The Forgotten CEO

The Forgotten CEO

By:  Shen Shu  Ongoing
Language: English
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After witnessing her boyfriend’s proposal to another woman on their third-year anniversary, Jacyn decided to take her revenge on all the people who hurt her and her whole family. She came back as the powerful heiress of the Lou Group of Companies, a rich and influential family in City B. She only has one purpose in returning to her previous life and that is to make them pay. On the first day of her return, a handsome man popped out of nowhere claiming to be her forgotten fiancé. Liam was a heartless and domineering CEO of the Lee Group of companies. He showed no mercy to all his enemies in the business world. He only had one purpose in life – to catch her murderer. “Little Jacyn, please stay with me. I will never let you go again. Never again.” The cold CEO was like a puppy asking her to stay. “Who are you?” “I am your future husband.” He arrogantly claimed her.

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49 Chapters
1. The Anniversary Surprise
Jacyn closed her eyes as tears flowed from it. Memories from earlier that day flooded her once again. It's their third-year anniversary as a couple. She happily woke up and started the day. She was so elated that she ignored the fact that Marco was not even messaging nor calling her to greet her for their special occasion. Marco Liang was the only son of a well-known business tycoon in City A. He was not just the only heir of Liang Group of Companies, but he was also one of the dream guys of most women in the city. He was rich and good looking and many women like to be his future wife. Jacyn was lucky to have Marco in her life. They have been schoolmates since they were in high school. He was the most handsome guy back then and she was the campus belle. She attracted many suitors and Marco was one of them. She felt that she was very young at that time and she had no time for relationships. As years passed by, only Marco patiently waited for her. He reasoned out that she was worth wa
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2. The Knight
To say that she was heartbroken was an understatement of what she was feeling right now. She felt that her heart was taken out of her body, and someone put chili peppers on it and barbecued it. She felt she was dying of the pain, she was suffocating and was out of breath from all the crying. She was now in a bar situated in the center of the city. This was her first time ever in her whole life to enter such a place. She had never thought that she would come to this place. She believed that wine or any hard liquor cannot solve problems, it would just give you more of it in return. But tonight, she had no choice but to drink all her pain away. She hoped that it would drown all her thoughts in the sea of forgetfulness. 'How dare he! Why did he let me believe that he loves me? Why did I ever believe your lies, Marco? How could you do this!' She thought to herself. She managed to drink three bottles though it was her first time. She was still crying her heart out but she managed to get o
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3. Goodbye, Marco
It was a nice, hot day. The sun was up, shining brightly, 'But my life sucks,' she thought. Thinking of what happened the other day, she decided that she had to do something. She would not let others hurt her again. As she was about to drive her car, an unexpected call from a hateful one came through. "Jacyn, where have you been? I have called you a hundred times already!" Marco angrily shouted at her. She winced as her head ached again from Marco's shouting on the other line. What’s the point of worrying about her when he’s the reason why she’s hurting? "Hey Marco, I'm not deaf. Please don't shout at me," she calmly answered him. What on earth did he want to play with her? He was acting like a concerned boyfriend out of nowhere. Just yesterday, he proposed to another girl. Her heart cried again in pain, but she already promised herself not to show them her weakness. She will not give them a chance to see how she was breaking inside. "Jacyn, honey, I'm just worried about you. I
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4. The Heiress is Back
"I would like to thank everyone for coming to this event. Eleven years ago, my wife and I, as you all know, lost our only son together with his family. But today is a special day for us to introduce to you the one that keeps us strong, the one why we were still fighting up to this day. Let’s all welcome our one and only granddaughter, Jacyn Lou.” The audience looked up at the stairs with expectant eyes. They were all eager to know who was the granddaughter that Grandfather Hou Lou was referring to. After all, no one had heard about her since the incident that happened eleven years ago. Naturally, people were so adamant to know her and introduce themselves in order to gain something. She was the only heir of the Lou group and she will have massive inheritance. The mothers wanted to introduce their sons to her in order to have connections and step up the ladder. In fact, people who attended this party were not here to sympathize or really celebrate with them, they all had their own pe
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5. The Forgotten Fiance
“You’re back.” A deep voice came from behind. She waited for him to continue but he didn’t speak again. She felt him standing beside her. He was standing six feet and two inches towering above her. She was already 5’5” with 3” inch stilettos but she felt small compared to him. He had wide shoulders which was above normal for a guy like him. She couldn’t see his face because of the darkness in the garden. “Hmmm… do I know you?” She answered curiously. She didn’t like that she’s talking to a stranger but something about him interested her. “Yeah, we met a long time ago. I’m William Lee, call me Liam.” He’s still looking away, as if he was in deep thought. “ I hope you stay here, for good.” Finally, he looked at her. She was stunned to see his face. In front of her was the most handsome guy she’s ever laid her eyes on. He had perfect eyebrows and very beautiful and expressive eyes. He had a perfect nose which was proportioned with the rest of his facial features. He also had kissable l
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6. Marco's Plan
‘He’s your fiancé.’ She keeps on hearing his grandfather’s voice, echoing again and again in her mind. She couldn’t believe it. She did hear it wrong, right? How could she have a fiancé when she had just returned?It’s already dawn but she couldn’t sleep. The party was over and she was so tired that she already wanted to rest. But the thought of having a fiancé was bothering her to the point that she was already restless. That man was pretty familiar but she couldn’t remember where she had met him. He had an extraordinary feature that no one will be able to resist, much more to forget someone who was as handsome as he was.“Oh, stop it already. Grandfather promised to explain it to me. Better to wait till then.” She closed her eyes and saw his face again, smiling at her. His eyes were so attractive that she couldn't resist looking at it. She sheepishly smiled back and whispered to herself 'he’s so handsome' as she drifted to dreamland.---“Father, what the hell happened back there?”
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7. He felt dejected and worthless
“Good morning, grandfather, grandmother," Jacyn greeted both of the elders as she yawned sleepily. Her grandparents were currently having breakfast. She sat beside her grandmother as she looked at the food on the table. Her stomach was already growling as she forgot to eat at the party last night. As she was ready to devour every food on the table, she heard a soft laugh. She slowly looked up and her eyes grew wide upon seeing the person on the other side of the table. She was still so sleepy that she didn’t notice that there was another person eating with them. She blinked her eyes twice to make sure that she was seeing the right person.“Good morning, sleepyhead.” He chuckled, amusement was evident in his eyes.“Oh, I am so– - -I am very sorry. I just didn’t expect you to be here so early.” She smiled at him consciously. She wondered what he thought of her, she’s just in her pink pajamas, which have hello kitty prints in them. She hadn’t even taken a bath nor combed her hair. She
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8. The PR Director
The Lou Group of Companies serves as the holding company of the whole Lou Group with interests in retail, property and banking. The company also has equity investments in other sectors such as logistics, leisure and food both locally and internationally. It can be said that it is one of the most powerful companies in the country. The huge magnificent building of the Lou Group stands at the center of the Central Business District of City B.Just like any ordinary day, employees at the company were busy as usual. But in the middle of the busy day, a memo was suddenly announced that the old chairman will be coming for a visit and inspection."President, the chairman is on his way to the company." Wang Lou's secretary whispered to him. He was in the middle of a meeting with the department heads. A surprise visit from the Chairman of the Board should not be taken lightly as he still makes major decisions in promoting employees to higher levels. "Why did you not inform me earlier?" He angr
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9. She's not an easy woman
"Have you eaten your lunch?" Jacyn frowned as she read a message from an anonymous number. She put away her mobile phone without replying. It rang again after five seconds indicating a new message."It's me, Liam. Can we have lunch together?" Why should they eat lunch together? They do not have that kind of relationship. "Young Master Lee, I am at work. I'm not like you, you own your time and a boss at work. I can't date at this time of the day." She replied to him. It's been a week since she started her job as the PR Director. She's still learning the ins and outs of the department.Liam was in the middle of the meeting. The head of the accounting department was explaining something when Jacyn's reply came. He excitedly read her message and smiled. The employees inside the board meeting cannot believe what they just saw. The cold and domineering CEO who seldom smiled was now grinning from ear to ear. Young Master Lee who always worked hard and had implemented a no using of mobile p
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10. She's more of a villain
At the Golden Plaza Hotel…The mere audition for the movie was already considered as a success as many actors and actresses lined up vying for the lead characters. Both A and B-listed actresses were there to audition, hoping to be the lucky one. They were patiently waiting for their turn just to make sure they were casted.For Winnie Lou, she thought that they were just wasting their time. The audition was just like a promotional activity as the main characters were already decided. Just like the lead actress, it was already decided that she'll take the role. The audition was just the formalities.The Lou Group invested in this movie with the intention of giving her the lead role. Of course, it was all because the president of the Lou Group was her father. At first, the director didn't agree because Winnie's capabilities hadn't proved anything. But with just a snap of her dad's fingers, the director changed his mind. There's nothing in this world that couldn't be bought with money. Mon
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