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Tunes Of Love

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"Don't judge my bangs. My mom made me do it." I say. "It's cute." He says, biting back a laugh. "Asshole." I murmur. "Wait... In the photo you're wearing..." He says trailing off. My eyes widen when I realize I'm wearing my bracelet in that picture. "I can explain." I say. <~~~~~~~~>

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I don't usually describe my characters' looks, so you can imagine whoever you want. (It's also easier so I don't have to remember if a character's oRbS are oCeAn bLuE or cHoCoLaTe bRoWn. I suck at writing dramatic scenes, action scenes, and lovey dovey scenes... (So don't be too harsh If you don't like my outfit choices, then imagine something else... (Not that difficult )If you don't like this story, then just leave and don't comment... Criticism is fine for things like plot holes/grammar/if something doesn't make sense. But if you're gonna complain that it's moving too fast, I don't care... All my stories are fast reads, and don't drag too long. (Or at least that's my goal.) I do it on purpose and I'm not changing that.When you see bolded italicized text, it's usually the character's thoughts/them talking to themselves. NOT a medical condition.The movies that inspired mostly the beginning chapters (not the whole book), is A Cinderella Story (the one with Selena Gomez and the o
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Chapter 1: Is She Going To Be Okay
Amelia's POV"And first place is awarded to... Amelia Reed!" The announcer says.I gasp and start jumping with excitement. The announcer hands me a check for $1000, and I freeze for a quick photo. I spot my parents cheering, and I blow them a kiss. Everyone in my division congratulates me, and I take pictures with the other winners. When I finally meet with my parents, they smush me into a hug. "We're so proud of you Ami!" My mom whispers. "How does it feel to be rich?" My dad asks playfully."Amazing! I can't wait to put it in my bank account." I say excitedly. "Why don't we make a quick stop at the bank, and then go out for some ice cream?" He asks. "Let's go!" I say, grabbing their hands and dragging them towards the exit. After my dad deposits the check, we head towards the ice cream shop. While I look out the window, I randomly ask, "How come I can't take out the money in my account?" "You'll have access to your savings account when you're 18. That way you'll have a lot of
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Chapter 2: Lazy Bastard
Amelia's POV(8 years later!)I wake up to my annoying alarm and sigh. I reach over to my side table, and try to turn it off. But I fail when I hear my phone fall off. Great job Amelia! Shut up.I get ready for the day, wishing I could just go back to sleep. Then I clasp the bracelet my mom gave me. The hook is a little janky, but I usually notice if it falls off. The bracelet just spells Destined. She always made sure I knew I controlled my life. I glance at a family portrait on my desk, and hold back my emotions. I leave my shed and walk over to the house. When I step inside, I start to make breakfast for Esmeralda my step mom, and Cassy my step sister. I'm basically their maid, which is a little funny. Not really. Sometimes I feel like Cinderella, but instead of me getting a prince, I get chores. At least I got the dead parents part right. That's not funny.After I leave the food on the table, I grab a granola bar. I head back to my shitty room and eat my breakfast. I turn on th
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Chapter 3: No, Inner Beauty Matters Too
Amelia's POVI arrive for my shift at Jessy's Cafe and step inside. On the weekends, I work to make some extra cash. Every penny counts when I go to live on my own. The sooner I get out of this town, the better.I head towards the back, and my manager asks, "Are you going to your school's Valentine's Day dance tonight?" "Of course. I finally got a guy to ask me to be their date." I say sarcastically. She playfully rolls her eyes and says, "When I was your age, I would still go to dances with my friends. Nothing wrong with not having a date.""Third wheeling isn't fun either. I'm just gonna binge watch something on Netflix." I say. She laughs and says, "Have a good shift."I return to the main area, and see someone waiting to be served. "Hello my name is Amelia, Can I start your day with a drink?" I ask, looking at my notepad. "Oh hey!" I hear them say. I take my eyes off my notepad and see it's Sylvester. "Oh uh hi." I say. Isn't there supposed to be like paparazzi? I don't know.
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Chapter 4: That's When You Use Your Fast Pass Bitch
Amelia's POV I feel my heart drop, but Lily pulls me towards the exit. "Hurry, or else she might ground you until you die!" She shouts over the loud music. I let her pull me away, and glance at Sylvester one more time. It looks like he was going to follow us, but then a swarm of girls surrounded him. We'll get it back! But right now we have to get to your room. I quickly hop into Lily's car, and we drive back. When we got to the house, I see Cassy and her friends pulling up in the driveway. "Don't get caught." Lilly says, parking near the back of the house. I laugh and rush out of the car.I smile and say, "It wasn't that big of a deal. I'm thankful you got me here in time. Getting my computer and phone taken away is the worst." "Now that I think about it, you and Sylvester make a cute couple." She says smiling. I roll my eyes and say, "I'm good. I'm sure he has a long line of girls who want to date him. Not interested in getting in line." I change out of my dress, and hide it
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Chapter 5: I Hope When I Leave They Starve
Amelia's POVI meet up with Lily in the cafeteria, and see the long line in front of Alex. I sigh and sit beside her. "There's no way I'm getting it back..." I say. When she's done chewing, she says, "He literally posted on his story to stop talking about the bracelet in class. How does he expect to find the owner in the small amount of lunchtime we have?" "Maybe it's best he doesn't... He thinks I'm this cool person to hang out with, when I'm definitely not." I say."Hey! I hang out with you." Lily says. I laugh and ask, "And?"She scoffs and mumbles something under her breath. "Why don't you tell me about the guy you've been texting." I ask.Lily's face turns a bright shade of pink and she says, "Nothing! We're just friends, who don't know each others' identity." "You want to come over after school? Cassy is inciting a bunch of people over. You could help me make the food." I say. "Esmeralda is such a bitch. All she does is treat you like a maid in your own father's house." Lil
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Chapter 6: So After A Million You'll Think About It
Amelia's POV The bell rings and Sylvester and I shut our laptops. "Are you free after school to work on the presentation?" He asks. "I guess... We can practice presenting in the courtyard if you want?" I ask, packing up my things."Don't sound so glum Amelia. You get to spend even more time with the Sylvester Black." He says. "Yay..." I say unenthusiastic. "You wound me." He says, shaking his head. I laugh and we separate for our next class. At the end of the day, I say goodbye to Lily and head to the courtyard.I pick a table, under a tree so we have shade. A few minutes later, I hear someone plop across from me. I jump with surprise, and take out my headphones. "You scared me." I say, putting my phone away.He hands me a bag of chips and I smile. "In case we get hungry." He says."Aww thank you!" I say, opening the bag. How did he know I was hungry?"Did you memorize your part?" He asks, opening his laptop. "Yep, you?" I ask."Of course." He says smirking. I roll my eyes and
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Chapter 7: You're A Lifesaver Amelia
Amelia's POV Today's the last day to present, so Sylvester and I volunteer first. "Better to be first so no one will remember it by the end of class." I say. "Everyone's going to remember ours, I'm famous." He says smirking.I laugh and shake my head. "Means you can't mess up then. No pressure." His smirk drops from his face, and I hold in a laugh. "Don't say that! Now I feel pressure." "Relax. You'll do fine, we practiced for hours." I say. We walk up to the front, and the teacher pulls up our slides. I start speaking and Sylvester puts his game face on. Aww he's actually cute... Haha no.We finish after 5 minutes, and I smile. "We made the time requirement." I whisper, when we walk back to our desks. "Good, I feel like it was obvious we were talking slow." He says laughing. "Everyone's going to do that, so we'll be okay." I say."I had fun working with you." He says. "Who wouldn't? I'm the best at presentations." I say, flipping my hair. "But for real, thank you for being a
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Chapter 8: Worse Lunch Of My Life
Amelia's POV "What do you think?" Lily asks, showing me her outfit, a red sequin gown with slit at the back."Cute and simple." I say."Just what I was going for." She says."You want me to do your eyeliner?" I ask. "Yes please! I envy your steady hands." She says."We can't all be talented I guess." I say smirking. Once I'm done helping her, I change in her bathroom.I put my hair up and put on a plain black hat. I step out and ask, "Incognito? Regular person hiding behind a hat." "Love it! He's on his way, so you should get going." She says, handing me her car keys. I head outside, and back out of her driveway. I stay inside the car, and wait for Lily and her date to arrive.10 minutes later, I spot them near the entrance, and realize her date is Jase. I was not expecting that... A few minutes later, I step into the restaurant. I look for Lily, and see her near a window. When I look around for an empty table, I spot someone familiar in the corner. I walk towards him and see hi
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Chapter 9: You're Creepy At Night
Amelia's POV After an early morning shift, I go to the grocery store to buy food for Cassy's party. After I use Cassy's credit card, I walk back to Esmeralda's house. I'm so fucking tired. My legs hurt and I'm hungry! I step into Esmeralda's house, and see Cassy pacing in the living room. She looks up from her phone and says, "After you cook all that, prepare the movie snacks." "Yes your highness." I mutter under my breath. I organize all my ingredients, and start cooking. An hour later, Esmeralda comes down. She looks hungover, but grabs her car keys."Don't mess up Cassy's party, or I'll take your phone." She says, walking towards the garage. An hour later, I finish cooking. I set them up on a buffet table, and grab the snacks. I start pouring them into bowls, and eating any that don't make it. I grab all the drinks, and put them in a large ice cooler. Cassy walks in, inspecting my work. "Not bad." She comments. "Did you vacuum the main rooms?" She asks. "I was just about t
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