Their Human

Their Human

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"I haven't made a promise in over a thousand years but I'm promising you this,if you harm one hair on her head, I will end you all and I will do so smiling while I bathe in your blood." __✧__✧__✧__✧__✧__✧__✧__ After the government captured the most wanted man in the world, Akielia Rutherford, a scientist that has been waiting for an opportunity like this her whole career gets chosen to be the researcher and caretaker of the man. But what if he's not the only one behind all of those murders and what if he's not a man but something else? And what happens when Akielia learns that her soul is linked with theirs and has to go back with them to their own homeland where supernatural creatures are a normal thing and where humans are seen as nothing but pets? Will she run back to her normal life and ignore the bond or will she fall deep into the pit of love for the twins while fighting for her right to be the ruler of the whole supernatural realm alongside them?

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36 Chapters
Chapter one: subject MM2077
The atmosphere was cold and felt heavy, the area it was surrounding being secluded. This specific section of the building had not just a dense atmosphere, but it had an eery feeling to it. It made countless waves of chills run down my spine and all of my muscles tense up. The only sound you could hear was the constant, hurried clicking noise our heels made as we speedwalked on the white tiles cemented the ground.My honey brown eyes darted to my co-worker, who was slightly taller than me. Her aburn hair was tied up into a neat ponytail, her blue eyes widened in curiosity and fear. I could see that her pace was slowing down as we neared our destination. She was hesitating, but that did not surprise me as she was one of the most fearful people I have had the pleasure of knowing.It still shocked me though, to see her once curious expression dissipating into the cold air.I looked right were her eyes were glued and came to a halt. We had arrived. We both stared at the large, heavy lookin
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Chapter two: first shift
"Alright, this is the tablet you'll use to record everything you find on him. Even the smallest of details must be written down. Then at the end of each week, we'll come check on you and see his behavior. Make sure that you send us all of your findings as soon as possible." Damien said, handing me one of the tablets he was holding. He kept the second one, which I'm assuming was meant for Sharlene, and tucked it under his arm. The rules were all explained to me. It was not much and most of them were something I've already heard. I wasn't allowed to say anything to anyone, now that included Sharlene. Each week, Damien would take one day and help me around with the research and at any random moment, the government would burst through those doors to see if there's been any new information."You must always be ready with information because they will kick you off the case if there's no new development." Damien explained, his light blue eyes staring me from head to toe.Another thing was
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Chapter three: thoughts
Steel grey eyes stared back at me, the only thing that filled them was death and what looked like malicious intent. It seemed like I had interrupted his sleep, or maybe this whole time he had been trying to ignore me and my proding on his hair killed the last bit of his patience. I couldn't tell which was which, I was too shocked and he looked like he was ready to rip my guts out of my body.He had a wild look in his eyes, like he was thinking of every painful thing he'd like to do to me. How could such beautiful, unique eyes look so feral? I noticed that his grey eyes had tiny red specks in them. Now that is a colour combination I have never seen before. I forgot all about the shock I had just felt and quickly jotted that down in the tablet, making him growl again.I looked back up at him and he gave me a shocked look. Now he was the surprised one, but why? I never threatened to degut him with my eyes. He growled again, resembling a lion. Oh, I see now. He's trying to scare me. I als
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Chapter four: name
I woke up earlier than usual this morning, probably because I slept earlier than I normally did. Paying no mind to that, I got up and prepared myself for work. I threw my lab coat in the laundry basket. We aren't allowed to take our lab coats outside the work building but yesterday, my head was all over the place and I walked right out without remembering to remove it.I walked into the bathroom and did my business then I took a shower. I washed my long black hair and cleaned my body while humming an unknown tune. It was a way to distract myself from the many thoughts I was getting from just being in the shower. So many inappropriate thoughts..."Anything but Damien, please." I begged my brain. Did it listen? No, because from out of nowhere, Damien walked into the shower and pinned me against the wall, his hot lips connecting with mine. I felt his hand again, slowly trailing higher and higher between my thighs. I spread my legs for him, screaming when I felt his fingers plunging insid
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Chapter five: friend
Damien walked in slowly, like a predator stalking it's prey. I did not know which prey he was stalking because I know it ain't me. His eyes briefly shifted to Sei, who had his eyes closed. He seemed very relaxed, he looked like he had even fallen asleep. I looked back at Damien, seeing that his electric blue eyes had moved from the man and were now glued to my dress. He stared at every outline and curve of mine he could get his eyes on. At that moment, I really wished that I had remembered to wear a coat."Why are you dressed like that?" He asked in a low tone, still creeping towards me. "Don't you know that red is my favorite colour?""I'm sure it is," I mumbled, turning away from him. "Is there anything you need?""Yeah..." He said, appearing behind me. His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me against his hard front, the warmth hitting my back. "I want you to take your clothes off and get on your knees." He whispered against my ear, rough hands rubbing my sides.Is he crazy?
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Chapter six: camera footage
I got to my house and tossed my purse on my couch, eager to clean the place before I continued with my normal routine. I headed straight to the kitchen first, thinking to myself if I should get rid of the glass in my indoor bin or the trashcan outside? This thoughts soon evaporated into the air when I looked right where I had last left the shards, my eyes landing on an empty table. No paper, no shards, just table. That's definitely weird.I looked at the floor, thinking that maybe it must have fallen again. I must be on another level of clumsy if that's what happened, or gravity must be against me. To my confusion and shock, I found my floor spotless. There was nothing. It's like someone had just cleaned it up for me but that doesn't make any sense. I don't have any maid, I don't speak to my neighbors and my family doesn't even care about me. Even if all of those situations were different, no one but me has access to my house.Or maybe that's what I thought.As I did in the morning
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Chapter seven: against the wall
"Hey," Damien greeted me as he stepped inside the house. He wiped his shoes on the mat before fully stepping in. He was dressed in grey tracksuits and white sneakers. It was strange seeing him without his white lab coat on but he still looked good nonetheless.Too bad he's already taken."Hey..." I greeted back, putting my phone on the table. I felt awkward because I was still in my red dress and shoes, having been too scared to go change when I was by myself. "Can I get you something to drink? I haven't made dinner yet." "Don't worry about it. I'll order us a pizza, you seem to need some warmer clothes. It's freezing in here." He told me, making me look around and widen my eyes. He's right, it was really cold in here. I must've forgotten to switch on my heater when I got inside. I can't believe I never noticed while dressed like this. I quickly walked to the living room and switched it on, warm air immediately blasting out if it."Make yourself at home, I'm going to take a quick sho
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Chapter eight: questions
After all the events that happened last night, I don't know how I managed to fall asleep in my house. I was incredibly uncomfortable, but Damien was really helpful with making me feel a little bit more safe. I feel asleep with him sitting next to me but when I woke up, he was gone. I checked all the guest bedrooms too, he wasn't there. He must've left early in the morning.I understood though, he had a woman to get back to. I didn't want to leave my house because of what was happening but I couldn't risk my safety any more than I already have. There's a person possibly in here, I'm too scared to even check my basement, and there's an unclassified animal running around the streets. When did this city become so dangerous?I quickly took a shower, this time keeping an eye out for anything and everything. Then I quickly got dressed for work. I wore black jeans, white sneakers and a white long sleeved shirt. I also washed my lab coat and wore that over it. I left my braids since they stil
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Chapter nine: anger
"You're crazy.""There is no way I'm going to your house.""No ways, you've lost your mind."Those are the words that I kept repeating to Damien, who was still trying to persuade me to go spend a few nights in his house. I'll do that in his dreams, not anywhere else. I'm not going to sleep under the same roof as his fiancé. Imagine how guilty I'd feel with her being nice to me, knowing that I've been sleeping with Damien.I refuse to put her and myself in such an awkward position."She is fine with it, I promise. I just want to make sure that you're safe." He pleaded with me, his hands wrapping around my wrists. He shook them as he spoke, making my whole body rock back and forth awkwardly. "Can I not look after my coworker? My friend?" He said, the word friend feeling like ice cold water has been splashed on my back.Well, shoot.That hurt more than I would've liked it to. Looks like he's decided to focus on his relationship after all. I smiled and nodded, not knowing what I was noddi
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Chapter ten: frustration
Damien and I walked to the cafeteria, the place seeming to be busier than it usually was. Everyone had shifts that ended at completely different hours of the day, which made the lunch hall empty for most of the day. Today it was like more than half the people that worked here had come down for lunch."What's going on?" I asked Damien as I skimmed over today's menu. Oh! Sushi and hotpot dumplings. People made way for us as we walked by because Damien had to be the most important person in the hall as a Head Scientist. With him, I even got to cut through the long line and order first. I got those delicious hotpot dumplings and some crispy and tangy pork ribs with extra marinade. I was starving, but when have I never been hungry?Damien got a chicken strip salad, grilled chicken and a bun with sesame seeds sprinkled on it. He also took a peach. We walked through the cafeteria in search of a good place to sit and we spotted Mica and Sharlene sitting together and laughing about something.
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