First Dragon: Blood Ties

First Dragon: Blood Ties

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Emma is the daughter of the First Dragon Lord and the First human.. Unaware of her power and balance she holds over magical and human realm, the chance meeting and a new job open the doors of possibilities, love, intrigue, family and magic...... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Straddling the man whose lap I am sitting on, I feel his thick, large, fullness inside me.. The connection is unreal.. I feel him fill me and wanting more.. I am hungrily kissing him, wanting him.. I am taking him all the way inside me, panting, sliding up and down on his cock.. The image I see feels real.. I feel wetness between my legs, the burning need for him, every little sensation of his sliding shaft, a burning desire for this man, my juices coating my legs... I want him inside me, I want to feel his touch..We scream in ecstasy and the image blurs. I see a child..

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65 chapters
It Has Begun
I have lived 30000000 years... The time has passed by so quickly and the memories and knowledge have stayed with me.. So has the pain.. So has the love.. So has betrayal. And death... So much death and loss.. One thing I never lost is my power... My father said, if I created so many, I may lose my powers... He was wrong.. He only created five of us, me being his first born.. And his power left him.. Mine never did... It has grown to a point that I have too much of it... It is time to give it back. My time on this plane is drawing short.. It is soon the time I go to the Elder Waters and join my sisters. My children, so many of them, however are still at wars.. They are still fighting, as the mortal plane around them is collapsing. Even my immortal children that walk this Earth have succumbed to the everyday natures of this world.... It was so different, so many moons ago... When vampire blood was pure... When my Lycans and Wares walked in their packs and had dignity... My fairies and t
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The First Dragon
The First DragonTime stood still …. When first I walked this Earth, it was a desolate place.. My father just built it.. There was no light.. The darkness enveloped me as I woke into the world… My silver eyes opened and I saw the towers of brimstone.. Fires of volcano nearby… And smoke.. a lot of it… Nothing else.. The Earth was forming.. The molten lava was everywhere .. As I walked on it, I noticed there was nothing…Cracked mountains of fire, smoke and darkness.. I did not understand why Father would awaken me nor what I was supposed to do with this desolation.. There was no life.. There was nothing but me and fires… Endless stream of fires, black, red and purple as I walked and surveyed my new home…The volcanoes were exploding over me, lava spilling on the ground.. I walked and found it whimsical.. Their amber lights, the heat, the liquidity of fire…. I took it in my hand and loved the feel of its warmth in the desolation I was walking in… I looked at myself.. The father certainly
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My Son
He was enormous. He easily towered closest volcano with his wings outstretched. I looked up to see his face only to be surprised when my son’s face came from the other side of me… His enormous gold and orange scaled body was wrapped in the circle around me, his giant paws resting on the soil from which he came. His wings were now fully stretched, and I could see their magnificence… I turned to face his ember orbs only to be met with warmth of his breath as he nudged my face… A low emitting sound came from him looking at me.. There I stood – my silver eyes gently looking at my son… I stretched my hand and touched his face… Kal…For the moment, nothing else matters. I held my child’s face in my palms, and for that moment, nothing else mattered. Show me your other form I said… Hearing my words, a swift sound of wind came over me… Next to me, stood a creature on his upper legs mirroring mine with chocolate gold skin towering by a feet over me.. The ember orbs were the same, his raven hai
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The alarm was beeping incisively. It is 730 am ... A little more I said... 10 more minutes. You already overslept I heard – you have that interview at 11!! Money was tight and I really needed to get up to try to get that job.. Ok, ok I am coming! I said to my brother ..This was the best time to sleep.. Lately my dreams have been strange and I would find myself awake at random times at night staring at the ceiling. I could not explain it – I was restless, yet I did not want to move.. I rushed to the bathroom to splash some water on my face and look at myself... You have to be presentable Emma I keep saying to myself.. Looking at my unruly brown locks which could easily pass for bird’s nest, I did not know what to do with myself.. My saving grace were always my eyes, which still showed their interesting green and gold color, yet they looked dulled and tired.Are you wanting any coffee? I hear Leo say and I yell back – sure – make some please! Jumping into a quick shower, I was thinking
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Lily's Promise
Silence and tension fell as Emma stepped out.. I tried to focus, but inexplicable feeling overtook my every thought. I was conflicted. Was I happy? Relived ? Worried? Scared? Confused? The tornado of emotions hit me with absolute, raw, crippling force. Was that her Madam, Mateo asks... Is that her? Is that Catherine’s daughter? I sigh.. Yes..Not willing to admit to myself or him.. But yes, it is her... She has her eyes...Mateo looks at me in the rear-view mirror and I give him a tiny smile... The child is even more beautiful than I thought... She has retained her innocence, a rare quality in this world anymore... My thoughts drift and I am sent back in time.. All my first tribe human children had those eyes. I think back of the lush gardens of my birthplace and my Father ... So much time has passed... Where to Madam? Mateo asks and snaps me from a daydream... The mountain cabin will do.. I need to be in the forest...Understood... Should I notify anyone else?Not yet Mateo, not ye
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A Strange Day
Well, this was strange to say at least, I think to myself. I was grateful for Lily’s ride and getting here. Even though I was late, I was still hoping to make it to the interview. I quickly texted Leo that I made it, so he will not worry and opened the door. As I step into the lobby of the huge building it is even more intimidating than its view from outside. Large marble reception desk is in the center and a woman in her 30ties or so is sitting behind it... Her fiery red hair is styled to perfection, her icy cold blue eyes with perfect makeup. Her outfit looks like it costs more than my rent... I rush towards her nervously and she raises her eyes to me..Miss Brook, I presume??? She says as she looks at her watch...Err, yes I could not find the transportation from the trin station I stutter, I apologize I tell her hurriedly. She taps on her computer screen and looks at her watch again. Mr. Loke appreciates punctuality she says with the stern voice. I gulp... There goes my chance...
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I am not alone
The days were going slow.. I have been wanting to go back to Bavaria and spend time with my son, but the work in California was becoming more demanding by the minute. The meeting of the Council was in two weeks and there was a lot to prepare for... Things have been changing faster than we thought.. The unexplained attacks in our European strongholds were increasing and we could not find its source... I have reached out to the vampire covens to find the source of this, but so far, we got very little back as a result. In fact, Celia assured me that it will be done, yet it was not.. This was highly irregular; her fighters were from oldest vampire families and strongest... Yet, few of them turned up dead... Last team she sent to Italy did not come back yet... We have heard from her team in Siberia, but they found nothing... The searchcontinues.. There is something very strange and unsettling about all this.. Only my mother could summon a power such as this to go against me... But, we hav
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Emma’s POVMore I stood there, more nervous I became. This place was starting the creep me out. Mr. Locke’s voice sent shivers down my spine and not the good kind either. His words alone had me glued to my spot. There was an inexplicable force in his tone, even though he never really raised his voice. I simply could not move and stood frozen. I felt like a statue and for a second wondered if he froze those warriors in their spot too...I was fidgeting with my hands, trying not to show my stress and anxiety. I was grateful to the gorgeous red head lady as I indeed did wipe sweat from my face in the elevator, but it was coming back on.. I did not know what exactly unsettled me so much – I just had a feeling that I stood in a presence of power and something else.... You are seeing things again Emma, you are seeing things, I mumble to myself.. It is just a job, you need it but it is a job. Jobs pay bills, that is all. Now calm down and think of Leo..Mr. Locke slowly turns and looks at me
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Shall We Begin?
Kal’s POVMy anger is still simmering within me, but I have an interview to do. Yes, she is late, and yes, she is human, but my Seer has never been wrong. For centuries, the old crone has served me well, and I had no reason to doubt her now.Although, looking at the tiny human in front of me, I was starting to wonder.I moved slowly as not to scare her.. Her big eyes were staring at me.. She clearly has not moved from where Valor left her. Not sure what was happening to her hair, and I could not decipher if that was the look of youth nowadays, but I did not care for it. Easy Kal, she is not here for her looks. Talk to her, I hear my dragon’s voice.. Sometimes, the beast made more sense than me.I gesture to a chair across my table on the other side and she does not move. Did she not see me? Does she not understand?Miss. Brook, I am on limited time, and you are already late. Would you like to sit down please? I am not going to ask again.With this she nods. Oh good, she does hear me.
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A Ride
Lily’s POVIt took us about 2 hours drive to get to the cabin in the woods. I could have transported myself within matter of seconds whereover I want but have grown accustomed to human forms of transportation. It helps me relay to them, understand them better, and blend in most importantly. The drive was uneventful and scenic and it allowed me to think.. I wonder if the wolves were at the cabin... I mind link and call them, and surely, three wolves, one white and two very large gray appear as we pull in.Mateo looks at me and asks if he should shift too.. It is your forest Mateo, I say through the mind link – your pack. Do as you wish my son.Shortly after, he transforms into a large black wolf, largest of them all. His golden eyes flicker with dominance, power and authority. He was their Alpha after all. Daisy, the white wolf comes over to nudge him gently and I marvel at their connection. Ah, love – they are mates.. One of the purest yet deadliest emotions. Father was not lying .. .
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