Fated to the Alpha King

Fated to the Alpha King

By:  E. T. Thornton  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ever since Gianna's parents the former king and queen were killed two years ago, right after she learned that she was a shifter, she has been raising her little sister. Things go down hill when Gianna learns that her cousin is planning on forcing her to marry him and shipping off her younger sister to ensure that he can keep the throne. Gianna makes plans to run away with her sister when they are found out. Will they be able to escape and will Gianna be able to hide her secret and her sister's? Nolan is the soon to be alpha king and is being forced to go on miserable date after miserable date by his parents to help him find a chosen mate. Nolan does not want a chosen mate because he knows that his fated mate is out there. He was able to sense her once two years ago when she first shifted. He has been searching for ever since, but is running out of time before he takes the throne. Will Nolan be able to find his fated mate and will he accept who she is?

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    14 chapters
    Chapter 1: Gianna
    Gianna sighed as she sat through another meeting that her cousin Keres, excuse me, King Keres was holding. Ever since Keres took his father, King Victor’s, place last month after his very unexpected death, Keres had been forcing her to come to these meetings where he was basically trying to undo everything that her parents and uncle had worked so hard to put in place. After being at war on and off with different kingdoms for the past one hundred plus years, they were finally at peace and most everyone in the kingdom was content. Gianna’s step father and her mother, the former king and queen, had worked very hard brokering peace treaties with many of the other kingdoms. After the accident that took their lives a little over two years ago, her step father’s brother, Victor, had continued on in their place with trying to garner additional peace treaties. Listening to Keres and hearing his greed underlined in everything that he is doing, Giannna knew that it was only a matter of time bef
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    Chapter 2: Gianna
    After another two hours of listening to Keres talk about himself and how great his plans are, the meeting was finally over. Everyone knew to remain seated until Keres had left. Once he was gone, everyone relaxed a little and they slowly began to rise and make their way out of the conference room. Gianna quickly got up with the others and offered a polite smile and nod as a form of goodby at the three advisors that glanced her way. She no longer tried to speak to anyone in the room once Keres was gone. The others had made it very obvious that none of them could or would talk to her. She had made that mistake just once a few weeks ago. Gianna had tried to carefully speak to a few advisors, council members, and generals that had once been very close to her parents. She had wanted to see why they were suddenly supporting all of the crazy proposals that Keres was issuing. The nice ones were the ones that blatantly told Gianna that they would not talk to her or completely avoided her atte
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    Chapter 3: Keres
    Keres turned and slammed the door to his royal office after dismissing his guards. How dare Gianna not pay attention while he was presenting ideas to expand their future again. She never wants to pay him or his ideas any real attention. Why? Does she really think that little brat of a sister of hers can rule any better? Scoffing, Keres stalked over to the large fireplace that was centered on the wall to the right of his desk. Reaching the fireplace, he grabbed a decorative vase from the mantle that upon closer inspection he realized was rather crude. Turning the vase over to see who the maker was of something so pitiful, he saw Gianna engraved on the bottom.Seeing her name reminded him again of her questioning his ideas today in front of his advisors and generals, and his fist clenched around the vase. She was bolder today. Normally she keeps her thoughts to herself. Normally just the contempt shows on her face. With a frustrated yell Keres flung the vase into the fireplace shatteri
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    Chapter 4: Nolan
    Nolan sighed as he checked the time on his phone, which he hoped was discreetly, for the fifteenth time. As the future alpha king surely, there were more important matters that he could be attending to. The she wolf in front of him was certainly attractive, but that was all he could say for her. What was her name again? April? Alice? Allison? Alyssa? Yes, that’s her name. Alyssa. She is the only child of Alpha Scott of the Harvest Moon Pack. Sighing, Nolan tried to contain his boredom as he listened to Alyssa drone on about herself, shopping, and the latest gossip from her pack. This date was slowly killing him. Nolan also had an issue with the way that she had spoken to the waitress several times that was serving them. He did not believe in talking down on or treating anyone as if they were not worthy of kindness or respect due to their position or job. Every job and position had a purpose within the kingdom to help keep everything working smoothly. Nolan had quickly seen that the s
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    Chapter 5: Alyssa
    Alyssa sat at the table that she had just been sharing with the future alpha king and watched him hurry out to his supposed meeting. She was not clueless like he thought. She had known that he had zoned out for half of their date together, and she was also well aware that he did not have a meeting scheduled for another few hours. How dare he treat her like this she fumed. All she had ever wanted was to be Nolan’s mate. She had made sure that her father had taken her on trips to the castle after she first saw Nolan. For the last ten years, she had faked interest in the workings of her pack and kingdom matters so that she could attend meetings at the castle and here as her father’s heir. Each time she had made sure that she presented herself well and to make sure that nolan and his parents saw her. Alyssa knew that his parents were supportive of a match between herself and Nolan. The queen herself was the one that approached Alyssa just two months ago after one of the many boring alph
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    Chapter 6: Gianna
    Opening the door to their rooms, Gianna sighed as she was greeted by the sight of Sophia tracing patterns from one of the books that she had found for her. She had said that there were some things that she had found that she wanted to try the next time that they go out. As soon as she heard the door open, Sophia stopped what she was doing and hopped up to hug Gianna. “You were gone forever,” she said, wrapping her small arms around Gianna’s legs. “What took so long?”“Keres was telling us about another plan of his,” Gianna said, wrinkling her nose. “What are you drawing over there,” she asked, nodding toward the book and paper that Sophia had just abandoned. “I am practicing for when we go to the woods again. Can we go tonight,” Sophia asked hopefully.“Umm..I’m not sure it will safe tonight to try sneaking out. Let’s try tomorrow night. I think I made Keres very mad today, so he might try having us watched or something,” Gianna admitted softly. “I will look tonight, and if everythi
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    Chapter 7: Gianna
    Gianna looked at the clock on the night table beside her bed and saw that it was almost 11:30 PM. Time to go see if Keres has anyone watching their rooms. Sophia should be asleep pretty deeply by now Gianna thought as she slowly slid out of her bed trying not to make too much noise. Tiptoeing over to her sister’s bed, Gianna was greeted by the sounds of her sister's soft snores. With a smile she pulled the blanket back up to Sophia’s shoulders and then slowly crept to the door of their bedroom to slip out into their living room. She pulled the door softly closed behind her and made her way over to the simple dress that she had worn earlier today. Normally, Gianna would have been happy to have worn leggings and t-shirt, but Keres did not allow casual clothing to be worn around him. Women had to wear dresses and men had to wear dress slacks and a button down shirt at minimum. Putting her dress back on from earlier could help her say that she had just accidentally stayed up too late wat
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    Chapter 8: Gianna
    “Wake up,” a little voice pouted. “I’m hungry and we have to leave soon.”“Go away,” Gianna mumbled, snuggling deeper into her pillow. “I just need five more minutes.”“You have said that for the last hour,” the little voice said exasperated. “Get up now,” the voice demanded and Gianna swore she heard the stomp of a foot. “I will. Just give me five more minutes,” Gianna said tiredly. She almost smiled when she heard the sound of footsteps moving away from the bed. Success. Now I can sleep a little more, she thought just as what felt like a wave of ice cold water crashed down onto her soaker her and her bed. Gianna bolted upright with a screech. “What in h-, what in the world Sophia ,” she yelled catching herself as her teeth began to chatter. “Wh-why did y-you pour water on m-me,” she stammered as she got out of her sopping wet bed to stand on the flood dripping by her bed. Her teeth were chattering as she took the towel that Sophia was holding out in offering. “It is almost noon,
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    Chapter 9: Nolan
    Nolan slowly made his way to the spot where they had left the SUV the previous day. Mateo had initially suggested a short run that would only last a few hours, but not long after Nolan shifted, he felt his mate again. Nolan had told Mateo to cancel his afternoon meeting and to reschedule it for later the next day. He had then spent the rest of yesterday afternoon and evening trying to sense his mate again. His patience had finally been rewarded late last evening. He had briefly felt his mate trying to push back her wolf to keep her from emerging. Nolan couldn’t hear exactly what was going on, but he had been able to tell that his mate was very upset and even scared. When his mate was experiencing strong emotions seemed to be when he was able to sense her. The night that she first changed she was nervous and the first shift can hurt. Since she did not know how to control her wolf and emotions he was able to sense her for the first time a little over two years ago. Now, the fact that
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    Chapter 10: Gianna
    Without a moment to spare Gianna hurried herself and Sophia down the hall to the smaller dining room frequently used by the royal family when they were not entertaining. At 12:00 on the dot, Gianna and Sophia stepped into the dining room. “Ah, my dear cousins,” Keres greeted. “I am so glad that you could join me for lunch today.” “It’s our pleasure,” Gianna said with a forced smile and small curtsey. Thankfully she saw Sophia follow her movement out of the corner of her eye. Sophia had been just as upset as Gianna when she learned what Gianna had overheard last night. It had taken a lot to get her to clam down enough to play an oblivious part for this surprise lunch. Keres smiled in acknowledgement of their proper greeting. Waving them over he had one of the waiters pull out the two seats on his left hand side. “Join me. We have much to discuss.” If only you knew how much we would like to discuss with you, Gianna thought as she smiled and took the seat closest to Keres. As
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