The Coven of the Crow and Shadows: Ghost Opera

The Coven of the Crow and Shadows: Ghost Opera

By:  Birdy Rivers  Completed
Language: English
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Everly’s family is unique. Her father is a demigod of Death and her mother is a lycan, making Everly and her siblings unique hybrids with intense abilities. Eighteen doesn’t mean much for an immortal, but it does mean freedom. Everly finally gets to leave her coven’s realm and explore the human realm on her own. Determined to prove herself worthy of her family’s name, Everly sets off on a simple mission. Go to the music academy and reap the soul of the phantom that haunts it. It should be simple, but things are far from simple when Everly gets paired with the dark, mysterious, and good looking Sebastian for a performance. Things heat up between them as they rehearse for their roles to perform two songs from a beloved musical that hits closer to home for Sebastian than Ever realizes. What happens when Ever discovers Sebastian is the phantom and a hybrid that should not exist? As their slow burn of desire ignites into burning flames neither can ignore, new challenges come their way. They must work together to save the other spirits being trapped by Sebastian’s wicked half-brother, who is hell bent on revenge.

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33 Chapters
Chapter 1- Everly
Eighteen is a special birthday for many. My eighteenth birthday is special for different reasons than one would think. Eighteen signifies adulthood, but I’m not so sure adulthood is important to an immortal. It’s not even that I have all the time in the world to grow up. Ever since I started going on missions with my dad at fourteen, I’ve grown up. When you learn to reap souls, and one of your grandfathers is Death, well, you grow up on faster. That doesn’t mean I didn't have a childhood. My parents are amazing. They did everything to help keep me little for as long as possible. I’m close with my parents. Actually, I’m close with my whole family. Even my annoying little brother, Kai, and I are close. I love my family, but I’m also looking forward to independence. That’s what turning eighteen means for me. The deal I have with my parents is that I can finally go to the human realm on my own. I’m going to travel and explore. They want me to enjoy life a little bit before I start going
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Chapter 2- Everly
Nothing about my family would be considered normal. Nothing about the realm I live in would be considered normal either. Yet, we are probably one of the most functioning and loving families one could meet. My parents love and support Kai and me. We are close to each other, and I love my family. I feel safe and happy when I’m around them. I’ve always felt loved by my parents, really my whole family. Even Death has my back. After all, Dad and his entire bloodline are the legacy of Death, so he has a vested interest in us.There is a knock on my door. “Come in,” I state, turning to my closet to grab some more clothes to pack. I have no idea what I will need, so I’m packing a little of everything. “Are you planning on packing your entire room?” Kai asks with a raised eyebrow as I come out of my closet with an arm full of random clothes. “Maybe. What’s it to you, Punk?” I ask, dropping the pile of clothes onto my bed. “Your room looks like a tornado hit it,” Kai states as he shuts the d
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Chapter 3- Ari
Walking out of our bathroom, I find Zane relaxing in bed. He’s dressed in his black dress pants and a black button-down shirt. His arms rest behind his head with his eyes closed. I know he wanted to relax a bit before Everly’s birthday party. I can’t believe my baby girl is eighteen today. I feel like I just had her. Kai isn’t far behind his sister. In a few years, he, too, will be leaving to explore the human realm. I sigh, putting my hand on my belly. Here we go again, I think as I walk towards Zane. Climbing onto the bed, I settle myself next to him. He peeks his eyes open at me. “What’s wrong, Pet.” He asks, wrapping his one arm around me and pulling me closer to him. I can always count on Zane. He’s the best damn soulmate I could have ever asked for. I don't even care that he’s my master anymore. Crazy to think that I fought him so hard on our relationship at one point in time. Zane has proven to me time and time again that he loves me. He’s helped me grow as a person and has e
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Chapter 4- Everly
I look over myself in my full-length mirror before I leave my room to go meet my parents. They are walking me into the ballroom for my party. I’m not sure why there needs to be a grand entrance, something to do with coven traditions. I didn't pay attention when grandma started talking about it. I know I shouldn’t have tuned her out, but I really wasn’t in the mood for a lesson on coven traditions on balls. I didn’t have it in me to care that day. I know that’s horrible to say, but there are just some days I’m not in the mood to hear about the coven. I love my coven. I do. They are a fantastic community, but my whole life revolves around the coven. I’m part of the bloodline created to help run the coven and maintain the coven’s realm while maintaining its magic as well. I’ve spent so much time learning about the coven, its history, traditions, ceremonies, and its secrets. I’m happy to serve my coven. I’m proud to be my father’s daughter, the granddaughter of Death, but damn sometimes,
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Chapter 5-Everly
My alarm going off on my phone wakes me from the peaceful sleep I was in. Ugh, I hate mornings, but today is a special day. Today I leave the coven’s realm on my own. Today I start my adventure, and with that exciting thought, I hop out of bed as excitement burns in my veins. I quickly get dressed in black skinny jeans, a dark purple peasant-style top, and my black combat boots. I have on my necklace that my Mom gave me. I’m in love with all my wonderful and thoughtful gifts from my family. My grandparents give me my own grimoire to start filling with my own spells, potions, and notes. I’ve packed it along with everything else. I happily bounce to the kitchen, where my parents are preparing breakfast for the four of us. “Morning!” I greet my parents in a cheerful tone as I head to the coffee maker to pour myself a cup of coffee. “Morning, Little Nightmare.” My parents greet me in unison. “Ugh, how are you three so cheerful in the morning?” Kai grumbles, walking into the kitchen.
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Chapter 6- Everly
The drive to the music academy will take a few hours. So, I enjoy the open road before I hit the city where the school is located. Cas is enjoying the wind and has his tongue sticking out. I’m enjoying the drive. It’s the first time I’ve driven on my own. Dad usually lets me drive when we go on missions together, but it’s nice to enjoy the ride by myself. My thoughts wander to what exactly Death meant about me meeting my soul mate and that he was unique like me. I’m assuming it means he’s a type of hybrid. I honestly wasn’t expecting to meet my soulmate any time soon. I know it will happen, but I’m not sure I’m ready for it to happen right away. Although, I have no idea when exactly on my journey I will meet my soulmate. It could be at the academy, or it could be after it. I’m only planning on being at the music academy for a few months. I’m there to figure out what’s going on and if it’s being haunted by a spirit. Yes, I’m also there for the music and to explore my hobby. If I’m ho
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Chapter 7- Sebastian
Everly Shaodws is an interesting girl. She’s a lycan, but I sense there is more to her than meets the eye. She’s incredibly beautiful with her unique hair color and swirling grey eyes. She’s about a head and a half shorter than me. Everly has clearly captured my brother's attention, and how could she not with her beauty. Levi has a thing for supernatural girls. His current conquest and current star is Mina. She’s a witch, and I don’t trust her. I mainly don’t trust her because she is obsessed with Levi and how he can skyrocket her to fame. She’s using him, and I have no doubt he is using her. I wouldn't be surprised if they are working together to capture the spirits that come here for peace, only to be imprisoned. I have no proof, of course, but I’m working on gathering it. My father, Erik Octavian, told spirits to come here to listen to the music back when this place was still an opera house. He knew the music would soothe their weary souls. My father was special. He spent his li
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Chapter 8-Everly
I’ve been at the music academy for about a month now. I’m enjoying myself. I’ve made two friends. Zela, who is a jin, and Avia, who is a harpy. They are in a relationship and totally fun to be around. Harpies are a type of shifter, so Avia stays in her human form since her harpy form scares the humans. I’ve noticed the humans at the academy are skittish. They buy into every horror and ghost story. They believe the opera house is haunted and are easily freaked out. I can always sense sulfur, and I’ve found some traces of ectoplasm. There is at least one spirit that constantly roams the opera house, and I assume it’s what the students have labeled the Phantom. I haven’t been able to spot the damn spirit, but others have. It’s almost as if the spirit is avoiding me, which I’m not sure is possible. In all my training with Dad, not once did we come across a spirit that could avoid us on purpose. Dad never even mentioned that being possible and he spent years meticulously training me.In b
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Chapter 9- Levi
I’m sitting in my office going over the academy's finances and paying the bills. I hate doing the grunt work, but I don’t trust anyone else with this. Especially don’t trust my brother. He’s a freak of nature who should have never been born. His filthy father stole my mother’s innocence. He seduced her and impregnated her with a freak show. No matter, soon I will have the problem rectified. “How fucking dare you give my part to that lycan bitch!” Mina storms into my office, screaming at me like a fucking banshee. “Calm down, Mina. I have my reasons. One, I didn’t want you doing a song with my brother. Two, I think the lycan and my brother have a thing for each other, and if they do, then pushing them together might work to my advantage. I’ve waited years to find my brother's fucking weakness, and now I might have just found it in the pretty little lycan girl. Besides, there is something more than meets the eye with Everly.” “Are you attracted to her?”“Mina, you know you are the on
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Chapter 10- Everly
Over the last few weeks, I’ve tracked the spirit to the opera house basement. It took me some time to track the spirit and then find the damn basement entrance. You would think it would be easy to find, but it was kept secret, and I had to search the entire fucking opera house with shadows to find the damn entrance. It wasn’t easy either because the opera house is always active. Tonight, I plan to teleport to the basement entrance and finally reap the spirit. I want it gone by the time my family comes to visit for the performance. I want to tie off this rogue mission with a pretty little bow. I don’t want my parents to find out I went on a rogue mission, so it’s better to end it before they get here in a few weeks. However, I can’t do anything about it right now. Right now, I have rehearsal with Sebastian. Levi added a second song. We will start the concert with ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ and end it with ‘The Point of No Return’. I won’t lie. It’s been fun and intense rehearsing wi
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