Another Cinderella Story.

Another Cinderella Story.

By:  Jodin  Updated just now
Language: English
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Princess Isabella is an illegitimate daughter of King George II of Wales. Born by a royal maid whom the king fell in love with. Her very existence was a reminder of the king’s unhappy marriage to the trophy queen. When her mother died, she was forced to come live with her father the king and his household. Will she survive the harsh realities that awaits her? Or will she forever pay for the mistake of her parents?

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Clara J Bong
Fantastic story. Well done!
2024-05-27 06:17:45
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Delinda Schumacher
181 chapters 5-24-24
2024-05-25 04:23:32
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Wow love the character development of Isabella and Eric .... Rooting for you two ...
2024-05-09 02:24:52
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Divine Odionye
This is the most interesting story... never knew a well known storyline could be so Interesting
2024-05-09 02:23:38
user avatar
Divine Odionye
enjoying this story. well done jodin
2024-05-09 02:21:26
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Franklin goddy
this is the most interesting novel I've read this year, please continue ...️...️
2024-05-09 02:19:27
410 Chapters
Chapter 1
Princess Isabella de Novia is the third child and the youngest daughter of King George, the current king of Wales. King George has two older daughters and a son, Crown Prince Williams, the sole heir to the throne of Wales.Isabella's mom served as a maid in the palace. She was the most beautiful woman the king had ever laid his eyes on. He instantly fell in love with her. She had platinum blonde hair and silver eyes; the king fondly called her Snow White. All her beautiful features Isabella inherited at birth.When the queen realized that the maid was having an affair with her husband, the king, she immediately arranged for her to be kicked out of the palace. She knew her position as queen was threatened because she was in no way close to her in beauty. Filled with jealousy and hatred, she banished the maid from the palace. She was never going to share her husband with a common maid. Unknown to everyone, the maid was a few weeks pregnant with the King of Wales.Having been thrown out
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Chapter 2
Isabelle walked with confidence. She had spent the past weeks practicing how to walk in heels and a ball gown. She walked majestically with her head held high, like a princess would. At the end of the hallway were the stairs leading down to the ballroom of the palace. There, her father, the king, stood waiting for her. His back was facing her, and when she arrived, she stood beside him."Your Majesty, my father and king," she greeted him as a princess would. Holding her skirts with her hands, she did a courtesy."Rise, my daughter," her father ordered.She slowly stood up and looked up at him. Her father was looking at her with surprise and awe. This was the first time he looked at her with so much emotion. In the past, he barely spared her a glance, for fear his wife, the queen, would criticize him and remind him of his infidelity.The servants also looked at her with surprise and amazement. They all stopped what they were doing briefly to shower praises on her.The king cleared his
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Chapter 3
Phillips and Isabella chatted on the terrace outside. There were only a few people there, as the guests had started taking their leave, so they had ample time to chat privately.Phillips was excited. He talked about his studies and his big plans to work for the kingdom as a court official. He had many plans that would benefit the people of Wales.Isabella enjoyed every bit of the conversation. Her days in the palace were always with Williams, her younger brother. He was heir to the throne, and tutors were always there to teach him many things.The queen, her stepmother, was against Isabella getting the needed education of a princess, saying that she was of low birth and a simple peasant's education would suffice.What she never knew was that Isabella would always sneak into her brother's courtyard to spend time with him. When the personal tutors taught Williams, she learned a lot from them as well. Hence, she was very intelligent.Her knowledge of history, politics, and running the c
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Chapter 4
A tall young man wearing a black suit with gold trimming emerged from the shadows. He was wearing a golden mask with a dragon mark covering half of his face. His hair was as black as the night, and his eyes were as dark blue as the ocean deep."Who might the gentleman be?" Isabella asked courteously."I am Ragnar of Avalon," he greeted. "I give my greetings to the third princess of Wales." He bowed down, and she replied with a courtesy."Thank you, Sir Ragnar," she said.He looked at her for a while, and she felt a little awkward. His dark blue eyes were fixed on her, and she started to drown in their depth.Ragnar walked toward her and came closer. She was so surprised at the proximity that she involuntarily stepped back and tripped, but he caught her by the hand and pulled her into his embrace."S-sir..." she said awkwardly."I'm sorry to startle you," Ragnar said. "I just wanted to give you this.""A Purple Passion?" she asked in surprise. Purple passions are the rarest kind. They
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Chapter 5
"Crown Prince?" I asked. That's why his name sounded so familiar; he was one of the princes of Avalon. I knew that the royal family of Avalon had seven princes fighting for the position of crown prince, but I didn't know that they had chosen their crown prince already. And to think the youngest son was chosen to be the crown prince. As far as I knew, he was twenty years old."It's my pleasure to be here, Your Majesty, King George De Novia of Wales," Ragnar replied."You are very bold, as the rumors had said, stealing the first dance of the third princess tonight from her father." Isa's stepmother, the queen, just arrived at the scene. She was staring daggers at Isabella and Ragnar."I am sorry. I didn't know that there was a custom here in Wales that the first dance of the princess should be with her father," Ragnar said with pride, as if he wasn't sorry at all. "I just thought that I would like to dance with the third princess, so I asked her. I hope this didn't offend you, King Geor
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Chapter 6
It has been a few days since the grand ball. Isabella's normal life went back to how it was: a life of solitude, except for Phillips.In the last few days, Phillips has been visiting Isabella in her courtyard. They enjoyed one conversation after another. They talked about politics, history, and other stuff that interested them.It was morning, and Isabella had just finished her morning exercise. General Marcus trained her and the crown prince to strengthen their bodies."Sister Isabella," she could hear the voice of Williams, her brother. When she looked behind, she saw him running towards her heartily."Sister!" Williams launched himself at her.He was much heavier than he used to be now, and Isabella nearly lost her balance trying to catch him."Sister, you haven't been visiting me in my courtyard," Williams said, crying. "I have missed you so much.""Hush now, a crown prince must not show his tears to others," Isabella scolded him softly while wiping his tears away."But you are no
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Chapter 7
"I am well aware, Grandpa. My sisters have their personal guards that follow them wherever they go.Helena has Carlos as her guard, and Camila has Uthred as hers," Isabella said dreamily."I have selected a personal guard just for you," Grandpa said."For me?" she asked with disbelief. "But I thought I wasn't entitled to a personal guard of my own? I remember the queen was against the idea when Father brought it up.""Don't worry about Charlotte. I am the one to select your guard for you. She can't do anything about it," Grandpa reassured her."Thank you, Grandpa." She felt loved by what General Marcus had done. He had always been good to her. Also the crown prince, they were the only ones who treated her with love in the palace. She hoped to pay them back someday."Erik, come here," General Marcus ordered, snapping her out of her thoughts.From the shadows emerged a young man. He had dark brown wavy hair and brown eyes. He was wearing the black knight's uniform.When he came closer,
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Chapter 8
The sky was starting to get dark, and the sun was setting. Erik accompanied Isabella back to her courtyard."I hope you don't mind, Sir Erik. My courtyard is a little below standard," she said, a little embarrassed.This was the second time she had felt embarrassed about what her courtyard looked like. The other time was when Phil visited her for the first time. It was a good thing that Phil didn't mind either; rather, he visited her every day in her shabby-looking courtyard."It's okay, Princess, I don't mind it," Erik smiled."I don't know if you have heard the stories about me," Isabella asked him.They were now standing at the entrance of her courtyard."I only know that you are the third princess of His Majesty King George II of Wales," Erik said. "Is there more I should know?" he asked."Not much, it's just that I would like to tell you my story rather than you hearing it from others," she said and turned to face him."I am an illegitimate child of the king. My mother was a maid
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Chapter 9
Maggie was leading Erik along the hallway of the third princess's courtyard."I am happy that General Marcus found a personal guard to serve my princess," Maggie said while walking."I am happy to serve Princess Isabella as well," Erik replied."I hope that the rumors won't get to you. Princess Isabella is a good-hearted young girl. Even though the queen and her daughter are not good to her, she doesn't retaliate or show any ill intentions towards them. She just takes everything they throw at her silently. Her kind is rare," Maggie lamented."Do they always bully Princess Isabella?" Erik asked."When they feel like it, they will just search for her and bully her. I feel sorry for her, but I can't do anything about it. I am only forced to watch as I am just a maid," Maggie sighed."Why can't I see other maids around?" Erik asked."We are just a handful of maids here in the third princess's courtyard. The queen doesn't give our princess as many maids as the other princesses," Maggie sai
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Chapter 10
It was morning, and the rays of sunshine seeping through the curtains woke Isabella. She rubbed her eyes and looked at her surroundings. She was in her room as usual but she felt different."Good morning, Princess Isabella," Maggie greeted her with a warm smile. "This is the first time in a long while you woke up late. You must have been very tired last night, or maybe you feel more secure now that you have a personal guard.""What time is it?" Isabella asked."It's half past nine, Princess," Maggie answered."What!" Isabella screamed, instantly feeling awake. "This is the first time since my stay in the palace that I am missing my morning routine. Grandpa would not be happy with me," Isabella cried."Don't worry, Princess. It was General Marcus who ordered me not to wake you up. It's the first time you have slept soundly, so he didn't want anyone to interfere with your sleep," Maggie explained, smiling. She was preparing Isabella's clothes to wear.Isabella felt relaxed. "But I still
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