My Rival's Desire

My Rival's Desire

By:  Karlyn Wehlma  Updated just now
Language: English
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Being the lone survivor of a fire accident that claimed her entire family, Mila Rivers is back to get the company that once belonged to her father. But she's got one problem... Brantley White, the new CEO,  son to the man behind her family's death and her childhood friend-turn-rival. She needs to get him out of her way at all costs, but she can't deny the fact that he's hot and she keeps on finding herself in his bed. He does not hide his desire for her, no matter how high a wall she builds between them. Would she be able to resist her Rival's desire to get her revenge or would she fall for him instead?  "I can f*ck you for dinner and kill you for breakfast." "What were you expecting me to do, fight a woman?" He asked. "Keep your eyes open." She said plainly. "Wait, are you here to audition as my bodyguard, or dramatically introduce yourself?" Anger once again flashed across her face. He raised his brow questioningly….Well, he got his answer almost immediately. She extended her hand in-between their almost touching bodies and grabbed his unimaginables. "Ouch!" He groaned in pain. She leaned close to his ear and whispered menacingly, " Never cheek me again, do you understand?" She threatened. "Uh hmm." He nodded obediently. She let go of him and stood on her feet. "I know that your secretary got into an unfortunate situation and can't continue working with you," she spoke confidently as she strolled towards the other side of the room. "I'll be replacing her, and you can't fire me."

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    Threat At The Hotel 1
    She grabbed her keys and quickly made it for her car. "Damnit!" She cursed when she ignited the engine and it failed to start repeatedly. She tried it again, to no avail.She slammed her palms on the steering wheel in anger and frustration."Damn this car! Can't believe you want me to go late on my first day of work." She spoke to the car like it were her pal. Technically, it was, both of them had been through thick and thin together.She ignited the engine one more time, and luckily, it started. She quickly kicked off and sped in thin air.Today was that one day that she'd promise herself to be on time.If she had to achieve her goal, she knew that she had to work on her late-coming attitude.She had bragged endlessly a couple of nights ago about showing up early today__ well, not actually bragged, but it was more of a choiceless declaration and display of dominance. But here she was, at thirty nine minutes past eight, yelling at drivers to get the hell off her path… even though she
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    Threat At The Hotel 2
    His eyes involuntarily shot open when he felt a cold thin something, placed carefully on his throat."Shush…!" She learned over him with a finger on her lip, insinuating that he'd be quiet.He froze, blood immediately drained from his body and he went on full alert mode.She smiled and gradually withdrew her finger.He dared not to move."What do you want?" He summoned the courage to ask. At least, if he were going to die, he needed to know why."Oh! That hurts." She pretentiously grimaced, without taking the knife off his throat. She was already fully dressed up. The exaggerated V-neck of her gown gave him access to see a good amount of her cleavage, the fact that he spent the last hour devouring her was still not enough to quench his exuberant lustful thirst. For a moment, he got distracted, as his eyes traveled from her cold face to those round succulent mounts of hers. He quickly brought himself back to reality when he remembered that she had a knife held to his throat.She notic
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    Threat At The Hotel 3
    She leaned close to his ear and whispered, " Never cheek me again, do you understand?" She threatened."Uh hmm." He nodded obediently.She let go of him and stood on her feet."I know that your secretary got into an unfortunate situation and can't continue working with you," she spoke confidently as she strolled towards the other side of the room."I'll be replacing her, and you can't fire me." She paused and turned to face him briefly.He was hurryingly trying to put on his boxers, but his eyes were fixated on her… how she swayed her hips provocatively."And yes, speaking about auditions and introductions, I have already passed the interview and…" she paused as she carefully placed her phone in her purse and zipped it.He was fumbling with the buttons of his shirt, but stopped in horror at what she said; 'she is going to be his new secretary?' He asked himself again."... I came here to introduce myself and make sure you understand that the seat you are occupying belongs to my fathe
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    Friendly warning 1
    It was already dark when he left the office. Today was an extremely exhausting day… mostly emotional and mentally exhausting.He spent the day mostly doing nothing except trying to solve a mystery with no facts.He walked absentmindedly to his car, got in and shut the door close.He leaned back in the car seat and relaxed, taking in a deep breath before reaching out to ignite the engine.That was when he felt a presence in the car. The hand that was about to reach for the key froze. He slowly retracted his hand and sat upright.The person behind him stayed silent, but the perfume was familiar.He slowly raised his head to spy through the rear view mirror.His eyes locked with hers. "Drive!" She ordered coldly.She had changed from her slaying office classic suit to a head to too black out fit___ leather pants, a black turtleneck sweater and she crowned it all with an expensive biking black blazer."Just when I thought the day was peaceful." Brant grumbled audibly."What do you want t
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    Friendly Warning 2
    "Let's just say that I am unburnable." She said unenthusiastically."Huh?" His eyes bulged. "Uhm… is that a word, unburnable?"She shrugged her shoulders, "who cares, all is that you get the message." She leaned on the car again."Oh!" He nodded."If that is all, then, you can go home." She said when he did not utter a word after a few seconds."No, no... I've got more." He quickly said. "Why do you hate me? I mean, we used to get along pretty well as kids, but now…""We are no longer kids Brant." She cut in aggressively."Oh, ok." Her words pierced through his heart, but he tried not to show his pain. "But you do hate me right? Why?" "If I hated you, you'd be dead already." She said coldly and began walking away from the car towards the dirt road. "I kill the people I hate." She said it indolently as if killing someone was her night routine…. Or maybe it was.Brant shivered. He could not believe what she just said."Oh! where are you heading to? The car is here." He called behind her
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    Puzzle point Dinner
    "Which should I start with?" Brant asked. "The hectic part or the interesting part?" He added."The interesting part"His parents answered in unison.He raised his head and stared at his parents."Mila Rivers is alive."Mr White was about to pick up the glass in front of him, but his hand froze in mid air. The angel of silence made a solid stand in the room.All the heads at the table turned to face their father. Surprised or fright, or both was discernible on his face.Mrs White and Brant interpreted his look to a it-is-hard-to-believe-that-my-best-friend's-family-member-is-alive look.The girls were nonchalant about what was happening and they went back to digging into their meals.The twins were just babies when the accident occurred while Brenda was not even an idea at that time."How is that possible?" Mrs White was the first to recover from the shocking revelation. She looked from her husband to her son."I saw her." Brant said."Where? It can not be, I saw the bodies." Mr Whi
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    Grandmaster 1
    Maybe she lost her memory, I mean, we should eat instead of turning this dinner into a puzzle solving showroom." Talkative Brenda said.It was Brenda's turn to draw everyone's attention."What?" She asked innocently. "I just want to enjoy my meal and stop talking about dead people." The kid said in a somewhat rude tone."Have some respect, Brenda!" Mrs White scolded."Dahh, aight." She agreed stubbornly and continued her meal."I'll head upstairs." Announced Brant as he stood up from his chair."Why honey, you have barely touched your food. Don't you like it? I can ask the cook to make something different for you." Mrs White asked with genuine concern."Nah momma, I'm just tired." He said. "I said earlier that I had a hectic day right?" "Ok, if you insist. Good night then." "Sweet dreams momma." He kissed her on her forehead and headed upstairs."Did you find her?" Brant asked Randy, over the phone as soon as he got into his room.Despite the fact that Mila made it clear that he sho
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    Grandmaster 2
    But her aim was not to kill him, not yet. She wanted to play with him for as long as she desired. The first thing she had to do to make that happen was to scare him.When Dom sent her a text about Randy following this boss' car, she was not alarmed, but decided to use it as a stepping stone against Brant.She wanted him to fear her, she wanted to break his morals and spirit as slowly but effective as possible. And she was gonna get there.Dom was waiting for her at the other side of the road, but there was a huge hedge of elephant stock grass separating both roads.She quickly disappeared into the thick bush, her black outfit made it easier for her to blend in with the darkness.She and Dom did not drive off immediately, they stuck around a little longer, she wanted to prove to Dom how dumb Brant was.Any smart person would have driven around the hedge easily, but he did not, and to make matters worse, he began screaming out her name.She face palmed herself over and over again before
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    Pretext Girlfriend
    "You are late again, I hope this is not an attitude that would continue to run through?" Brant said sternly as soon as Fabiola rushed into the office. He was leaning on her desk and immediately stood upright as she got in.She opened her mouth to say something, but decided to swallow her words, reading his countenance, she could presume that something was pressing."Grab the file on my desk and follow me." He said without looking at her.She nodded obediently and went ahead to get the file. She was kind of pissed that he went all 'serious mode' with her this morning. Meanwhile she was just about 15 minutes late, unlike yesterday where she was an hour late… plus, she was hurrying her balls just to meet up with the time, only for her to meet her boss acting as if he were on his period.She hurried her footsteps to catch up with his long strides."You are not allowed to say anything, your job is only to jot down notes." He said to her as they descended in the elevator."Yes Sir," she re
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    Familiar laughter
    Linda McGraw was the only daughter of the McGraw family, one of the big five families. Just like Brant and Randy, Mila use to play with Linda back when they were kids, when everything was milk and honey, when innocence ruled.Now standing in front of her childhood best friend, she knew that she needed to act as if they never knew each other…. technically, they don't right now.Each woman had grown up to fit her own definition of womanhood.This is Fabiola, my girlfriend." Brant said. "Babe, this is Linda McGraw, she is the one I told you about last night." He wound his hand around Fabiola and lied smoothly, smiling down at Fabiola.Fabiola remained stiff as she stared at the familiar face before her."Is she Ok?" Linda leaned close to Brant and whispered with a disgusting look on her face.Fabiola heard her sound and clear. "I am ok. How do you do?" Fabiola tried to keep a straight face, ignoring the fact that Brant just said that they spent the night together.Well, since Linda ha
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