Dangerous Queen Mafia

Dangerous Queen Mafia

By:  dqrtaa _  Ongoing
Language: English
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Laura Valerie Alexander; A woman who is initially afraid will of blood, is forced into the mafia world when she witnesses her father and mother being killed by the head of the Italian Mafia. Laura who was taken away by her father's confidant when the war happens. Able to create a Mafia group and raise the war flag on the Mendrick family when he has succeeded in becoming the head of the Mafia. When the war drums have been beaten and when the plans have begun. Laura never thought. That she will enter into the life of a man who can put her in a dilemma between choosing love and revenge. The man was the son of the head of the Italian Mafia. Alfred Zeroun Mendrick; the little boy that Damian had brought with him when he killed Laura's father and mother.

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4 Chapters
Chapter 01 : Data Regarding The Mendrick Family
A lopsided smile crept onto the lips of a beautiful woman in an oversized suit as she shot straight at the target. It was not objects or animals that were targeted, but humans who were already covered in blood from wounds and lashes.Laura Valerie Alexander stepped closer to the man who was currently lying helplessly on the ground. Aligned himself with the man he shot right in the leg then said."I wouldn't have killed you if you hadn't tricked me. However, your audacity to deceive a Laura Valerie after deceiving so many people makes me feel as though I was forced to kill you, Mr. Barack." Laura raised her gun again. Then put it right on the man's forehead."After this. There will be no more idiots like you polluting the earth for continuing to commit fraud that harms many people. This is the punishment I give to people like you, Mr. Barack."Dor!Gunshots echoed, followed by blood trickling down the ground, causing her white cheeks to be stained with the blood of the man who a few day
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Chapter 02 : That Day Has Come
"Why are you doing this, huh! Let me go!"The scream echoed in the through the basement of which exist in Laura's new mansion. The place that would serve as a place to negotiate with people who had problems with him would even become a place where they would be severely punished.The woman's eyes staring of the men who were now middle lined up neatly in every corner of the room who only used sunlight to illuminate the room.His eyes fell on someone middle sitting with his back to him, in the exact in the middle of the room, with detance a few meters away from him. She could clearly tell by the long hair that was deliberately curled beneath it, that it person wasn't a man but a woman."Who are you? Why tie me up in a place like this, huh!" he shouted again.His lips pulled into a lopsided smile while as continued to play the gun she had been holding. A few seconds after that she rotater his chair, revealing a beautiful face on to the woman who was currently tied tightening.She rose fr
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Chapter 03 : Living In Residence Mendrik's
"I thought you'd take me to your study. But you didn't.""I've been sitting in the study for a long time. Right now I want to sit here so that you too can get rid of the feeling tired after a long journey," Alfred said then drank the wine that had been prepared there .Laura who had no intention of answering what Alfred said took the wine that had been served while looking around the place. Currently. The two of them were sitting by the very large pool.His mind kept thinking and muttering. 'Where exactly is this guy hiding Damian?' his mind asked.Brack!A voice suddenly sounded, making Laura's gaze immediately shift to the file that was now lying on the table. He took it and opened it.It was a contract that stipulated all the conditions that Zena had to fulfill, before cooperating with Alfred."This is letter a contract. You can read and understand it yourself. If you accept all the terms, you can sign it right away," Alfred said, making Laura's gaze return to the file.Of course h
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Chapter 04 : Jessica Has Child?
What the man said made the confusion Laura getting worse. Jessica has a child and that child also child from man who middle is currently making a mess in the Mendrick residence to make the people who guard the house lying covered in blood."My child? Did you just admit that Audrey was your child? Dare very you. Where were you when I was pregnant him, until my family humuliated because you which didn't want to be responsible, hah! And now. You want to taked Audrey from me? After what you did?! You are this crazy! You really wanted to be killed by Big Brother Alfred after he let you go a few years ago!"All the questions in Laura's head seemed to immediately get answers. What she heard this time was completely unexpected.The man smiled lopsidedly. Then look around the house. Until his eyes met owned by Laura's brown eyes who were currently standing right in front of the stairs.“So, there are still people I haven't killed in this house besides that woman and you,” the man said, followe
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