alpha of Khron, my father knew that defeating Nyx would not be easy but he loved me so much and was not ready to let me go. So, he pretended to have agreed with Nyx. He made her feel like he was ready to release her to me. He invited Nyx to have a feast with the Werelions and during the feast, father tried to talk her into asking for something else but Nyx was too adamant. She needed me to make a spell. Seeing that Nyx was not ready to let me go," Helia paused and then added with a fallen face. "He decided to lace her food with one of the deadliest poisons in the world." Rendall gave a sad sigh. "When Nyx realized that she was poisoned," Helia continued. "She laid a curse on both the Werelions and werewolves that Alpha Leander tried to save initially and then she died on spot." "T
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Chapter Five: There is a Spy in My Room.
"Did you just say a thousand gold pieces?" Pamela wanted to be sure of what she had heard. She could not believe that a girl as young as Helia could have such an amount of money. Who was the girl before her? Pamela suspected that she was no ordinary werewolf. Was she even a werewolf? It was hard to detect but Pamela noticed how much she radiated an aura similar to that of royalty. It was so obvious from the way she spoke and walked. "You heard me right. I'd give you a thousand gold pieces. All you need to do is hand over your clothes to me and speak of this to no one." "Who are you?" "You've surely heard of me from folklores told in Wulfe. Anyways, knowing my identity is of less importance to you. What is more important is you giving me your uniform." "I want your gold but the reason behind paying such an amount for the uniform of a maid is what baffles me." "It is not your cup of tea and I do not have much time to waste." Helia was visibly pissed. She was runn
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Chapter Six: The Shift.
"There's a spy in my room," Rendall yelled and Helia froze. "Why do you want to get me killed?" Helia regretted why she had visited him. "Do you think I will let my visitor get killed?" Rendall smirked. "My room is soundproof so you do not have to worry. I was only pulling your legs." Helia sighed in relief. She frowned when she saw that Rendall had begun to laugh. "Why are you laughing?" "I never knew Helia could get scared." "I'm Helena, not Helia and Helia... I mean Helena can never get scared." After saying this, she left the room and Rendall did not try to stop her. He knew she would stand her ground no matter what. Immediately she left, Montague walked into his room. "The Alpha demands that you grace his presence this very moment," Montague announced. "He locked me up and now he wants me to see him. Pathetic!" Rendall scoffed. "You would have to see him." "I'd only be leaving this room to find a way to break Nyx's curse. I refuse to leave this room to see an Alpha who
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Chapter Seven: Was She About To Reject Him?
Everyone present froze. They were all surprised to see that Rendall was able to transform into his wolf even when it was not the full moon. Rendall ran to Helia and they both ran out of the Alpha's court. Nobody tried to stop them. Not even Alpha Janus. They just stood, transfixed and unable to decipher what had just taken place. Helia and Rendall both ran till they got to the forest. The Sentinels at the border were not able to stop them. When they got to the forest, Rendall stopped but Helia kept on running. He ran after her, hoping she would stop but she did not. She ignored Rendall and ran faster until she got to a strange-looking tree that differed from other trees in the forest. Rendall stopped to watch her. Under the tree were a lidded container and a bag. She brought out a dress for herself, glanced at Rendall, and gave him a small twisted smile. She brought out a dress for him too, threw it at him and it fell on his shoulders. He frowned but she ignored him, reached out fo
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Chapter Eight: Grumpy Old Alecto.
"Take a chill pill. Would you? Why the outburst?" Luna's eyebrow furrowed in confusion. What was going on in her head? "I'm sorry." Her voice softened. "Let's forget about the outburst. I don't know what came over me." "Oh! Okay." Rendall wondered what was on her mind as he studied her. Was she thinking of rejecting him? He sighed. If that was what was on her mind, then it was good, right? The feeling was mutual, wasn't it? He wondered if she even knew he was her mate. Helia had always seen herself as someone who was always in control but this werewolf was making her lose control easily and she hated it. She knew that she needed to do the needful fast and make sure she does not cross paths with the wolf again. "We should go to Alecto now." Helia feigned a smile and Rendall nodded in agreement to what she had said. Helia led the way and Rendall walked behind her. It had been hours after sunset, yet, they had not gotten to Alecto's house. Helia's hair was jet black already and h
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Chapter Nine: A Little Taste of Rejection.
Rendall heaved a sigh of satisfaction as he walked with two dead antelopes on his shoulders. He could have hunted for more but Alecto had infuriated him by scolding him for not leaving earlier. Hello seethed in anger as he remembered how Alecto had driven him out of Helia's room and out of the house. Well, two antelopes were more than enough for the old man, he thought to himself and smiled as he saw Alecto's house from where he stood. Rendall dropped the games in front of the house when he got there. The door was opened and he could see Alecto and Helia drinking tea and discussing heartily. "I'm back," he announced as he walked into the house but neither Alecto nor Helia spared him a glance. "So my father loved chicken as much as I do when he was younger?" Helia asked Alecto, ignoring Rendall. "Yes and then he was nicknamed ‘the chicken Alpha’. Oh, my days! Then, at night, all the werelions will gather and everyone will display how fiercely they shifted. Of course, your father w
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Chapter Ten: The Departure.
Rendall stared blankly at the wooden door. He had not been eavesdropping. He just wanted to show Helia the chicken he had caught for her."I did not want her as my mate too. This is good. The feeling is mutual," he reassured himself and feigned a smile.********************"Checkmate," Alecto announced and Helia cheered. Rendall stared in disbelief at the chess board on the table. Alecto's black queen had checked his white king. This was like the hundredth time they had played the game but, at the end of each game, Alecto turned out to be the winner."Again," Rendall said wryly. For the past hours, that word had been his catchphrase while the word ‘checkmate’ had been Alecto's."I am tired, young wolf," Alecto whined. "Just face it. Even though you would be ruling a kingdom soon, you suck at the game of Kings.""I won't give up easily. We will play the game again.""Young wolf," Alecto called out with a smirk, "you would be leaving for the human world very soon and when you get there
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