A Deal With The Millionaire

A Deal With The Millionaire

By:  Mirah Ace  Completed
Language: English
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Synopsis " Play the role of my bride on my wedding day and I will pay you any amount " The popular Millionaire, Shane Kent said to her. " Just for a day, I will pay you 10 million dollars " He said to her. Right, it was supposed to be a day thing until it turned to days. Living with the millionaire in his mansion, she stated catching feelings which is against the contract. The contract ended and they parted ways but what happens when Shane Kent refuses to let her go? He wants her and he must get her! Let's find out in this enticing novel.

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90 Chapters
Chapter 01
Chapter 01** Yummy Restaurant **" You kids should hurry up, we have to ensure everything is in place, we don't wanna make any mistake at all " The supervisor said to the workers, as he moved around supervising their works.His eyes caught Layla, one of the attendants and winked at her while she looked away immediately.A smirk played on his lips as he walked away." Can't believe he just addressed us as kids " Lila, one of the waitress hissed and the others chuckled." Hey, are you okay? " Mira tapped her friend, Layla, softly as they both arranged the luxurious chairs, placing them in order." Yeah " She mumbled under her breath but loud enough for her to hear." Is it about the fees? " She asked and Layla released a deep breath." Yeah, I'm just worried, If we're ever going to make enough money off this job that could be enough for the tution fees, tho the pay here is good, I just don't think working here for some few months could be enough, I think we need more jobs " Layla replie
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Chapter 02
Chapter 02Layla finally got home and sighed, still thinking about yesterday.Could she ever get away from the supervisor?, He wouldn't stop till he achieved his goal!.She can't succumb to his request, not at all!, But she's scared of what he could do, he could force himself on her!." Hey, are you okay? " Mira asked and she nodded." How about we go out?, to have fun? " She asked and Layla had a quick thought about it, before finally agreeing, and with that, they both left the apartment. ***These two were finally back from their outing when Layla's phone beeped* Her father had been admitted in the hospital *These two rushed out again as they found their way to the hospital.* A hospital in the Nothern part of the Town *" Sir, that's a lot of money " Mirah complained , they're currently in the doctor's office, and after diagnosing Layla's father, they found out that his illness had gotten worse and he would need lots of money for his treatment." I mean, that's twice our life tim
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Chapter 03
Chapter 03" Gosh " Layla muttered, trying to catch her breath as the driver drove her off.She wasn't in her right mind as she kept thinking about what could have happened if she hadn't escaped, he could have raped her.The thoughts of her losing her virginity as a result of rape sent shivers down her spine.Then, it striked her, where was she?.. whose car is she in?, Where are they headed to?, Is she being kidnapped?.She turned swiftly and her eyes trailed up as the figure beside her was so tall.He had this cold and blank expression on and that made her heart race in fear.Are they kidnappers?, She noticed they were two, and there was another driver driving them to an unknown destination." Sir... " She called in a broken voice, she had lost her voice.The huge and hefty man turned to her and she swallowed nothing down her throat." I'm sorry, but I don't know you.. I'm sorry for entering your car, Could you please drop me here? " She asked, trying not to show how scared and nervou
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Chapter 04
Chapter 04" Sir?.. " She asked, like she had heard something strange." Yeah, just for the wedding, and after then we can go on our separate ways " He said, hoping he could convince her.She looked like someone that could help and that was why they had thought about asking her for help, hoping she would accept." Please " Claus pleaded, when she hadn't said a thing." I... " She sighed softly." I'm sorry, but I don't think I want to do this, in as much as I would have loved to help, but I can't... I mean, people could find out about this... I.. " " No one will, trust me " Shane said in a pleading tone, and she wondered why he was acting soft towards her.The Shane Kent she had knew always wore a cold look on whenever he was being interviewed, but here he was, acting like the sweetest man ever.Honestly, Shane doesn't really know why he's acting leniet towards her, for some weird reasons, he kinda trusts her, even though they met once, he could read her, she was kind and nice, and th
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Chapter 05
Chapter 05They grabbed their phones before walking out of the apartment.got to the restaurant some minutes later, and opened the gate.Since they're workers there, they have access to the exterior area in the restaurant, but not the interior as the supervisor only has the key.They walked into the mini room where Shane had stayed the other night and began their search." I found it! " Layla suddenly excaimed after some minutes, after they both began searching." Let's dial it " Mirah said and Layla brought out her cellphone.She dialed the number and almost immediately he picked." Hello " Layla said slowly." My driver would be at your apartment to pick you up " He said and with that hanged up while the girls looked at each other in confusion.Is he aware she was going to agreeThey both walked out of the restaurant but were suddenly grabbed by two hefty hands and they screamed in fear." This way " The cop said to the two other officers grabbing them and they bundled them to the ca
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Chapter 06
Chapter 06" Huh? " Layla asked in disbelief." Am sorry, I shouldn't have said that " He apologized and Layla smiled lightly, she wasn't expecting that, tho she had planned to leave but she never expected he would call her back." It's fine sire, I guess I overreacted too " She replied slowly, fondly with her fingers." You should just call me Shane, so you would get used to it before the day " Shane said trying his best to be nice and she nodded." A part of the contract says you aren't allowed to inform anyone else, but... " He paused glancing at Mirah who bent her head immediately." Ah, it's fine, she's my best friend, she wouldn't tell anyone " Layla defended and Mirah nodded in support." Alright then, you girls should please wait, my Pa would be here soon, you have to sign some papers " He said and Layla muttered an * oh * " I'll excuse you two then " He said and with that walked away while Layla watched as he ascended the stairs.Mirah grabbed Layla immediately to herself whi
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Chapter 07
Chapter 07" Is that really necessary? " Shane suddenly asked, referring to Jennifer." Ofcourse, you're going to do it anyways on the wedding day, so you have to learn now " She said and he looked away, staring into space." He just have to insert the ring into your finger and that's all, no word at all, no kneeling " Jennifer added and Layla breathe out silently." Don't we have other important things to do? " Shane asked instead." This is the first important step " Jennifer insisted and he sighed silently." Claus, the box " He called and it was then Layla noticed Claus was with them all through, she didn't notice.Claus moved forward and gave the box to him revealing a shiny diamond ring which caused Layla to gasp loudly and they all turned to her and she hurriedly covered her mouth with her palm." Is there a problem? " Claus asked. She noticed they were all staring at her and she cleared her throat." I'm sorry, but can you get another random ring?, That's too extravagant, and
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Chapter 08
. Chapter 08" You said all that!? " Mirah asked in suprise and Layla nodded as she left her previous location and walked over to the bed and sat beside Mirah.They had both decided to share a room and declined Claus's offer after he offered two rooms for each of them." Yeah, I mean he's doing too much, it's just a fake wedding anyways " She mumbled and Mirah turned to her." But don't you think you're being rude?, when he's just trying his best to meet your demands " Mirah asked and Layla shook her head." That's exactly where the problem lies, he doesn't seem to understand me, I don't want all the fancy things he's trying to offer, I don't like them, Now I see why I can never date a rich guy " She muttered as she laid properly on the bed and dragged the duvet to cover her body properly and she closed her eyes." Are you ready for tomorrow's conference meeting? " Mirah asked as she also laid behind her and she hummed in response." So, what did Allen say at the meeting? " Layla aske
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Chapter 09
Chapter 09They were finally home and Layla had rushed to her room just to get the makeup off her face. She heaved a sigh of relief when she realized she was back to her real face.She applied some cream given to her by the make-up artist, to help massage the face to prevent wrinkles as a result of too much make-up." You really did a great job " Mira said beaming with smiles as she walked into the room with a tray on he hands." You cooked me food? " Layla asked in suprise." Yeah, you did a great job " She said and Layla's lips crept into a smile." Aww, thanks.. I'm damn hungry " She said and rushed to her as she dished out the food in a plate and handed it over to her.She swiftly took it from her and dig in immediately while Mira chuckled at how fast she was devouring the food." You know you could have asked Shane to get you some road-side food or order something at any restaurant " She said and Layla and scoffed as she raised her head up to Mirah." Nah, I don't think he's going
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10" Please excuse us " Shane said to Mirah without looking at her, his gaze focused on Layla who was suddenly nervous probably 'cause of his intense stare on her."Sure " Mirah said and with that excused herself and the two were finally alone.Shane suddenly looked away and approaching the bed available in the room, he sat on it.He gestured to her to come sit beside him, tho she was hesitant for a while but she later walked over to him and sat on the bed.He brushed his hand through his hair like he was frustrated and short of words while Layla nervously picked on her nails as an heavy moment of awkward silence erupted." You don't like everything I've been offering you, why's that?... I thought girls loved expensive things " He said, more like a question." Um.. I... "" I'm sorry, if it annoyed you.. " He said, turning to her and like the first time they met in the mansion, she saw the soft look he wore then on, his face softened, his usual cold expression was gone. He look
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