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The moon goddess hosted a feast on a full moon night and an alpha was born on that night. Drunk to stupor from all the drinking at the feast, the moon goddess makes a blunder and mates the alpha with a human. It's irreversible because it has been scripted in their destiny and they'll be mated for eternity no matter how many times they are reborn. Alpha Dominic, the alpha that was mated to a human grows up thirty years later still without a mate so his father consults a priest and he's told of his unknown destiny; being mated to a human. His father is horrified but Dominic's happy to finally know he has a mate after so many years. Samantha Cosgrove, a mate to the alpha but has no idea about it, is a married woman and a baker that owns a bakery in the city. She finds out her husband's cheating on her and files a divorce immediately. With her alimony and her savings, she moves elsewhere to start afresh. Unknown to her, her bakery is just at the outskirts of alpha Dominic's pack.  Fate brings them to meet each other and alpha Dominic knows he's met his mate once he sees her. He makes advances towards her and Sparks fly; she's instantly drawn to him too. Fate seems to test their bond though on several occasions and we're left to wonder if Samantha will accept Dominic for who he is, if she will survive being the mate to a werewolf or if they'll eventually end up together happily despite all odds.

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It was a jolly evening for the moon goddess. It would be the full moon at night and she was going to host a celebration like she always did to have all the gods and goddesses in her abode; wining and dining with her as chatters and laughter would float across the table and above them all while they ate and drank. Her right hand was glued to her side throughout the day time, running to and fro to make everything perfect as she gave instructions and preferences on every design and delicacy that was to be served, especially the wine… that was her favorite. She loved drinking but it wasn't a habit, she just did it more out of loving the taste of her favorite wine and how it slushed down her throat whenever she drank it… that was how she always defended herself whenever her fellow gods accused her of drinking way too much.She got to her chambers, her right hand behind her as she walked straight to the soft chair that was in the right hand corner and plopped into it with a sigh. She was ext
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Thirty years later…The alarm beeped continuously and Dominic kept on tossing and turning in his bed until he finally sat up with droopy eyes and turned the still beeping alarm off. After a long stretch and yawn, he took the curtain control remote and pressed it towards the curtains and watched them slide apart slowly to reveal the early morning sun that was still dawning.He came down from his bed and walked to his bathroom, took his toothbrush and watched himself in the mirror as he brushed his teeth and he decided that he needed a haircut before leaving for work that day. He finished brushing his teeth and walked out of the bathroom to get dressed in his joggers and vest, ready for his daily morning jogging.At the door he met his butler, Ferdinand. A human man in his mid forties with a smile on his face as he handed a towel over to him to clean his sweat while jogging and Dominic smiled back at him "morning Ferdinand" he said as he warmed up for his jogging and Ferdinand bowed "
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She was late and she knew she had to hurry up so she wouldn't miss her bus. With a quick brush of her red hair, Samantha applied a little gloss on her lips and smacked it softly before she grabbed her handbag and did a once over on herself in front of her mirror before hurrying out of her room.Her husband Jace was in the kitchen, already making toast for breakfast and a plate was already set on the mini dining which she was sure was for her. "Good morning babe" Jace said to her from the kitchen counter where he was spreading butter on a slice of bread before he turned to the coffee machine to take the cup of coffee he just made. Samantha smiled and dropped her bag on the couch in the living room before she skipped over to him in the kitchen and planted a kiss on his cheek "good morning love" she said cheerfully as he dropped five cubes of sugar and poured a substantial amount of cream into the cup of coffee and mixed."I know it's your birthday Sam, it's the reason why you're so e
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Alpha Dominic woke up immediately his alarm went off and turned it off then came down from his bed after opening his curtains with his remote. He had a lot of work to do at the office the day so he didn't have the luxury of sleeping in for any more minutes when he knew what was waiting for him. He headed for the bathroom and brushed his teeth then wore a vest and sweatpants before heading downstairs to his gym. He was going to skip jogging for the day because he had to hurry up and go to work earlier than usual so he'd start with all the pending approvals waiting for him on his desk.He took a towel this time before leaving his room and once he got down, he saw Ferdinand with a towel at the end of the stairs. Dominic smiled at his butler victoriously as he waved his towel in the air and Ferdinand gave a dimpled smile."ah, I see you bested me today" he said and Dominic gave a slight nod. "you know I love to be good at everything I do and one of the I things must be good at is of c
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Jace placed his hand on her body and she could feel him try to move closer to her on the bed. She groaned with a smug smile on her face and opened her eyes then took his hand off her gently. It was morning already. With a yawn, she sat up and took her phone from the bedside drawer, it was just 5:30am. It was still way early so she had all the time that she needed to get ready for work. She was going to make a hearty breakfast for both of them before she'd leave for work."Good morning baby" Jace said with a sleepy voice as he stretched and yawned too before he sat up beside her then kissed her on the cheek as he pulled her to sit on his lap. She smiled as she shifted to sit well then felt his morning erection and their eyes met with heat in them. They just had a wild night but it seemed he wanted more. Too bad she had work to get too… It was going to be another time. He kissed her on the neck and that single act sent shivers down her skin as her lower belly tingled from the feel of hi
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Samantha just stood there and watched in complete shock. She couldn't move, her heart and thoughts were racing, thinking of what to do but she couldn't come up with anything yet. She just stood there like a ghost, watching her husband shred her soul to pieces. An idea and with shaky hands, she took her phone out of her bag and made sure she took a short video of them then she took a picture and the shutter sound suddenly made them aware of her presence in the living room.They froze as they saw her and the woman swiftly got off Jace's legs then wore her shirt while she stared at Samantha with a scared and horrified look on her face. Jace was still struggling with his briefs as Samantha took a good look at the woman's face and saw she was the new neighbor that just moved in next door a month ago, exactly when Jace changed until she threatened to divorce him. With that, she turned and left for their room but heard the bang of their door. She was sure it was the neighbor that rushed out.
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The little ray of light that managed to come into the room shone on Samantha's face and she opened her eyes, facing the window, it was a Saturday. She reached for her alarm and checked the time, it was already 8am. She sat up in bed immediately as she wondered why it didn't ring and woke her up. A sharp pain shot through her head from her fast as she sat up, and she winced as she cupped her head in her hand in pain. Then she remembered all that happened the previous night. She felt deflated as she sighed and slowly came down from the bed to search for Olivia in the apartment.She opened the door and the scent of sweet corn soup and fried leeks greeted her and she instantly knew Olivia was cooking hangover soup for her. She walked to the kitchen and saw Olivia at the cooker stirring the soup in the pot "hey.. I knew you'd wake up with a hangover so I made this for you" Olivia told her and Samantha groaned as she sat on a chair at the dining table "you shouldn't have, I'm not eating it a
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Samantha was still smiling to herself as she got off the elevator and headed towards her apartment. She remembered Olivia's words to her as she helped her stop a cab "I'm glad you're finally happy. Even though you sulked for only a day, I was beginning to miss the cheerful you" she said and hugged her before letting her get into the cab and they blew kisses at each other while the car drove away.She smiled wider on remembering it and she knew that last night would be among her fond memories of her and Olivia. She went Into the apartment and pulled off her shoes while humming a song to herself as she headed for the kitchen to quench her thirst without turning on the light.Suddenly, the lights came on and she froze. Her eyes went wide, her whole body was at alert but she was scared to turn around and see who had broken into the house. "So you did that as payback right?" Jace's voice cut through the deafening silence and fear loomed over her like a dark cloud. He sounded drunk, really d
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It had been two days since her admission into the hospital and she spent most of the time sleeping there. Olivia would leave during the day for work and come back at night with dinner after freshening up at home and that was how the routine went. Samantha finished the water Olivia gave her and thanked her as she returned the glass and sat beside her "how're you feeling now?" Olivia asked her and Samantha shrugged "way better than before. My stomach doesn't hurt, neither does my eye and the wound on my forehead isn't as visible as it was, you saw that yesterday when they came to dress the wound" she replied and Olivia nodded along to what she said "the swelling around your eye is gone too, and it isn't purple anymore" Olivia added and Samantha smiled "I'm glad, I don't want people asking what happened to me. It's embarrassing to talk about it" she said and Olivia hugged her "don't worry, I'll be there with you to ward them off if anyone bothers you with questions" she said and Samantha
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A week had passed and Samantha's wounds were all healed. She had woken up that morning and stared at the mirror for a pretty long time before she finally decided she was all healed and could finally leave Olivia's apartment. She didn't leave even once ever since the discharge from the hospital except for when she went to the lawyer's office to file for the divorce because she was avoiding questions from curious persons, especially at the bakery where many customers had become more of friends.She smiled at her reflection in the mirror and put on the cloth she chose for herself, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and went to meet Olivia in the kitchen where she was making breakfast."Good morning" she chirped excitedly and Olivia smiled "good morning" she replied with the same energy and Samantha joined her in the kitchen. She took the plates out of the dish rack, placed the coffee mugs beside them on the kitchen counter and took a knife to chop the onions for Olivia.Together they worked in
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