My Mythical Dragon

My Mythical Dragon

By:  Abri Nichole Benton  Updated just now
Language: English
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Maybelll Smith, an unfortunate girl thrown into a world of danger and romance, finds everything she is looking for, and needs, when she bumps into the notorious, red head, danger leading boy. Asher Wild, the leader of the Fire Dragons, thinks he has everything he needs with his family and his friends. But, what happened when he bumps into the girl that makes him change his perspective. Things get complicated when these two meet and sparks fly, but life always gets in the way. What happens when god throws a stone at the path they are suppose to take, will they find the love? Or will they burn forever in their mistakes?

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13 Chapters
Prologue Do you ever wonder what would happen if you changed one thing in your life? Year after year we make thousands of choices, and go down thousands of paths, only to end up in the same place, the dirt. So, why do we try? One choice after another, and suddenly I'm standing on the edge of a warehouse thinking about how it all started. Maybell Age 6 Walking past the door that would wake my parents up. I look towards the ceiling and make a silent prayer that the floor I'm walking on won’t squeak under my feet. Walking down the stairs of our sensible two story house was no picnic. Stair after stair squeaked when I stepped as lightly as I could. Making my way across the living room, I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. What to get, what to get. The decision was so obvious for me when my eyes landed on the chocolate ice cream sitting in the back, untouched, that my mother bought after work today. Grabbing it out of the fridge, I open the freezer and fill a cup with
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Chapter 1
Maybell Smith Mythicals- A rare bloodline that people inherit from God, Dalion, that he personally blessed with the ancient dragon spirit. It is given to those who have been close enough to touch the white veil. Although this information is well known, mythicals are still a mystery to the rest of civilization, if encountered, don’t stare into its gaze. HM, what bullshit. Slamming the book, I huff before pushing it away from me and stare at it while it joins the other books on the floor. I stand and stretch my legs that have been sitting under me for the past 2 hours. This library might be helpful at times, but comfort is definitely not one of its strong suites. Looking toward the entrance, I debate on breaking the promise I made Paison, and go out and get food by myself. Right as I think that, the devil himself walks in like he owns the damn place. Turning towards him, I get ready to scold him when I notice the face he is making. I almost think it’s a face he makes when he is c
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Chapter 2
Asher Wild Waking up with a blinding headache is not the way I wanted things to start this morning. I wake up most mornings early to let my beast roam the forest surrounding my house. However, something about today feels different. He is more on edge, like something is about to happen. That might be why it feels like there are multiple dragons pounding away in my head. Making my way to my bathroom, I make sure to drink a whole lot of water, to try and drown the assholes that have been stomping around in my brain. Brushing my teeth, I debate on whether I want to shower, or just put on extra deodorant and call it a day. Stomping down the hall, I walk into the room Oliver calls home, and get instantly disappointed that he is not there. Usually we meet here to work out in the gym downstairs together, but it seems like he decided to do that alone. Closing his door, I walk down the stairs. And debate on what I want for breakfast this morning. Deciding on simple toast, I grab the brea
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Chapter 3
Maybell Smith I move around in the cloud that I'm somehow laying in and slowly come to, as I figure out what happened, and where I am. Opening my eyes, the bright light stabs me. I look around and see the most beautiful bedroom I have ever found myself in. The bed that is in the middle of the space is a dark blue with wooden beams that come out of the corners. There is a dresser right on the end of the bed that is a light brown, with a hint of gold. The carpet is white, and looks like it could be the softest thing my feet have ever touched. Sliding off the king sized bed, my feet hit the carpet and confirmed my suspicions. It is in fact, the softest thing these feet have touched in their little life. Getting out of the bed, I make my way to the door and peek out. Standing at the end of the hall talking to the giant man, is my twin. “Look, I know you're nervous, but this is the safest place for her. Archer’s not a bad guy, he is just older than dirt and doesn't know anything”. Clicki
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Chapter 4
Archer WildInfuriating! How dare that woman speak to me like that? Doesn’t she know who I am?Pacing the space that I have been walking for at least an hour, smoke practically pours out of my nose when I think about what she said.I have to tell myself to calm down, or I will go raging down the hall and throw that insufferable girl over my shoulder! Maybe that will teach her a lesson! Me, Archer Wild, not desirable? Any woman in her right mind would throw herself at me! I could have any woman I wanted, and this is who the God paired me with? An absolute know-it-all?Walking to the door I get ready to slam it open when I hear knocking come from the other side. Opening it carefully so as not to show how angry I am, I come face to face with the one person I didn’t want to see tonight! My beast steadies in my mind and focuses on the beauty sanding in frount of me. “Paison told me what happened. Thank you for bringing me here, but I don’t want to stay here anymore. We’re leaving.” She tu
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Chapter 5
Maybell SmithBlinking my eyes open, I see nothing but darkness. Getting up fast, I look down to see my hand covered with something sticky, but I can't see exactly what. Suddenly, a spotlight shines down on me and I finally get to take a look at my surroundings. Jumping back in horror, I note the dead bodies that litter the room. Paison, Archer, Oliver, they are all there, covered in ice, looking at me like I was their downfall. Looking down I see my hand covered in blood, the same stuff that came out of my mother on that horrible night. I open my mouth to scream and nothing comes out. The door at the other end bursts open and a faceless person walks in."You should have just come to me when you got the chance." He lets out this laugh that makes my toes curl in fear."Maybell." I spring out of bed and look around. Sitting next to me, in the bed I went to sleep on, is Archer. Looking at me like I had just told him I'm going to kill him in his sleep."What are you doing here?" I cover
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Chapter 6
Archer WildBegging me for it? Where did that come from? Walking down the stairs, I make my way to the kitchen and make myself an espresso. What am I doing? I told myself when this war with Fletcher started, that I would not endanger anyone by showing them I care about them. Do I care about her? I have dreamed of having this same thing as a kid, but I don't want all that takenaway from me if something goes wrong. Isn't that what everyone is worried about? Getting their heart ripped right out of their chest? Is it worth it? Maybe Gia will know. Walking down the hall, right up to Gia's room, and froze. Has she been through something like this before? If she has, I'll kill anyone that dares to crush her heart. Now I'm not sure if I want to know. Walking away, I went right back to the kitchen, and finished the expresso I so eloquently made, downing it in one go, Oliver walks down and stares at me. "She kicked you out?" Looking at him, I try to figure out how in the hell he would know
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Chapter 7
Maybell Smith How did he do that? No one has ever held me like that before, and especially during one of the times that I lose control. I don't even know what happened. I walked down the stairs and went to confront him, and ended up stomping back upstairs shaking with rage. When I lost control in the closet I wasn't meaning to. But the anxiety of never being enough for someone, and being in such a new place and new people just got to me and piled up. Losing control is always scary, but somehow Archer made me feel like I could as long as I was in his arms. Getting dressed in a white crop top, and some black jeans, I walk down the stairs to the crowd that has formed in the kitchen. "Are you alright?" Paison walks up to me talking in the morse code we made up as kids. Clicking my tongue, I simply tell him that I'm fine and will talk to him about what happened later. "Okay we need to get down to business, what would the story be, why did you have to come and live with us? "Wai
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Chapter 8
Archer WildWhoa, someone is in trouble. Walking out of the room, I make my way with Oliver down to the basement to get some sort of workout in for the day. Wrapping my knuckles, I turn towards the bag and start to work my stress out of my body. This damn girl is going to drive me insane. I have lived on this earth for so long that I should be making the one that drives women crazy, but here I am tossing and turning over one little girl that has me so far out of the game, I can practically see my parents laughing at me beyond the grave. Even though I have dreamed of finding a mate, I was more worried about taking over for my dad, and becoming Mythical Alpha. Then Fletcher had to come in and ruin it, by practically wiping out my whole lineage. Fletcher has been on my trail for the last several hundred years. But the thing is, I don't know how he is doing it. For what I know, he is human. He should have died centuries ago. But, something on this earth keeps him alive and well. Taking
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Chapter 9
Maybell Smith Walking into town is a whole lot prettier when you have a roof over your head, and food constantly on the table. I never realized how beautiful the world can be when you have everything you need. Yeah, Paison and I do really well sometimes. But even with both of our jobs, mine being in a bar, his being at a fast food restaurant, we can't have a place to stay without putting out names on the lease. And that meant being caught by Fletcher. I never thought that this could be the place I would find someone to settle down with. Not that I'm actually settling down. With this threat spiraling over our heads, no one can actually become fully relaxed. Walking down the sidewalk, I see the mall at the other end and decide that I have nothing better to do right now. The mall is like your basic city mall. You have the food cart. The smells coming from there can have a grown man down on his knees to taste a bit. Over at the other end, is the theater. It is so big that you could fit
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