Love Until Last: My Professor

Love Until Last: My Professor

By:  Isaacrys  Ongoing
Language: English
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Luke Copley, is known as the most strict professor at a famous University. He has a kind and beautiful wife named Elle. One of Luke’s students is his wife and no one knows the two of them are married except their friends. Outside of the University, they are a happy couple, they make love and are perfect for all couples worldwide. In the two years they have been married, Elle no longer believes that anything will stop their love for each other. But her father's mistress came into the picture and little by little her father's mistress destroyed everything with her daughter named Shasha who was deeply in love with her husband, Luke. But their story doesn't end there because it gets to the point where Elle is set up by someone while naked next to a man she trusted the most and everything she had suddenly disappears.

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28 Chapters
Chapter 1: Somethings Wrong
Elle's Point of ViewIt's Saturday, so it should be a clean day as well! Elle whispered in her mind. It was already noon and until now she still hadn't finished urinating.She just swept their room and arranged the fair of her bags, shoes, and sandals. She also took out some clothes that were messed up when they hurried to get with her husband’s clothes. She hurried to the side table near their bed and immediately answered the call when the telephone rang."Hello?" She answered kindly. “Elle! That's good and you answered! ” I heard mum on the other line. I'm sure she's carrying gossip again."What else do you need?" I asked her."Ouch, did I need anything from you when I was called?" Feeling hurt she answers me. I shook my head at what I heard.She's Anna Mendez, my best friend. She's kind of beautiful, I'm kind to her except for one thing."So what's the matter?" She sighed before placing the telephone between her ear and arm. Elle continued to fold their clothes while waiting for A
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Chapter 2: Red Light
In the eight years, they had a relationship, she could say she was one of the luckiest women because Luke Copley became her husband who was almost looked up to by women. They have now been married for more than two years.They may be fighting, but it’s a quick fight. A few minutes or seconds later they reconciled. Before their mother died, they knew that their parents had already had an agreement. They said that when we were little, they agreed that we would be together, so I still remember the times when they insisted that Luke and I click and they didn't cease until we like each other.We always go out and stay where they're bonding. But it was just my mother and Luke’s mother that we were always with and we never had our dads with us that we once wondered about as well."Good morning, my love." Luke greeted her, her husband.I closed my eyes slightly when I felt his kiss on my forehead which was also immediately tickled by the butterfly on my stomach."Good morning too, my love." S
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Chapter 3: Moment
Two days have passed since the incident about the CCTV seen inside our house. Luke and I still haven't been able to talk about that. I don't ask anymore because I feel like he has no intention of opening that topic every time we're together."Witch, what are you thinking?" Kevina asked me.Kevina is my best friend since high school, she is a former man who has now become a woman who is not even in appearance and I also have a lot of trust in her. Aside from being beautiful, she is also very sensible as a friend.I took a deep breath before speaking. "I'm just thinking," I answer her.I looked up when Luke spoke now wearing a rude face. Thick eyebrows are furrowed and the mouth twitches cannot be painted.I was just staring at my husband's face as he was seriously pointing ahead, I accidentally turned around and my fellow female students almost squinted their eyes while staring at Luke. My eyes landed on the man sitting behind me and it was Harold, smiling at me and still raising his e
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Chapter 4: Mrs. Copley
It was past four in the morning when I woke up. Luke was still sound asleep so I slowly removed his arm that was tightly wrapped around me.I slowly stood up and combed my long hair first before deciding to go down to the kitchen.I washed my face and rinsed first in the sink before opening the refrigerator and just grabbing a few pieces of hotdog, bacon, and eggs. I also cooked rice in the rice cooker which was just right for the two of us this morning.Near 5 AM when I finished cooking, I pulled out the rice cooker, set the table, and set the dishes on the table when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs."Good morning my love." Luke greeted me as he rolled his eyes as he entered the kitchen.I couldn't help but smile. I wiped my hand on the apron I was wearing before approaching my husband and kissing his reddened lips. The wide smile on Luke's lips appeared so I smiled at him too."Stop smiling, by the way, good morning, my love." I greeted him as we walked over to the table to
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Chapter 5: The Party
I couldn’t believe it when Luke suddenly spoke.I was shocked to see Liza's face as her mouth opened and the fly almost entered her mouth. Oh my God!I came slightly closer to my husband who was still holding Liza's arm until now, I pulled Luke’s clothes and whispered slightly."Are you out of your mind ?!" I was annoyed and my question had an emphasis on my every word before Luke let go of Liza's arm."I don't want to know or even see you go near with my wife. Do you understand Ms. Caponpon?" Her husband said authoritatively while Liza obviously shook her hand and nodded quickly."Let's go, Luke," I call his attention.He just looked at me once before turning his gaze back to Liza, I almost laughed when looking at Liza with his fierce. I mean Luke was the one who was mad at Liza, seriously!Is my husband is gay?Luke's many done for today, earlier he called my last name as Mrs. Copley then now, he faced the one who admired him."Why did you say that?" I asked confusedly as we held ha
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Chapter 6: Pain
I don’t know which room Luke took me to. We entered the dark room and almost no light or not a single light entered the entire room."I'm scared!" I was scared to say and hugged Luke, I just felt his warm hand caressing my bare back, and quickly grabbed me with a kiss. There was something else in Luke's kiss that I can't figure out what it was but I was still quick to reciprocate the kiss.I couldn't immediately think and just drifted away with every kiss that Luke gave me, we even overcame the thirsty babies eager for a mother's milk as the two of us continued to kiss. Menthol? Luke's mouth tasted of menthol knowing that he wasn't eating or tasting candy accordingly.When I felt him caress my leg I forcibly pushed him away from me.I shook my head because of the feeling that something was wrong with what was happening."Let's go home." Husky, he whispered to were just enough for me to hear what he said.I came out of the room in surprise as Luke followed behind me. We stopped when we
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Chapter 7: Never Be Defeated
"Sis, Elle."I was distracted by a low voice I heard and called my name, I simply smiled as she quickly approached my seat and quickly hugged me wearing concern in her eyes. "Are you all right?" She asked me before slipping into our embrace. “What is on your forehead? Did brother Luke do it? ” Trina asked without hesitation so I was a little amused."We haven't been able to talk properly yet, but it's far from the gut." I smiled and could hear her breathing deeply.Trina's simple smile disappeared and she led me into her boarding house. Luke also missed calls to me but I turned off my phone first so that I could think clearly."He didn't even listen to you?" Trina asked me a kind question as she approached my seat with some food."No," I answered weakly before standing up and helping Trina with her carry."The behavior of those two women is really bad." I could almost swallow the water I was drinking because of what Trina said addressing her mother and sister Shashalyn, even when thi
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Chapter 8: Elle's Vomiting
Luke and I got along well in the days that followed, no Trisha and Shashalyn showed up or appeared anywhere we were and of course, Liza didn't even try to approach me. Kevina, on the other hand, is avoiding me a bit and I can't do anything to restore our friendship, because being friends has been forgotten because of a sin that she shouldn't have committed.Luke also lost his job because what happened reached the Principal's Office and we were both married. But according to Luke, there is nothing and when daddy Luis' company is just tuned in, my head hurts because he almost makes our school hang out. After all, every break time he will just show up somewhere to accompany me.But my biggest problem of all was Harold, he even beat the cat that always followed the rat, but I was also impressed because when Luke was here, he couldn't get close to me.Kevina once asked me about Harold but I answered her correctly, and I also told Kevina what I noticed about Harold."Elle," Kevina called me
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Chapter 9: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
I got to school well and quickly. Test here and there we did in each subject, so I was bored. A smile flashed on my lips because every minute or hour Luke had a message for me.It's just that he needs to teleport to my side so I can't avoid the thrill and at the same time I miss him too."Hi." I was so bitten on my lip when I heard a familiar voice that I didn’t want to hear at these moment."H-hello." I greet Harold who is now wearing a wide smile on his lips as he stares at me."Let's eat together, Elle." He said more and I just gave a fake smile.I was nervous again in his presence as if he could see every corner or part of my body."W-what?" I stuttered that question. I don’t know what a good reason to get away from this guy.“W-what? Are you with your husband again? ” I could hear the angry tone in his voice. "Can you come with me first?" He added.“Hey, Harold. We're with Elle, don't scratch her. ” I breathed a sigh of relief when Kevina suddenly came. "You can go with Elle late
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Chapter 10: Keep Her Away
“There is Polycystic ovary syndrome in your wife Mr. Copley, in other words, she has PCOS and it's sad to say. She's not pregnant."“There is Polycystic ovary syndrome in your wife Mr. Copley, in other words, she has PCOS and it's sad to say. She's not pregnant."What the doctor told us earlier reflected over and over again in my brain. I was disappointed to hear that and Luke still hasn't spoken to me since earlier."Are you all right, sis?" Kevina hugs me."He's not talking to me, Kevina," I answered with a frown while looking at Luke who was eating alone on one side of the canteen. He can't even look at me for even a second so I'm already disgusted with him. Maybe he was also disappointed by what happened but why does it still feel like my fault if I have PCOS. Instead of just being there for me, why now does he seem so far away from me?"That's just a fight between husband and wife." He mocked me so I mocked him back."Because he hoped immediately," I said and I felt Kevina sittin
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