Twice Rejected

Twice Rejected

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Koko Magnus, a young werewolf girl, who was known as the girl who killed her father, got a chance of redemption, as an opportunity came to give her heart for her twin sister to live.. Alpha Niyol, the king of alphas, lost his beloved mate, and for two years he became a shadow of himself which affected his pack and the packs under him. The moon goddess in her good will gave him a second chance mate in the most unexpected way ever... Will he accept another mate?

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146 Chapters
Alpha from Heaven
"Die! Die! Die!"My mother screamed, her grip in my neck tightening as she did so. The right side of my face kissed the dirty ground, as hot and painful tears rolled down my cheeks. My mother's tears dropped on my face as she screamed. I could feel the agony emitting from her tears. But I was no better as I struggled under her tight grip.I cried and begged for air, whimpering in pain. I wanted to scream, but I could not. She held my throat so tight, my vocal cords became useless. I was slowly becoming dizzy, my tears blurring the vision of our burning house. "Please." I muttered barely audible and the pains that shot through me began to weigh me down. That was the only word I could think of, the only word that could come out of my mouth. But that word was not directed to my mother.But it was a plea to the only person that gave me solace. My father.I was begging my father to come out of the fire and save me from my mother."You cursed child! I always knew that you were a baggage
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How wrong was I
Koko's POVIt's been years since that incident that led to my father's death. Just as it was one of my saddest days in life, it was also a day I started to build my hope. I held on to the words of the young savior to my heart.I believed that someday I would meet my mate who would cherish me and see the beauty in me.Sadly, as I grew up, I got to realized a painful truth at a tender age - my mother didn't love me, she hated me. I was the child she didn't want. "Dark eyed curse!" She always called me.Donna, my mother, never hesitated to show me how much she hated me. While my twin sister, Hanola, was allowed to play with the other pups in the pack, my mother always locked me in the basement."I don't want you to inflict your curse on other children." She always said. I knew I was different from all the other people in my pack. That's because of everything about me. It seemed like the Moon goddess surely was against my existence. If not I wouldn't be given all the negativity of life.
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Never ending suffering
Once again, the moon goddess had to play a trick on me. Life raised my hopes, only to send it to the ground to fall and shatter into pieces. If only I hadn't hoped for anything.It so happened that on that fateful day, when I turned sixteen alongside my sister and many of our peers, we all eagerly waited for our wolves. We were filled with anticipation of the lycanthropy ceremony. Everyone was in high hopes, including me. In the Red Moon pack, we shifted at the age of sixteen and mostly found our mates by the time we were eighteen. So you can imagine how joyous I was at the upcoming ceremony.But cruel as it may seem, on that night of the ceremony, I watched my sister and all our other peers shift to their wolves under the blood red full moon at midnight. I waited for my wolf… I waited in shame.My wolf never came. It was a gut-wrenching experience for me, I walked back home with my head bowed and cried all the way home. What have I done to be ill-fated?As expected, Donna was at th
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Mistake of my life
Koko's POVAfter that night, I stayed clear of Gad. The hatred and hidden threat I felt in his aura was enough to shake my supposed courage. My hope shattered once again. But then, I could understand why he didn't want me. I mean, how can a guy like him want a girl like me? I was afterall an ugly, weak and cursed girl who was obviously hated by her family. And supposedly caused the death of her father. Gad was the hottest and most eligible bachelor in all of the Red Moon pack. He was loved by every female wolf in and out of the Pack. Even the neighbouring packs with eligible female wolves drooled over him. The most beautiful of them, all lined up at his feet. Even the female alphas fight to get his attention. That's how hot he was. Even my sister who still remained the golden girl of the pack, was dying to be with him. There was no way he could agree to settle for a female like me; the laughing stock of the pack and the known cursed girl. I went about my duties quietly and calmly, wit
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Wasn't made for me
Koko's POVI felt a burning sensation on my cheek. The impact got me falling to the ground as I spat out blood. How could I be so dumb to think that I could go against my sister? I had never won over her. I have been beaten, gagged and trampled on just to satisfy her. What made me think this would be different? How on earth do I think that Gad would accept my being mate with him? He did warn me, but I thought he was just bidding his time. Wishful thinking, right? That had always been me. "Fucking cunt, didn't you hear what she said?" Gad roared at me. He didn't even flinch when he saw me on the floor, neither did he felt remorseful for hitting my. I felt abandoned and… hurt, but for fear of another slap, I lowered my eyes and bit my lips from quivering. I had no choice but to obey, if that would stop everything. How wrong I was. I was totally and freaking wrong. Who said being obedient would take me out of trouble? I have trouble as my second, no, first name. It follows me everywhere.
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Was I dreaming?
Koko's POVAfter that day's incident, I tended to avoid everyone. I went about my business quietly like a mouse whose tail was cut off. I worked like a horse, wallowing in my sorrows and woes. I had no one to console me. It was just me and my wolf. Though she doesn't speak to me, I feel her presence from time to time. But just as she decided to ignore me, I did the same to her. It wasn't that I was blaming her or something, but I was too broken to console anyone or listen to any consolation. I just wanted to be left alone. The servants still pushed me out to sleep on the cold balcony, but I didn't mind as long as I could put something on my stomach. I Ignored their curses and insults. I swallowed their beatings whenever they deem fit to hit me. I never fought back. I refuse to fight back. Perhaps I was tired of fighting back when all I would receive would be worse. Every day I watched as the love blossoms between my sister and my mate, no, my mate that rejected me. Though I felt a p
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To be alive
Koko's POVI was still filled with surprise when the maid got closer to me, panting. What could be the urgency? What happened? It's strange for them to talk to me and even more strange to be called by my name."What do you want and why am I needed? I am through with my chores already." I asked looking confused. What have I done wrong again?These people always frame me for every single thing and watch with glee how I was always punished. So I wondered what trick they had hatched up this time."Koko." She called out again. I heard it clearly this time around. I really wasn't dreaming.It was the first time I had heard someone in the palace call me by my name. Come to think of it, I didn't think they were trying to punish me. I thought it must be something else, as they called my name. That means it must be something they needed my help with. But what could it be?"You are needed at the palace infirmary…now!" She was panting hard, and she looked very worried. It scared me. The palace In
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World turned dark
Koko's POVI watched as my mother and everyone around unanimously agreed for my heart to be taken in order to save Hanola who according to them was the future Luna. I fight back the tears threatening to fall.I was suddenly weak on my knees and almost fell down. I had to hold myself back because I knew no one would care if I fell or not. They were all expecting a positive answer from me.Do I even have a choice? If I don't agree, I would live a miserable life worse than death. And if I agree I was still going to die. The only difference would be that I would at least save my sister.That would be doing a good deed, right? I couldn't save my father, but I now have the chance to save my sister. That was probably the reason why the moon goddess still let me live after killing my father. I took a deep breath before facing my mother."I agree to save Hanola. I will give her… (I hesitated a bit, asking myself if I was making the right decision.) My heart." I said in surrender and I bit hard
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None of it made sense.
2 Years Ago. Niyol's POV "I am so sorry, your grace," Chester my beta spoke softly with his hand resting on my shoulder. I could feel his deep sorrow. Why was he sorrowful? I stood dumbstruck by the sight before me. Though my heart was beating faster than lightning, I still couldn't believe it. It can't be her. It just wasn't her, right? I shook my head vigorously to take away the image. I stared at my beta, I refused to believe anything. Why was he apologizing to me? I thought. "Why are you apologizing? We are in a dream. Soon we are going to be gathered eating her favorite cooked beef stew. You don't need to be sad or sorry." I told him. Or was I trying to convince myself instead? I don't need to convince myself because this wasn't real in the first place. This was one hell of a dream, yeah. And I am sure I was going to wake up from that moment. I knew I was dreaming because soon my Luna's arms would be around me in the morning. Psychologists would call my action "d
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How dare she!
Alpha NiyolThat moment that I kissed her in her dazed state this morning felt normal like every other morning. But that would now be one of my most cherished moments ever. It kept replaying all over my mind.There wasn't a single life in her. The only woman I loved my entire life was gone right before my eyes and I couldn't protect her. Feeling frustrated, I growled loudly in anger.Though I held back the tears, the pain was eating me up. My growl was so heartbreaking that I know the pack members within the palace must have felt it.She was supposed to be my mate and I was to be her shield. I was supposed to be her umbrella in times of rain. Her rock and her shield. And yet… yet, I had missed the signs. We slept together almost every night making love and feeling our hearts. Growing fonder each day yet, I still missed all the signs.How could I be so careless?It's been five years since we got married. Although we had been trying to bear a child, just for the sake of the throne, I n
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