Her Alpha

Her Alpha

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Charlotte Riley never thought that one day she would spend many nights in a cold cell surrounded by gnawing beasts that were after her life. She also never dreamed that she would be paired with a young Alpha Mason Helm who was quite the player. To top it all it was her first time seeing a paranormal being, since all her life she had just been a normal human. It didn't get any better as Mason treated her with no respect or compassion for he never wanted a mate who would bring his pack down. All her life she had been all alone, not knowing who her real parents were or why they had abandoned her. Her life was bleak with no shoulder to lean on. Could she ever understand how it felt to be cherished? Or will she keep suffering and remain in the dark?

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73 chapters
Chapter 1
The leaves fell silently as they came in contact with the heated crust. The defined footprints of the said human beings, who regard themselves highly and others claiming themselves royalty in the age where they could only see themselves as the owners of the earthen globe, were etched on its surface as if showcasing their very existence. Animal hides were also imprinted on the dark soils indicating that there was still life in this era where myths, legends and reality worked together to keep the world in balance. Somewhere within this land stood a structured institute which from the human's speculative eye is said to be a great place to send their children to learn more about their biased lifestyles. I on the other hand have no choice but to rely on this relic building which may be the only light source of my grim life. I trotted towards the last class of the day. Beside me followed Emilda my very first friend here in the academy. I like to call her Emy because it's short and it suits
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Chapter 2
MASON'S POV"Mate!" I turned to see her facing me with tears flowing continuously on her cheeks. She looks as if she is in pain. She moved close to my body but I blocked her way as I faced the other side cursing at her for being my mate, cursing myself for having such a good for nothing mate.Suddenly, I could see her fading to dust as she screamed my name...............I woke up to my alarm ringing. The light already penetrating through the windows to my very sensitive eyes. I could hear the pack members starting their daily routines, some doing training not far away from the pack house. I looked beside me to see Evelyn naked sleeping peacefully as she held onto my waist tightly. I removed her arms and got out of bed as I entered the bathroom. I turned on the shower before washing up and headed to my office to perform the pack duties."Morning Alpha," my beta- Steven greeted me as he briefed me on the agenda for today's meeting."Wat's up Steve you know I told you to call me Mason r
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Chapter 3
CHARLOTTE'S POVI am shocked to have found a settlement deep in the forests. Who does that? On top of that, I was dragged to the underground cells. What did I do? Then the harsh-looking guy interrogated me as if I was a criminal. He is quite the sadist.When the nice lady invited me to dinner, I was happy to have met such a nice soul. I wasn't surprised when I saw him there quarrelling with the lady. I came to know that she was his mother. I heard them talking of the 'mate' word. I made a note to myself to ask her another time.When he laid his eyes on me, his face showed pure disgust, I shivered as I looked down. Afraid that he might eat me alive."Who invited you here?" He asked. I wanted to disappear from the room immediately. Fortunately, his mother saved me. "What's your name dear?" She asked as she smiled my way. I couldn't help but rejoice as I answered: "Charlotte mam." We continued to talk not at one glance looking his way.So long living in this house I have witnessed the s
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Chapter 4
We arrived at the house at five in the evening. I saw various people, men who were half naked as they proceeded torwards the training grounds. Sometimes I wonder if this place is a camp of soldiers. But why is that there are children and mothers that live in each and every household. Isn't it dangerous to stay with them during war? Both of us entered the huge mansion like house. "Charlotte!" I saw Marcy running my way. She looked happy to see me. She jumped into my arms. I could see Rebecca smiling at us but she suddenly became tense when she looked at something. Marcy strengthened her grasp as if something big was coming. I freed myself curious to see what was really happening. Nothing was worse than dying right. At least that's what I thought. I saw Mason and the girl he was kissing earlier make their way towards us, I get that sickening feeling again. What was happening to me. I was acting more and more like a pregnant woman. Though I have never slept with anyone or kissed any
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Chapter 5
The day after the picnic, we were sadly back to round one. Mr. Sadist was back to his ways. And my search didn't go so well. I never give up. I had no clue where she is. I am starting to think that she is maybe dead, but I should have a positive mindset. I am in the kitchen making breakfast for myself. I am getting a little comfortable here. I turn on the stove before taking some instant noodles from the drawer. I put water in a pot and wait for it to boil then add the noodles. I hear some foot steps from behind. I turn around only to see Mason coming into the kitchen. He looked tired and irritated for some reason. "Move."He pushed me out of the way. He opened my pot and then turned to stare at me. He didn't say a word and only grabbed a knife and began cutting vegetables. He took some olive oil and poured a few drops in a pan. I watched as he made the noodles. I was hit by its aroma when he dished it into two ceramic plates which he shared with me.I could feel saliva accumulating
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Chapter 6
That kiss is still on my mind. It is my first after all, it didn't matter where it had come from.Yesterday night, I couldn't sleep as I visualized the way he gently cupped my cheek his lips feeling mine. The way he kissed made me think if all the people in this world could kiss like that.The thought was ruined when I tried to think if all the women he had kissed before tasted his sweetness. I am going crazy.Marcy has been avoiding me and I don't know why. It's like she exchanged her personality with her brother only that her brother is uniquely sadistic. I haven't seen him since morning. Maybe he is feeling guilty. It sounds stupid though. Just after this stupid thought, I saw him making his way to the dining room. He is half naked, dripping wet. It was obvious that he was coming out of the shower. He sits beside me throwing me a glance as he looked around as if searching for someone.When he didn't see anyone around he turned to me wrapping his arms around my waist. I was surprised
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Chapter 7
Each day has been so great, with his kisses which have become an addiction to me. Marcy has become very distant. I never see her at dinner or even at any meal. It's like she decided to keep to herself. The other people don't mind. Is it how it's going to be like?It's been days since I started my green house. I am still thinking of flowers to plant.Everyday, Mason is getting close to me and I am happy. He comes by the garden and helps to water all the flowers that I have planted. He doesn't stop kissing me and I am not complaining but how will I feel if he ends up with another person? Will I be hurt? Of course but to what extent? I have been scared to ask myself these questions. Rebecca is doing fine, she had already made friends with many people here. She is been busy helping in the clinic. She seems happy. I am also happy. I get to spend most of my time searching for flowers in the forests. I made a friend as well. Her name is Lily. She is really friendly but there is something off
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Chapter 8
Our clothes had dried and the rain had stopped. My fever was also gone. Mason had to step outside so that I could change. Even though he had seen my whole body, it would be embarrassing changing fully naked in front of him. He put on his shirt, luckily he had torn at the edge where it could be tucked in.After that we made our way back home. We travelled on the muddy grounds and the trees were still dripping wet as we proceeded towards the house. I could see the kids playing in the mud as the mothers yelled and the fathers smiled as they watched over their families. It brought a smile upon my face. I don't remember since when I have been longing for a family I could call my own. I looked at Mason who seemed to be in thought. I smiled as I continued to follow behind him.We entered the house, seeing Rebecca dishing breakfast. She got too excited seeing us making our way to her."Hey are you both okay?" She asked with a guilt face on."I am sorry I shouldn't have sent you there. If only
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Chapter 9
MASON'S POVThinking about what happened yesterday makes me want to stay in my room for the rest of the upcoming days. I was quite disappointed when she budged out of my hold."Ah, I need to go see Rebecca now!" She had said running towards the door. It is funny that a little part of me wanted to stop her from going and the other wanted to let her have some space. Sean is making me confused. Every moment I take in her image, I have this urge to kiss her lips and let my hands roam all over her body.To think that I nearly slept with her. She was quick to push me away. She is lucky because if she didn't Sean would have claimed what is ours. Yes, what's ours.I know I have been resisting the fact that we are mates. But what to do all because of this mate bond, it's becoming harder to resist her. Or the mate bond is just an excuse for what I desire. I don't know how I became like this but I know I really want her by my side. I can see that she doesn't even have a speck of trust for me. Af
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Chapter 10
CHARLOTTE POV After going through the whole ideal, I finally succumbed to sleep. Mason was by my side, surprisingly holding my hand in his. It's funny he gets to take care of me each time I get sick. Is it the gods that make things happen this way or is it just a coincidence? I was happy that I got to talk with Marcy. Even though she never explained why I couldn't see her for a while and why she has been avoiding me a lot lately. It is about five in the evening after my sleep. I woke up seeing no one by my side. But I could see a chair beside my bed. This made me smile because I knew he was by my side when I was sleeping. I hear someone coming. "Why are you happy?" He asks closing the door. "Because someone stayed by my side," I replied truthfully expecting him to ask more questions but he didn't. He smiled a genuine smile he is showing for the first time. I find myself smiling as well. "So little one can you accompany me somewhere?" I noticed he is wearing a black suit and it fi
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