Twisted love

Twisted love

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Every single girl, no matter what, wants the perfect man as her husband or boyfriend. No matter how feisty, rude, callous that woman is, she would never want a bad and uncaring man. And that was exactly what Amelia Pritchett got. A rich, handsome, sexy and caring man. William Gold. She was feisty at first; "You ass***e! How dare you kidnap me?!" And then she bore only hatred for him, right after she had started loving him; "You lied to me! After all these months? How could you?", her voice breaking, her eyes misty as she stared intently at him. He was dumbfounded... *** Well, it turned out she had not fallen in love with the perfect man after all but is there really a perfect man? -------- Check out my first novel, an high school romance, still ongoing; CRUSH. Note: The book cover isn't mine.

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It was night time but the moon shone so brightly, you could almost think it was daytime already. Amelia and Joanna sat down on a bench, beside Joanna's tent in the trio squad. A/N: Trio squad is just a name I have formed for the place Amelia and other homeless people live. "How was work?", Joanna asked "Nice, same as always", Amelia replied "That's great", Joanna said, looking down at her fingers. "Yeah", Amelia replied The two of them went silent as they stared into the night sky. It looked so calm up there. Amelia contemplated a lot in her mind if she should tell Joanna about her resignation from work that day. It wasn't like a resignation, it was just her being tired of it all and shouting at her boss that she did not want to do the job anymore. Her boss was taking too much advantage of her. "I have to tell you something", Amelia finally said "Really? What is it?", Joanna asked as she turned to face her properly. "Not now, maybe later. I have to get some appl
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Amelia woke up the next morning with her head hurting badly. She winced and touched her cheek. It still stung a little. She chews on her teeth a little before opening her eyes slowly. It took a while for her eyes to adapt to where she was and when she did, her eyes widened in surprise. "Where is this place? Where am I? What room is this?", she muttered as she gripped her hair tightly. She slowly remembered all that had happened yesterday. The drunk men and then, she remembered slapping one of them which she got a huge blow in return. Her eyes quivered as she remembered a man in a suit fighting the men who had wanted to rape her. She opened her eyes back because that was all she could remember and not even so clearly. Of course, the men from the trio squad won't be able to afford a room like this. It was that man, that man brought her here. She frowned at that. How could he just take people somewhere without their consent? She looked around the blue-painted room and smirked.
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William's POV I worked for a long time at the company, and the door to my office opens every once in a while when my secretary has something to say to me or needs my consent. Before I knew it, it was time to go home. I stood up from the chair and stretched a bit before making my way out of my office. My secretary (female) stood up to greet me immediately and I just faced my front. Just like the typical CEO that I was. The people who works for me whose offices were in an open space really near my office all stood up to greet me as well and I nodded my head a bit. My assistant and driver, Scott (male) followed after me quickly as we made our way toward my private elevator. That's right, a private elevator. I went into it and he took the public one. When we got to the first floor after a minute or so, the workers on my path quickly cleared the way and bowed as they moved to the side while I just walked nonchalantly outside. The security and greeters in their white tops and bl
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Monday morning... Amelia's POV I woke up the next morning with a disturbing headache. I walked out of my tent after having water and cleaned the beads of sweat on my face. I did not have 'that' dream today but I wasn't feeling too well either. I know I need to jog. I wore the only black sneakers I have. That's exactly why I bought black, goes with everything (chuckles). I wore black sneakers and left my yesterday clothes on. I would have to change it today anyways, so why not sweat on it? I jogged for a while and was already panting hard. I need to do this more often but right now, I am really tired. Maybe another time. I walked back towards my tent but before I got there, "Amelia!", I heard someone call me and I turned to face the person with a quick frown on my face. I thought it would probably be Steve or the other one from that night but when I turned to look, the frown on my face quickly went as it came. I smiled. It was George. Among the few people who I relate to here
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William's POV "Ignore her", I replied with a frown and continued walking. I could see Scott's surprised face but I do not care. She is not any of my business in any way. I looked back at her again and frowned. Why does she keep coming my way? I turned around abruptly and headed in that direction. "Sir!", Scott called out to me but I ignored him with a frown. It's not like I wish to do this as well, I just don't have a choice, or do I? I walked towards the small house that looked like a garage abruptly and I saw the huge man just entering it. He had not locked the door, probably to put her down and I went after them abruptly, Scott trailing after me. It turned out to not be a garage. It was just an empty almost dark room that was dusty. It looks like it hasn't been used for years. I saw him drop her down and turned around to look around the floor. He found some rope and was about to walk towards it and I cleared my throat. He turned to look at me and I smiled at him teasin
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William's POV I frowned at her and she frowned right back. Well, that's the least of my problems right now. "We need to talk", I said to her and she chuckled which earned a frown on my face again. "I believe we just did", she replied and I got confused. "Or did we not?", she asked, placing her hand beneath her chin and I placed my hands inside my pocket. "Oh, we did. Not long ago, in that living room", she almost shouted as she kept her hands down and her frown deepened. "Anyways, we need to talk", I said again. It's not like I care about all her fuming and all. I just want to talk about something, that's all. "Why would I want to talk to you?", she asked with a frown, placing her arms on her stomach and I sighed. "We are both going to gain from this, stop acting like a child", I replied and she scoffed. I could see the hurt in her eyes. Was I that harsh to her? "Oh, I am the one acting like a child now?", she asked again and I sighed again. "No, but I did not act like a ch
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Amelia's POV I walked the remaining path to the trio squad from where the cab had dropped me quickly. Now that I think about it, why did I leave that place quickly? I saw William trying to say something but does it even matter? I sighed as I kept on walking and my mind played all that had happened this afternoon. I got to my tent and I met Joanna already waiting for me. "Hey-", she had not even let me finish before she pulled me and rushed me into my tent. "Tell me how it went!", she shouted anxiously with wide sparkly eyes immediately after we sat down. I placed my purse down and sighed. I picked up my black rubber band and used it to pack my hair into a ponytail. I looked back at Joanna and she was frowning, I laughed and she hit me playfully on the arm. "Just tell me already! Please?", she said with puppy eyes and I snorted at her words. She frowned again and I quickly raised my arms. "Okay, okay, give me a second", I said and she sighed. "I did not go to see him-"
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Amelia's POV I can feel my tongue tied in my mouth. Is he going to fire Mary? I mean, she has been working here for seven years, would he just fire her like that? "You are back", I heard Mary's joyous voice from beside me and I looked at her in surprise. What is she doing? "Mmm", William hummed as a reply and I looked at him as well... in shock. Okay, what's going on? I am very confused right now. Is he angry or not? Cause I am sure he just hummed as a reply. "Would you please excuse us, Mary? I have to talk to Amelia about something", he said while staring at me and Mary nodded. "Okay, I will go and cook dinner then", she replied, standing up and soon 'escaped' into the kitchen. I looked up at William who had just watched Mary leave and I asked. "You are not angry? At all?", I asked and he turned to face me abruptly. "About what?", he asked back, like he was oblivious to what has just happened. "Mary telling me about you?", I asked back. Like was that not the obvious thin
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Willaim's POV Scott drove us out of the compound and she sat a reasonable distance from me. I appreciate that but what was that with Mary? Is she trying to control my meals now? I looked at the wristwatch in my hand before clearing my throat and asking. "Why did I have to eat breakfast this morning?", I voiced out and she sighed. I looked at her. She did not even bother getting her eyes off the busy road when she heard my voice. "Because Mary prepared some for you?", she asked back indifferently without any emotion. "I did not ask her to", I said again and she turned to look at me. "Okay", she said with a very annoying shrug. "It seems you are getting this all wrong. You have no right to tell Mary to cook me breakfast. When-", I started and she shut me up halfway by scoffing. "Let's just enjoy the ride in peace, Mr. William", she said before folding her arms on her stomach and shutting her eyes. Mr. William? Seriously? I sighed before looking outside. I should talk about the
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Amelia's POVI got into the car and Scott started the ignition. I stared at him and fumed."It wouldn't have hurt you to pick me up a bit later, you know", I said and I saw Scott smile through the rear mirror. Whatever...Scott continued driving and I just looked outside, at the malls, the small shops, the park and the tall buildings around the city. "You must be really close to William sir", I heard Scott say and I turned to look at him."What do you mean? Why do you say that?", I asked curiously."He does not usually ask me to pick people up for him. Not this frequently", Scott replied and I sighed deeply."Don't worry, if it's about the stress, you won't be in any stress any longer. I... I am going to live with him now, so you can just-", I had not finished talking when Scott cut me off rudely, shutting me out of my slow talking fantasy."What?!", he shouted before looking back at me."Hey! You can just use the rearview mirror to look at me and talk. Face the front back and drive
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