My Lover is a vampire Duke

My Lover is a vampire Duke

By:  Maokitten  Ongoing
Language: English
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Deep in the night, the ballroom was filled with splendor and dazzling Jewells. Young women showed off their slim figures wearing tight-ass corsets. Eloise shrunk to the corner, adjusting his boobs in her makeshift bra. ‘Fuck who is crazy enough to wear a corset. They want to destroy their ribs, don’t they….’ “Eloise,” a middle-aged woman happily waved at her from the center of a huge crowd. Eloise back away. “that’s my cue to leave. No way am I going over there,” she subtly ran out of the ballroom into the hallway. The cold wind and salty droplets hit her face as she moved closer to the edge of the ship. Suddenly a man in a majestic three-piece suit walked up to her. It was duke Raymond. ‘he must have been chased around by girls. Poor guy having such a handsome face is also dangerous,’ she thought, casually sipping her wine. he moved dangerously closer, panting softly. “Duke you are too close.” She reminded him. He suddenly cupped her face and kissed her lips. His sharp tooth tore into her bottom lips. “hmmm!!” Blood dripped down their connected faces, staining her beautiful white dress red. Eloise pushed him away hurriedly. “Duke! What the hell…” Glancing up, she froze. His eyes were blood red. “I want your blood, Eloise… I want you so bad.” “Huh! I thought you were gay! Hey!”

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1
Eloise slowly blinked open her tired eyes. Bright light in the room almost blinded her sensitive eyes. 'Why do hospitals have these annoying ceiling lights?' she thought, turning her face to the side. She really wanted to lift her hand up to cover her eyes, but her entire body felt like it was hit by a truck. 'I really need a raise,'She was working part-time when all of a sudden a drunken man dashed to the cashier counter with a gun and demanded money. Their shop didn’t even earn much but that guy choose this small shop to rob.She had even obediently given him her hard-earned money but this only made the man pissed. he figured that there was no cash he shot her and ran away patting his butt.'Why did he have to waste a bullet? Ugh, I'm already deep in student debts.... Bastard, I can't afford to be hospitalised. Tsk, the store better pay for my operation charges or I'm suing them,' she thought, clenching her fists tightly.A war hand caressed her forehead soothingly, covering her a
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Chapter 2
"Mother of gods, what the hell is going on? I transmigrated into a new place with a ghostly body and I'm in a ship!! Is this Isekai?!!!" she mumbled, watching everything around her in fear."Eloise!! Eloise!! My Darling Eloise, why are you out here like this," the kind lady who claimed to be her mother ran to her with a shawl in hand. She swiftly draped it around her shoulders. "why are you out here in just your inner garments, quick get back?,""Wait, I..""Get back, I say!" The woman pushed her from behind and led her directly to the familiar room. "how could you run out like that, what about your honour and dignity, young lady I'm so disappointed in you," she said loudly and started pulling at her clothes."What are you doing!!! Let go!" Eloise tightly held onto her flimsy dress."Eloise, you little.... don't you think it's time to take a bath, you reek." The lady chided with a frown."Do I?" Eloise sniffed herself. Indeed, her body was giving off an unpleasant odour. "Where is the
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Chapter 3
"It's done honourable lady," the maid tremblingly whispered, as she finished tying the final loop of her freaking tight corset. She pulled the knot once more, drawing out a loud gasp out of her."Ca—can't you loosen it a bit," Eloise stuttered. 'cuz its squeezing out my inners young lady,' she mentally cried, but on the outside she maintained her regal smile.The maid paused and glanced up at her finally, "honourably lady, it can't be, your waist should be accentuated to bring out the beauty of this dress," she held up a beautiful forest green colour dress. The boat shaped neckline was lightly ruffled with white colour ribbons, and even the end of the sleeves were elaborately decorated to match it.Seeing this Eloise's eyebrows twitched, 'am, I going to a ball for goodnes's sake, its fifty degrees out and we are in a moving death trap and she wants me to dress in that luxurious outfit!' smiling she whispered, "today.... it looks like it will be quite hot, why don't we find a comfortab
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Chapter 4
The maid Odette led her back inside to a room called the parlour room. Inside, many women dressed in shimmering and elegant clothes sat in groups as they chatted and some even played cards in glee."I thought you were taking me to the food hall," she whispered as she felt every woman's gazed on her."emmm, miss its morning, we only have tea," Odette awkwardly whispered back.Eloise peered down at her with her eyes wide open. 'girl what!!! No food!! I'm starving!' she found it hard to maintain her smile, "w—what do you eat here then?""Drink tea and eat biscuits." Odette whispered cheerfully. "Oh, I see madam in that corner, let's go join her," she cheerfully pulled her through the crowd.Her mother, who she later came to know as Millen Ayles was sitting with a young blond girl and was chatting so cheerfully."Mother," she whispered as she reached closer.Her mother glanced up while sipping her tea, and almost spat it out. "E—Eloise, what.... what are you wearing?!""Oh this, I got my
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