The Untamed Alpha King and His Reluctant Pawn

The Untamed Alpha King and His Reluctant Pawn

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With her hair sprawled across the pillows, Isadora warped her legs around Vincent's waist, trapping him with her. The strength of what was building was staggering and it edged dangerously closer with every thrust. The high was torturous. If he stopped, she'd cry. Cry, and beg. And maybe kill… "Vincent!~" Isadora cried out in ecstasy. At the sound of his name on her lips, Vincent lost control, grinding and pumping his shaft, squeezing out his climax, a deep and guttural sound forced itself out of his throat. He could hear the sound of blood roaring in his ears. *** Lance Martinez Pedro, is a Don dominating the world of Mafia's. A ruthless genius with an unshakeable empire and a madman with a history of having the peculiar habit of using humans, particularly young children as lab rats to test out his top projects. In one of his causal exploits, Vincent Antonio Fernandez, the son of a powerful neighbor Mafia, got to be one of the victims and the most used material for his experiments as his body was the most compatible. Night and day, these children had to suffer greatly… gradually losing their minds and humanity… in most cases ultimately into addiction. More than a decade later, Vincent is a free man, managing his own Mafia empire, his Influence heavily pressuring others and he is obsessed with getting revenge. Robbed of that opportunity, things take an ugly turn as he discovers his captor had a daughter, hidden in the country. She was manipulative, unrepentant, … She was all he hated. Getting her in his presence, he loathed her in an instant. He swore she would pay for her father's atrocities…. the pain he inflicted, the young lives he took… She shall inherit them all!

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77 Chapters
Her Father's Debts
Isadora's eyes bared open as she took in a short sharp breath. She had accidentally knocked herself out... by hitting her head on the wall to avoid being forcefully fed spoils of unknown origins.Heavy chains hung her wrists above her head, arms stretched to the side weighed over her dirty body spotted with dried blood. The cold hard floor made the entirety of her lower body ache, being in the W-sitting position for so long.She mapped out her surroundings in foreign darkness, looking relieved to be devoid of company at the moment.Isadora has been kept captive in this room for days now… about two weeks, if her Intuition was correct. Only checked on once a day to be fed. No matter how she screamed, cursed, or struggled for a release, she never got a single word from her ever-changing attendants, only looks engulfed with disgust and hate… a lot of it. As though only a thin thread stopped her visitors from snapping her neck as soon as they set eyes on her.She wasn't surprised by this.
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Trigger Warning: Short account of SA below. I do not support these actions, on this count, it is essential to the plot. Three women walked into the room and a man stood by the door. With rattles and clacks, Isadora was freed from the chains that bound her and she slumped into the arms of another lady, too weak to hold herself up. Isadora heard a grunt and felt herself being taken up on a shoulder. Unable to keep track from a blank mind, the next thing she could decipher was being kept in a mass of water. "Hnng~" Isadora winced from the scrubbing done on her body. Although hazy, bit by bit she was becoming more aware of her surroundings. She vaguely heard a whisper, 'Don't resist and it won't hurt as much'. After the bath, she was clothed in a white nightdress and left to sit in a room. Isadora's fingers twitched with anxiety. She did not want this. Whatever was going to happen, she hated it. She should leave...escape! her mind screamed. Her fingernails dug into the palms of her
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The Birthday
TWO WEEKS AGOBeep! Beep!! Beep!!!The alarm went off, somehow always sounding more serious than the previous. With the fluidity of a cat, Isadora slid on the oven mittens and released the muffins from the oven, transferring them into another stainless tray. It was almost burnt."This is what I get for trusting you to watch this while I shower Vallea'' Isadora pouted, referring to the young lady sitting across the television in the sitting room.Vallea jumped off the couch, striding into the kitchen immediately the delicious scent of freshly baked muffins hit her nose. "I have the attention span size of a pea when things are boring. You can't blame me for that."She said to justify her negligence.Isadora rolled her eyes. She blamed herself for having entrusted such a task to Vallea, while quite knowing her character a little too well, "Touche.""This smells good!" Vallea ogled the muffins eye wide."Don't touch it yet, it's hot!" Isadora swatted her hand away."Ouch!" Vallea retracted
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Me or Vallea
It was the same energy, exactly how Isadora pictured it. The night club dubbed bar had flashing colorful lights, the smell of sweat formed under expensive perfumes, the strong energy of people who had only come here to forget about a thing or two and the seemingly endless supply of liquor as all too familiar it took control to not shudder in irritation. In all, Vallea's excitement was something she couldn't relate to. What was so special about being in a place just like any other bar but more overpriced with a let more pretentious crowd?It was Vallea's birthday, going with this for her sake should be simple enough. Isadora plastered on her most practiced smile, a move not even Vallea could see through, gushing over her surroundings, "Happy Birthday Vallea!"With her arms stretched out, she handed over a small branded paper bag to which her dear friend dug into immediately."Oh my gosh. You didn't have to, this is exactly what I wanted! How did you know?" Vallea smiled, impatiently o
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Isadora looked up to meet the eyes of the man who had just spoke to her and the other beside him. The tall one who had a scar running across his cheek, looked at her with lust, his breath was musky no doubt he was high on cigarettes and the other who was much shorter looked very arrogant, his gaze was not much different from his partner.It's just some idiots, she thought, a bit relieved. Still, the feeling of danger lingered."Follow the bouncing ball, jackass. I'm not interested." Isadora scoffed, failing to give the attention they desired. To think she would relive the same old trick here. So much for classiness."What drink do you want? I'd pay so we can all relax faster." The shorter one spoke, as Isadora's words fell on deaf ears, he reached out to touch her hands which retracted immediately."Don't fucking touch me." She hissed, staring daggers at the high fool."Don't pretend like you aren't a harlot, pretty. Trust me you don't want to make things any difficult than it should
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The Collar
Isadora slowly regained consciousness to the feeling of the cold hard floor against her skin. The sickening scent of blood filtering into her nostrils pushed her further from her semi conscious state.Where was she?In a split second memories of her ordeal from leaving the red bar came flooding. She was caught by the third man in pursuit of her and he had knocked her unconscious. Has she been kidnapped?Isadora had her eyes slightly open to access her environment without being noticed."She is awake, boss." Someone announced."I can tell," came a grunt, "Fix her up."Two men approached Isadora in an attempt to hold her in a more suitable position. To leave so many openings that must have assumed she was docile."Idiots." Instantaneously Isadora got on her feet and had punched the nearest person so hard on the face, he contacted the ground immediately. The second who was much more alert now was less easier to handle. He swooped in to subdue her whilst she dealt with the first but she
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END OF FLASHBACK"Dad please I'll be good… it hurts!""IT HURTS!"Her head thumped from a strong headache, her body spotted in cold sweat, and the hard pillow drenched in tears. Isadora woke up from her own screams. She huddled on the rough mattress, knees to her chest as she rocked back and forth whispering unintelligible words. Her brain still hasn't recovered from the shock, reality felt like an unending nightmare only this time from the bottomless pit of hell.Yesterday's experience snatched the delicate world she had created and protected herself in and crushed it into a million pieces. Isadora's lower body ached and burned unrelentingly but it was nothing compared to her bleeding mental state.The torturous memories she barely managed to suppress have broken out of its prison in a single night and replayed in an endless cycle. The day her father cried at her feet, under her six-year-old figure, and apologized profusely begging for forgiveness on things he was yet to do she had
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His Perfect Pawn
"You can leave Mateo.""Yes Lord Vincent," He bowed in respect and left, closing the door behind him.Vincent sat across a large desk a few feet away from the door. It held piles of daunting paperwork. He seemed busy scribbling on some of it and at intervals stamping them.Isadora looked around the place. Much to her surprise, the room held many decorations in bright colors with the nostalgic aesthetic of a teenage boy's typical bedroom excluding shenanigans.The bedroom had two beds, one was large and as mighty as the owner himself, and the other layed low at the far corner of the bedroom, a sharp miserable contrast to the main bed Isadora looked at the lower bed, it was where he took her so roughly last name night. She shut her eyes close fighting the painful memory reminding herself of one thing. She must survive this place!"Kneel" He commanded.Plopping one leg after the other, Isadora obeyed silently. Hyper aware of the red button on the desk.Vincent stood from where he sat, a
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His Mistress
The resounding clacks of heels on the floor commanded respect as it traveled into the mansion. The unsmiling woman in a red skin tight dress, perfect makeup, and hair that looks like it's never had a bad day, carried along with her an outstanding aura of authority and great beauty.She looked normal… sane and elegant compared to more than a year ago, when at first glance anyone could immediately detect how messed up she was up there. She no longer spoke to the air, no longer had bouts of unprovoked aggressive behavior, no longer curled up sobbing for hours, no longer addicted. She had managed to wipe all evidence of such past away, only her memory intact with the traumatizing experience.Still, none of those bothered her at the moment, right now something else makes her furious to the bone."Zeta!" She commanded the maid into her presence immediately after setting foot in the mansion."Mistress Sienna," Zeta hurried, hot on her heels to the call of her madam. "Good morning" She greet
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She Knows
"You've arrived very early. Are you done with the affairs of the green viper"Sienna sighed within. As usual, Vincent only carries a serious demeanor and focus on work related things. He doesn't notice other beautiful details or have the time to appreciate the little pleasures of life. Did he even notice she is dressed so nicely just for him?Vincent was the most affected of the TS siblings, his story is one even till this day, her mouth is heavy to speak about. His demons are amassed to a quantity he might never be able to overcome. Clouding his mind, his sanity, and reality. Sienna is part of the only people that know about this, the only ones who really knows the man behind the mask."I miss my fiance, so I hurried up with my task so I can see you now."Fiance.That left a sweet aftertaste in her mouth. To own such a great man exclusively, what greater thing can she ask for in this life. One of her greatest wishes is manifested, she is engaged to the only person she both greatly fe
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