Alpha Raiden

Alpha Raiden

By:  QudrahAdam   Ongoing
Language: English
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Davina has heard a lot of things about the wolf academy. An academy where wolves get trained to join the high wolves from the status of an omega. She gets really lucky when a letter of nomination was dropped before her door step. Now she would get the chance to compete for a position in the wolf academy and become a warrior in 40 days. But little does she know what she got herself involved in after meeting Alpha Raiden. The most powerful Alpha in the world.

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4 chapters
Davina Adams I stare at the mop in my arm, swirling the stick around the plastic bucket. My body is exhausted and I don’t think I can continue the work I have ahead of me today, though certainly Mrs. Thompson would not be pleased with my decision to leave so early. A knock sounded from the door and I immediately shifted my gaze over to where the knock was coming from. Heaving softly, I took calm strides over to the door and twisted it open to find Mr. Thompson staring back at me. “Didn’t you say you were sick yesterday? why are you here today?” He asked. I didn’t know what reply to give to him. I just stared plainly at my feet.“I’m speaking to you Davina, are you okay?” I can hear the worry in his voice. I sighed lightly and then looked up at him. “I need the wage for today to purchase medicine for myself,” I said softly. He looked at me with a disapproving nod.“You should have told me to help you with the money. Common, take and head back home, you need medication.” He said. “
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Davina Adams “The bus is waiting” My mother had been long awake and had already arranged all the important things I might need during my stay in the wolf academy. Right now, the bus was waiting outside, I was looking for my lucky bracelet, I had kept it under my pillow while I slept yesterday and woke up not to find it there today. It was a gift from my late father, though I had never seen him before, but, my mother said he wanted me to have it. “Found it!” I announced to myself after taking off my lacy nightwear, it was caught in it. “Davina if this bus takes off, I swear you’ll find your way to the wolf-“ I didn’t let her complete her statement, I appeared before her grasping onto my suitcase by my side. “I love you mum, I’m going to “ She cut me short by dragging me into a warm hug. “I love you more Davina, now go before the bus takes off!” She yelled. I instantly found myself dragging my suitcase over to the bus, with my mum following behind me. “Make sure you call me when
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Davina Adams “Get up, we are running late” Marian’s voice kept bugging me throughout my sleep, I had to just sluggishly get up and put on a trouser and a shirt. I didn’t take a shower because we were already two minutes late for the breakfast meeting.“Why didn’t you wake me when you wanted to go bath?” I asked while I brushed my hair backward.“Because you looked like an angel while sleeping, now let’s go before they kick us out of here on our very first day!” She screeched. She dragged me by my arm towards the door, we walked down the hallway and into the cafeteria which had a very long table and chair placed before each other, with people seated already. Marian dragged me towards two empty sit which we both sat on.“I can’t believe they didn’t give us dinner yesterday,” she said sadly. “Get over it Marian,” I said while scrolling through my phone. I didn’t fail to leave a message for Mr. Thompson, I had told him I had gotten into the wolf academy and he was pleased with the news
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Raidan Jacob I stare at the drink in my arm, swirling the blue liquid around the glass.My room was dead silent and my mind slowly drifted to the girl who had bumped into me yesterday. She was beautiful, She had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. Her waist was tapered and she had a burnished complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows had looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. Her set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed beautifully. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow-black hair. Her enticing, constellation-brown eyes had gazed at me over her puffy, heart-shaped lips as she cried when I had broken her phone. I wonder who this girl was? She dared to speak rudely to me yesterday. She was indeed fierce, and her mother? The woman called me wicked. Well, it was no lie, many people did hate me a lot. “Raiden, what have you been thinking about? I walked in and you didn’t even notice.” I looked up to see my Beta, Noah, staring down at me
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