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"Tera do you have one supplier for your business?" "Ofcourse not." "Good, then ran your relationships like you ran your businesses, sometimes sex doesn't have to mean anything. Sometimes it means a new pair pf shoes and bag, sometimes it means rent and sometimes it just means you're horny." "What do you really have under that robe Chloe?" "Ass!" she says as we all start laughing

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Chapter One
6 months ago. ELLA. "Lets do shots Chloe," i say as soon as i get back on my chair. "Wait, what changed between a few minutes ago and now?" she asks looking at me curiously. "I have decided tonight to let loose and live like you, everything under normal circumstances i wouldn't get caught dead doing, i will do it." "Well, i won't talk you out of that, so shots it is." The music in the club pulsed through my body as i threw back my second shot of tequila. “Maybe you should slow down Ella, you're not really a heavyweight drinker” Chloe warned“And maybe you should shut up,” I replied handing her a shot. Stop being a buzzkill, let's just live tonight" i say taking my third shot. "Jordan Baker has been looking at you since you came back”“where” i asked a little too excitedly that it shocked me, i knew his reputation and he wasn't really my type so maybe the alcohol was clouding my judgment. That's when I turned around and saw him. He was casually leaning against the wall talking
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Chapter Two
PRESENT ELLA. When Chloe texted me this morning to go in for the personal assistant job interview i applied 2 weeks ago, it caught me by surprise. I had applied, but i didn't expect to really get picked since i didn't have a lot of experience. I have spent most of my adult life in and out of the hospital. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of sixteen. Between my chemo treatments i haven't really had much time to gain experience. I have had only one job since graduation and it didn't last because shortly after i got sick and had to go in for another round of treatment.Which means i have not also been to interviews before, but i need this job. The hospital bills have drained my trust fund and am broke. I put on the only skirt suit i own, with a white shirt and pair it up with black heels. I hold my hair back and put on some lipgloss.I pushed through the revolving doors of Empire Enterprises lobby, ten minutes before nine. Wanting to make the best impression. I have been
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Chapter Three
JORDAN. I looked towards the door, beyond Jeremy there she was. The woman i have tried to stop thinking about for the last six months. She looked nothing like she looked that night. She was paler, she looked like she had also lost some weight. She was wearing a simple black suit and her hair was held backwards. Pure unadultered lust flowed like fire in my veins.God. She was still sexy.I had tried to track her down since the morning i woke up to her nowhere to be seen,six months ago. There was nothing on her. It was like she was a ghost. Until one week ago when i came across her application for the assistant position. She was not qualified in any way for the position but i needed her, i needed to know what her deal was. She was the first woman i had been really interested in more than for the sex, since my fiance died six years ago. But for a woman who never wanted to be found, i needed to play her game. As much as i wanted her, craved her i needed to know what her deal was. She h
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Chapter Four
ELLA. I was paranoid about which bill to open up first. I still had balances from the previous month that i needed to clear. Tensing for a moment i forced herself to tear open the first envelope. How much was it this month? I scanned to the bottom of the invoice and located the total amount. Breath trickled from my lungs before it gusted out. Not horrible. I set the bill back on the table trying to calculate in my head how much money i will be left with after settling all the awaiting bills.For a moment i sat back on my couch and imagined how it would be like not to have so many bills. I would be free, it was good to imagine but i also knew that was just wishful thinking.As i padded through her cheap studio apartment to the bathroom, i shed my clothes to get in the shower to freshen up. Chloe was coming over. After the day i had, i needed her to talk me up and remind me why i needed this job. I cranked the shower head and waited for the water to turn warm and for the steam to clou
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Chapter Five
JORDAN Ella Washington distracted me.Distracted was a euphemism for what she was doing to me. Hell, i didn't know if i was coming or going with this woman. I couldn't fucking stop thinking about her. Her soft skin. That taunting mouth of hers. Those fuck me eyes, those legs, God, don't start me on those damn legs. This morning even with the distraction of Leila, all i could think of was Ella. The image of her in my t-shirt was still stuck in my head. Leila was a commercial model she was the most sought after model in New York, every woman wanted to be her and ever man wanted her. She was mine, but even her had nothing on what Miss Ella was doing to me. I knew if i went to Chicago alone, i would not be able to concentrate on any thing. So whe was coming with me, i would rather have her close to me if that helps with the day dreaming. I never go to6any of my business meetings with women, especially women i sleep with. I prefer not to mix business with pleasure. But i guess with Ella
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Chapter Six
ELLA. I have never brought a guy into my apartment before. Infact only Chloe has been to my house before. Because of my treatments and regular hospital stays, i never really had a social life so the out friend i had was chloe. But right now one of the richest men in New York city was in my house. My one bedroom cheap apartment.This entire day has been one bizzare moment after another. I open the door slowly making a quick scan of the apartment incase there's anything i need to hide. In doing so, i realize i just might have to hide everything and that's not possible with Jordan step behind me. When Jordan said we will pass by my place to pick up my stiff, I thought he was going to wait in the car while i pack. But he instead followed me up claiming women take forever to get ready, he needed to come up with me to make sure i hurry up. I step aside and allow him to enter my apartment. "Come in." i say. Jordan walks in after me, taking in my apartment with his curious eyes. Its a sm
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Chapter Seven
Chapter seven. “Hey,” i said smiling at the receptionist. She was a tall brunette who didn't seem to like me very much. “Am here for Jordan,”“Do you have an appointment?” she asked me coldly. “Not officially, but he is expecting me.”“Well am not allowed to let anyone in without an appointment.” she said sitting back down. I took my phone out and dialed Jordan's number, but he was not picking up. I was about to go back down to the car, when Chloe called me. “Hey,” i answered the phone enthusiastically. “Hey baby girl how is Chicago treating you? Is it cold?”“I will catch you up on everything but i need your out of the box thinking right now.”“Ofcourse, what's going on?”“I am supposed to be in a meeting with Jordan but his receptionist won't let me in and he is not picking up his phone.” i said loudly for the receptionist who was looking at me like i was one of Jordan's sluts to hear. She just rolled her eyes. “Well that's easy, just walk right past her.” Chloe said giggling.
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Chapter Eight
ELLA. It's almost past midnight. Jordan called an hour ago and said he wouldn't be coming back to the house. I didn't ask him questions i figured he was spending the night with the blonde from the party earlier. I cant sleep for some reason, on this particular lonely night it has me thinking about Alex, my son Kyle's father.I still never got him out of my head completely, though time made things better, sometimes I would see something that reminded me of him and it would put me in a funk. I remember the day i got the call, I was six months pregnant he died in war, he was in the military serving our country.On a particular lonely night when i was almost due, i went alone to a tattoo studio and had a a heart put in the spot he used kiss me. It's a tiny heart, about the size of a thumbprint. It's not fully closed i had it like that on purpose because it's how my heart feels every time i think about him. It just feels like a little hole in it, letting out all the air.I loved him, i st
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Chapter Nine
Ella. I wore a sundress. Jordan cupped my face in his hands and brushed his mouth across mine with heartrending tenderness. His gaze remained haunted."Lunch?" i asked feeling the need to cling to the connection between us."I have a business lunch." he ran his fingers through my loose hair. "would you come with? Our driver can drop you off after""I would love to come along." his haze softened.Dressed in formal clothes he looked somber yet collected. I knew he was anything but. On the drive to the business lunch he cuddled me in his lap, i didn't speak more than a dozen words during the meal, which Jordan ordered for me.I sat quietly at his side, my left hand resting on his hard thigh beneath the table cloth. A wordless affirmation for my commitment to him or is it our contract. One of his hands rested warmly over mine as he diacussed a new property he was acquiring.With each hour that passed i felt the horror of the morning, i didn't know how to get him to talk to me or even ope
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Chapter Ten
EllaI am watching friends eating peanut butter and bread on the bedChloe 's wild thing ring tone makes me grinas my phone screen lights up, as usual i answer with Bluetooth to avoid using my hands. "Hey Chloe, what's up" "i should ask you that girl, you are the one with a new boyfriend" "he is not my boyfriend and you know that" "well how is the man you're having all boyfriend benefits with doing" she says laughing"He is good, actually he is out right now with his ex wife" " what? He was married?" "Yap, so yes am home eating peanut watching friends, how are you guys" "We are all good, we miss you" "i miss you guys too, can't wait to get back home next week" i sat up tugging at the shorts i was wearing tugging them up "Girl, guess what am wearing" "How am i supposed to guess what you are wearing Ella, it could be anything" "But it's not, it's your Christmas gift to me" "Ofcourse you would wear them when no one is home" "because that's the intention no one will ever see
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