The Billionaire's Nightmare

The Billionaire's Nightmare

By:  Jowii Shelby  Ongoing
Language: English
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Gideon, a 27-year-old muscular, intelligent, and wealthy man. He is the CEO of the Grande Group, which owns a well-known publishing established in New York. He already has practically everything, yet he is tortured by nightmares. A ten-year-old horrible tragedy that seemed to be a curse happened. Until he meets Jodie Ellen, an ordinary woman who will change the course of his life. But what if he discovered that his father's fatal accident was the cause of Jodie's parents' deaths? Is he willing to take a chance and confess the truth in order to save his relationship with Jodie? How long can he keep his conscience trapped in his worst nightmare? This new life where the roads of the rich and poor, the criminal and the victim intersect.

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5 Chapters
CHAPTER I : The Nightmare
''Dad, what is happening?!'' Gideon asked his father, nervous and confused.Ten years ago, a fatal car accident smashed the small town. It was ten o'clock in the evening when Glenn Grande had his seventeen-year-old son in the car. Glenn was apprehensive at those times while driving the car. He is driving too fast while chasing the one car.''Just fasten your seat belt on, son!'' Glenn said to him.Having no idea, Gideon just obeyed his father's command. He put on his seat belt and nervously watched his father furiously drive."I will kill you, William. You will see!” Glenn shouted and continued chasing the car.Gideon was shocked. "Dad, what are you saying?! Please look at the lights, it's a warning!”It seems that Glenn didn’t hear the voice of his son, but instead focused on chasing the car full of madness on his face. Because of driving fast, Glenn no longer obeyed the traffic light. He continued to drive without being aware of an oncoming car, and due to the fast driving, their c
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CHAPTER II: "You're fired"
"Sorry, Ma'am, I will replace your order now," Jodie said as she was about to take a lady's order."Are you the one who took care of me again? Well, last time you didn't perform your job, and now you haven't done well again!" the lady yelled at Jodie.Jodie simply nodded and began to apologize, but the lady didn't say anything until the manager arrived and asked what was happening.“Good day Manager, this waitress of yours here didn't do her job well again. It looks like you already know what you should do with such people.” The lady explained but the anger towards Jodie was still obvious in her expression.Jodie felt nervous and quickly apologized to the woman, "Ma'am, I have apologized and it won't happen again." she bowed her head.The manager looked at Jodie with disappointment on his face.''Jodie, we've talked about this before.” he sighed “I'm sorry, but I gave you a chance. So I have to fire you, now, "said the manager to Jodie.Jodie was almost stabbed in the chest because of
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CHAPTER III: “You owe me for tonight”
Jodie is determined about finding a company that will hire a fictitious writer like her. She shared her novel's outline to a lot of social media publishing groups, and she also included her phone number so that she might be contacted if anyone was interested in reading her work.She left her laptop for a moment to go cook in the kitchen, because she was going to see her friend Alice today, who had a job to retire for her in at least two nights. She accepted the job offer so she could earn money for Jake's medication.''Alright, Jodie. I have talked with my boss. You can start to work tonight.'' Alice said to her.Jodie suddenly smiled. She was happy about it. ''That's great, Alice!'' she said with a happy face.''Jodie, you must do your job very well, because my boss has an especial guest, alright?'' Alice went on.''No need to worry, Alice. I will do my best. By the way, thank you for this." She hugged her friend."Anytime, Jodie, I'll inform Jake to spend the night in my brother's
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CHAPTER IV: The Night with the Billionaire
Gideon instructed his driver to pull over in front of the woman walking. Jodie was taken aback when the car in front of her came to a complete stop. She spotted the muscular man she had met at the club in the window, she rolled her eyes and turned around and went away. She understood what it was for; he had obviously considered it earlier. Gideon rolled his eyes and signaled for the car to pull over to the side.He merely followed Jodie on foot as he got down. While Jodie was already terrified because of the man who was following her,"Jesus, what does he need from me?" Jodie questioned herself, her panic suppressed.Gideon quickened his speed even further.A loud horn awakened Jodie up, and Gideon dragged her away, causing her to sink into the muscular man's chest.It was inescapable that the two of them would trap their gazes on one other. Gideon pushed Jodie away for a time because he felt she was crazy."Are you insane?!" Gideon yelled fiercely at Jodie.Jodie didn't respond str
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CHAPTER V: Paparazzi
A loud alarm ringtone woke Jodie up. She couldn't sleep because she was so drowsy, so she fumbled with her phone on the table next to her bed.She was startled when she suddenly thought that the bed she was lying on seemed strange. She immediately got up and felt pain in her private parts. She was even more surprised to see a handsome and muscular man lying next to her.Jodie just covered her mouth in shock. She did not know what had happened until she saw that she was no longer wearing any clothes."What is this?" she wondered in her head.She patted her head, annoyed. She felt disappointed in herself for what she had done.Until her phone rang, she quickly read the text message, hoping not to disturb the man next to her."Good morning, Ms. Ellen, congratulations! I've read the whole outline of your narrative, and you may come to the address I'll give you for a personal interview." She read the text from the man who had called her last night.She wasn't sure how she'd feel, a mix of j
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