A Contract with the Billionaire

A Contract with the Billionaire

By:  Sophia Bendel  Completed
Language: English
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When it comes to love, is Second chance truly the charm? ***** Amelia Ross’s contract marriage with her billionaire boss came to an end when the one woman he’s been dying to have for years suddenly returned to town. Her heart got broken as she’d started developing feelings for her hot boss but knowing it was a contract marriage, she gathered the remaining pieces of her shattered heart and left town after being paid off by her boss, Ryan Davidson. Unluckily for her, she realized she was carrying his child after the abrupt end of their contract. With no intentions of returning to him, she raised the baby and began a new life, from scratch. But just when things have finally begun to go well for her and she’s met a man that has healed her broken heart, Ryan stepped into her life again, laying claims to not just her, but to the child. What made it more infuriating was that he showed up with a marriage certificate, one that very much proved they were still married.

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118 Chapters
Prologue: A New Job
“Next,” A sultry feminine voice called out from the office opposite the sitting area, with a shiny metal plate, bearing the words, ``Conference room, attached to the closed door. Amelia Ross’s eyes darted to the end of the sitting area, to see a woman who appeared to be in her early twenties, rise up from the plush sofa, with her sleek leather bag hanging from her shoulder and a file in her grasp. Quickly, she sauntered towards the door, her seven inches stilettos clicking against the marbled floor, as though she was announcing her entrance. Amelia tried peeking into the conference room, but she was too far away to see anything besides a set of chairs before the door was closed once again.Ducking back her head, she counted about seven more women before her. A hot breath expelled from her lips as she forced herself to settle into the sofa, in a bid to calm her erratically beating heart. It was her first time applying for a job, after recently graduating from college. As a fresh coll
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One: Heartbreak
It’s been five months since Amelia moved in with the CEO, Ryan Davidson. After proper consideration of the benefits of the contract, she’d gone ahead to sign it without second thoughts. It wasn’t like she had much of a chance to reject it. Apart from being a fresh college graduate at that time, the possibility of finding a well-paying job that could actively settle all of her bills and student loans was close to zero. She saw Ryan’s offer as a means to an end and a new beginning. Hence, she’d taken it after much deliberation, proceeding to sign the contract that pronounced her as his wife for twelve months.At first, it had been hard to wrap her head around the scenario and to fit into the role perfectly, considering she knew nothing about the man. It was as though she was sharing a home with a stranger, but with time, she got used to it as Ryan also dedicated his time to making her feel open and comfortable around him. She quickly learned that beneath his hard exterior, there was act
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Two: A New Life
“A room for the week,” Amelia said to the man behind the counter, who she assumed was the motel’s manager. “That’ll be three hundred dollars,” the slightly obese man behind the counter spoke up, adjusting the glasses resting on his nose to look up at Amelia.Without uttering more words, she handed him her credit card to pay for the room, and he gave her the key and the room number after she’d filled out the visitors' form.“Have a wonderful stay,” he called out to her but she was already on her way out to locate her room.Amelia was easily able to locate her room, inserting the key into the keyhole to open the door before stepping in with her luggage. As soon as she was in, she locked the door from the inside, her eyes quickly roving around the room to see it was clean and neatly arranged with white beddings covering the small bed, and a mini tv hanging on the wall directly opposite the bed. Releasing a breath, she pushed away from the door and headed towards the other door in the ro
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Three: Where's my daddy?
The ringing of the alarm clock jolted Amelia from her sleep, as she quickly reached for it to turn it off, not wanting it to disturb her toddler. Groaning with the need to get back to her peaceful slumber, she pulled the covers over her head, hoping to catch a few more minutes of sleep before rising up to begin her day, but her attempts were futile, as her busy mind was already awake. Her eyes popped open and were greeted by the dull light streaming from the windows as it was the early hours of the morning. She stayed in bed for a short moment before rising to her feet to begin her day. Her first destination was the kitchen to get her usual dose of morning coffee. She’d never been a morning person, nor did she like drinking coffee. But as a mom, with a job and a daughter to prepare for school, the caffeine helped her get through her mornings without the constant feeling of laziness that always threatens to drag her back to her comfortable bed.While she brewed coffee from the coffee
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Four: A New Friend
When Amelia had accepted to get lunch with James, she’d expected them to merely take a walk to the restaurant a few blocks away from their office building but James had shocked her by walking her to his car.“Aren’t we going for lunch?” she questioned with a furrow in her brows.“Yes, we are, but in a better place where they make heavenly meals,” he winked at her before opening the door to the passenger side of the car for her. Amelia got in, wondering where he could be taking her before he jogged around and got behind the driver’s seat, pulling out of the parking lot.They drove in comfortable silence for about ten minutes before they came to a stop at a five-star restaurant.“James…” she glanced at her, half-smiling.He only responded with a smile, winking at her.“I don’t know when you’ll give me this chance again, so let me enjoy it, will you?”“Very well then, dazzle me,”“I plan to, my lady,”Getting out of the car, he walked round to get her door for her but she was already out
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Five: Surprise!
Amelia couldn’t remember a time in her life that she’d ever felt so positive and at peace with herself, and the direction her life was taking. These new feelings of inner happiness and glow had her feeling like she was living every day of her life on cloud nine, with no worries of the future constantly nagging at her. Choosing to have James in her life was truly the best decision she’s made in a while. As usual, it was a Friday afternoon and they’d closed early from work, as was the norm. James had driven home with Amelia, intending to spend the rest of the day with her and Dora. While Dora was still in school, they decided to have some quiet time to themselves before the toddler arrived. “What do you wanna do?” James asked, wrapping his arms around Amelia’s waist, and gently pulling her against him. They’d just stepped into her home. “You have something in mind?” she questioned, glancing up at him, but he reached for a stray strand of her luscious brown hair and tucked it behind he
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Six: Surprise 2
Amelia’s initial shock and horror wore off the moment the man standing in front of her spoke. “Hello, Princess,” he smirked. But his words only ignited the fury that had been brewing in her, her face turning a darker shade with her heart thudding loudly. “Babe, we have to leave early…” James popped out from behind Amelia, his words dying on his lips when his eyes landed on Dora and the strange man holding her. Before Amelia could quickly rectify the situation, Dora’s eyes lit up the moment she saw James. “This is my dad. He’s back,” the toddler innocently informed James in a cheerful voice. Amelia saw the sudden change in Ryan’s facial expression, an amusing glint flashing in his eyes as they raked over James, before returning to rest on her. For some reason, she could read the mockery in his look and that only infuriated her more. Apart from having the nerves to show up at her apartment like they were old friends, he had the guts to show himself to a child he had no claims to, e
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Seven: Still Married
The next morning was a Saturday and Amelia’s plans of sleeping in were destroyed by the loud ringing of the doorbell. She tried ignoring the visitor but they only kept disrupting her sleep by continuously ringing the bell. Annoyed by whoever it was, she marched out of her room towards the living room with a deep scowl etched on her face. But her anger only increased when she threw the door open to see Ryan standing there, impeccably dressed in a suit even at that ungodly hour of the morning. A hiss of annoyance slipped out of her lips. Coupled with the sudden rage that descended upon her at his sight, she resorted to slamming the door against him but Ryan was quick to grab onto it, successfully wielding his arm between the door and its frame while forcefully shoving it open, despite Amelia’s hold on it.She was so shocked by his sudden intrusion that she stood still, staring at her with wide eyes and an open mouth.“Good morning, Princess,” he said in a voice too cheerful for Amelia’
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Eight: More Trouble
Amelia stirred the eggs in the pan while often glancing at Ryan and Dora, seated at the kitchen island, both playing a game on Ryan’s phone. As much as she was livid at the man, the sight of her daughter so relaxed and happy in his arms had her heart-melting. Quickly, she returned her attention to the eggs, needing to prepare breakfast quickly so she could leave for work. She was still busy cooking when she felt the heat of his body beside hers.“You need a hand?”Amelia rolled her eyes at his act of kindness.“Whatever you’re up to will not change anything, Ryan. At the end of the day, you’ll walk out of our lives and get back to whatever you’ve been doing for the last five years,”“I don't ever want to go back there,” he murmured quietly, staring at her with remorse in his eyes. Amelia was quiet for a while, staring into his usually dark brooding eyes that now held a vulnerable expression, and for a moment, she forgot how much he’d hurt her and wondered what must have happened to
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Nine: Regular Visitor
The weekend was finally over and it was the beginning of a new week. Amelia couldn’t be more thankful to begin another week, after all of the drama that Ryan’s return had caused. She could still vividly recall the look of betrayal in James’ face the moment Ryan spewed those lies from his mouth about them getting back together. That morning, they’d driven to work in silence with James ignoring her for the rest of the day. All her attempts to speak to him were in vain and she’d given up. But luckily for her, he called her that evening, demanding to know the truth and she’d vehemently denied Ryan’s word, filling him in on everything the man had said before his arrival, but not daring to mention the marriage certificate.She knew she’d lose James if he ever found out about it, and you may call her selfish, but he was the only light in her world apart from Dora and she wasn’t about to let Ryan Davidson steal that from her. Ryan could go to hell for all she cared, and he’d have to kill her
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