Not your Luna

Not your Luna

By:  K. K. Winter  Updated just now
Language: English
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After the death of the Alpha couple, Olivia had to face the ruthless truth about her upbringing. With nothing left to hold her down, she ran to escape the memories that weren't hers. But this time, she didn't run with nothing; she ran with his mark burning as deep as her soul. *** The crowd of wolves gasped in horror. Some screamed, and many women burst into tears while their Alpha licked the blood from Olivia's skin. Olivia shivered when his disgusting lips left her neck. Noah's hand ran through her hair, grabbing a fistful of her snow-white curls; he pulled her against his body and whispered, "Good luck avoiding me now, rogue." ***

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31 chapters
Dystopian nightmare.
"Not your sister. I was never your sister to begin with," Olivia whispered. Olivia was the brightest, most positive and loving person, yet she couldn't stop feeling like an outcast in the very pack she grew up in. She used to blame her genetics, especially since everyone claimed she was an albino. While nearly everyone in the pack was tan and had darker features, she was but a snowflake in a pile of coals. But standing on that stage, Olivia found out that her hidden fears and doubts were genuine. She wasn't the daughter of the Midnight Blood packs' late leaders. Alpha Ares and Luna Mira had lied to her. Though there was a significant chunk of her life that Olivia couldn't remember- the part she could recall was nothing but a lie. The pain, regret, confusion and anger boiled in Olivia's heart, creating a mess of emotions she couldn't contain. For the first time in her life, Olivia faced the pack with anger so great it could burn cities to ashes. And even worse, the one person she o
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She'll crawl back.
Noah barely had enough time to slump into his office chair when Enzo, his second-in-command, stormed into the office and slammed the door. "Dude, what the hell were you thinking? Have you lost your mind?" He screamed at the top of his lungs. Though Enzo was walking on thin ice, Noah took a deep breath and clenched his fists to calm down. It was his best friend, not Beta, who stood before him now. "First of all, you may be the Beta, but I have the power to change that in a matter of minutes, so next time, better knock before you barge into my office like that. And second, calm down; I did what I had to do." Noah did his best to sound calm and collected, despite how wildly his heart pounded against his ribcage and how much he wanted to tear his friend apart. "I don't give a shit if I lose the Beta position; I never wanted it in the first place, so you have nothing to hold against me!" Enzo kept screaming, unbothered by the possibility of the pack members standing near their Alphas' o
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The oak tree.
Perhaps it took too much time for Noah to react, but once he shook off the initial shock and the weight of his careless actions, he stormed out of his office and took off. He didn't acknowledge the pack members in his way as Noah ran towards the stairs and up to the second floor. Noah thought the only place where he could find Olivia had to be her bedroom, but once he reached the door and kicked it open, he couldn't do as much as sense her presence. The room was neat and clean, but empty. If Olivia came here to grab her belongings, she had to leave some mess behind because Noah knew she would rush to get out. Moments later, Enzo stood behind him and scanned the room the same as Noah did. They didn't speak or share their thoughts, staring blankly at the room. Noah gulped and stepped inside to check if anything was missing. He was one of the few people who knew Olivia better than anyone else, and whenever she had to go somewhere, there was a handful of things she would always take w
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Landon's territory.
Her life, her future and every dream were ruined. Olivia had hoped that breaking the ties with the pack would free her, but the plan backfired in the worst way possible. She became damaged goods: a marked woman who ran away. No pack in their right mind would take her in now, and no man could ever look her way. And worst of all, Olivia knew that even if a pack took her in, they had to announce her arrival to the man who marked her. The chances of getting away from Noah were close to none, but that didn't mean she would give up. No, she wasn't the scared little girl anymore and knew better than to give Noah what he wanted. She would fight for her freedom. So, once she saw a chance, Oliva stormed to her room, grabbed her wallet and sneaked out the window. Noah had gone to his office and would probably discuss what he did with his best friend- Olivia intended to use every minute they wasted to her advantage. She loved Enzo. He was Noah's best friend, but he was nothing like the feral
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You're the prettiest devil I've seen.
Two days had gone by since the day Olivia escaped her worst nightmare and ran straight into the arms of another one. She couldn't believe how drastically her life had changed in a matter of a few days. If Noah's doings weren't enough, now, she awaited a trial. Yes, exactly, a darn trial about her future inside or outside the territory she was kept as a prisoner. The funniest part of the mess was that Olivia couldn't understand how a man with such an honourable reputation and name could be so mean. He didn't spare a moment to listen to her or even consider letting her explain what had happened. "So much for the sanctuary for the lost and forgotten," she whispered, pulling her knees to her chest. The cells were cold and smelled worse than some public toilets she had used back in England. Olivia sat on the ground, which didn't have as much as concrete to cover the dirt; her back was pressed against the rock wall, and her eyes were closed. After two days without water and food, her sto
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I suggest you find yourself a new Beta.
He tried to find her. Noah tried more than he had ever before, and if anything his mother used to tell him was true, it mattered if he tried his best. Yet, each of his attempts to look for her ended up with him stuck facing a dead end. Olivia disappeared; she managed to fade into thin air without one lead to track her down. "God fucking damn it!" Noah screamed as he grabbed a photo frame and threw it against the wall. He went as far as to spread Olivia's photos across the nearby packs, and against every instinct he had, Noah sent them to Landon's territory. He hated the man with passion, but he was so desperate that he had to cave in. Never before in his life had Noah felt so powerless. He was sure Olivia couldn't leave him even if she wanted to, but he knew he had to know better. Since he could remember her entering his life, she had always been as stubborn and unmovable as a brick wall. After everything he had already done, Noah decided to fly to England. If Olivia had somewher
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My, my, my.
When Olivia woke up, the first thought that crossed her mind was that she had to be dead. How else would she end up in such a bright space and sleep on something that felt like a cloud under her body?The last time she had slept so peacefully was back in England while she lived with her aunt. The memories hurt her; it was nothing but a constant reminder of how fake her happiness was. Luna Mira was the only mother Olivia had known, and she loved the woman, but the connection she had with Anne was something out of this world. The woman Olivia had called her aunt for years became another mother figure. Olivia didn't notice how she teared up until the tears started sliding down her cheeks. An annoying beeping sound next to her became louder, which alerted someone in the room."Thank God you're awake. You gave us some serious scare," a smiling woman hovered over her. Noticing the gentle look in her eyes, Olivia couldn't hold back the need to hear Anne's voice. She needed the reassuremen
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It's Logan, not Alpha or sir.
Olivia sat up in the bed as she kept gazing at the stranger standing before her. She wasn't sure if she had ever met him before, but the more she tried to come up with any instance she might have met him- there were none. Surely, she would remember a man as inhumanly handsome as this stranger. If she thought Noah looked like a demigod, this man had to be too close or even better looking than her fake brother. Olivia's eyes darted to the nurse, who picked up some papers from the nightstand, bowed and left the room. Only when the woman was gone did Olivia dare to look at the man again. Yep, still nothing. She had no idea who he was and how he knew her name. Arching an eyebrow, she cleared her throat and reminded herself she must remain polite to prove them a point. "My apologies, I feel sincerely bad for saying this, but I don't think we have ever met before, so I have no idea who you are, sir." The man flashed her a blinding smile and shook his head. "No need to apologise, Oli
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His property.
Once the confession left her lips, Olivia wasn't sure what she feared more: the possibility of making Logan angry or him sending her back to Noah. Though Logan looked like a good man, she couldn't tell if he had any ulterior motives when it came to her. All her life, Olivia had to be careful around people and hide her identity so that no one would think of using her against her parents. But then again, Logan knew who she was, and it didn't look like he needed more money than he had, so Olivia dared to assume he wouldn't act like this was some kidnapping case. Come to think of it, that was something she had to find out: how did Logan know who she was? Her parents had a habit of hiding her because of her unique looks, so there weren't many people who knew Olivia existed. Logan had an expression on his face that Olvia couldn't read, yet when he muttered 'so that's why', she had to question him. "Logan, may I ask how you know who I am? And what's why?" Olivia raised an eyebrow but t
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Why is she here?
Landon led the way as his son followed in his footsteps. The old Alpha knew he had little to no power over the pack and his son after he handed down the title, but this wasn't a matter of power play. There was no way he would measure dicks with his son to decide which one of them was more powerful or wiser. Landon could bet his head on one thing: his son was a competent and reasonable Alpha. Logan didn't utter a word. He knew better than to confront his father out in the open. The hospital wasn't the right place to start something none wanted to finish, so both men had only one goal in mind- the office. And as they got closer, Logan couldn't shake off the feeling that something was terribly wrong. Though he tried to guess what it might be, Logan didn't believe the issue could be pack-related. No matter how desperately he tried to grasp on anything but Olivia's involvement in the issue his father might discuss, Logan couldn't. His father hadn't been acting like himself since Olivia
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