Chased By The Dark Alpha

Chased By The Dark Alpha

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“Why do you pull when I am not ready?” I said, mustering the courage to look at him. His eyes slightly narrowed at me, but he did not move from his position. The air crackled with tension and none of us were prepared to go down. He pulled my chin with his finger beneath it and angled his head to move close to my face. His lips softly brushed against mine and something sparked in my body like a firecracker, “Because you are mine. And I take what belongs to me.” *********************************** Avery Williams was physically and mentally tortured by her ex-werewolf boyfriend and his mate every single day in college. Everyone blamed her to be the one who deserved such treatment because she was a human and her ex twisted the story that he left her when in reality, it was her who was tired of his abuse and decided to break up. Things grew worse as the tortures turned brutal to the point she realized that her ex was obsessed with her. She wanted to escape from his sick clutches but what happens when she comes across the mysterious Alpha Dark in the Mating ball who claims her as his mate?! ENGLISH IS NOT MY MOTHER TONGUE SO THERE WILL BE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS.

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44 chapters
If two years back, one had told me that my life would turn this miserable, I would have laughed at them and caught it as a joke.I wished it was a joke. But it wasn’t.The dark gates of Winterville, the college I studied in, waited for me in silence. The weather was cold and I had my sweater on, but—Achoo!I rubbed my nose which had turned red. Having untimely sneezes was so common for me now. Maybe it was the weather, but it was strange how my sneezes would stop at certain places and happen at certain ones.I stepped inside the hall, the corridor looking empty and silent. I was glad that there was no one around. I wasn’t scared of people, but there was a certain person I wished not to see and I hoped that my day would go peacefully.I walked in the silent corridor, my canvas shoes making a noise that was quite profound. The sound was almost so heavy that for a moment I felt that if they heard the sound, they would come for me. I saw my classroom just a few steps away from me and I s
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I screamed, as the water was extremely cold and so was the weather. Ever felt the sensation when you put ice on yourself on a freezing winter night? It was worse than that. My skin was stinging as if a thousand needles had pricked my skin and my wet hair clung to my face, hiding my eyes that pooled with tears.I could hear everyone laughing at me. At this point, I wished I was deaf.“Hey, loser!” The voice of Brian, Sam’s best friend reached me and I looked up to find a camera focused on me from a distance, taking my video.Fuck, no!I wiped my eyes, ready to run from there but I saw Natalie come forward with a bucket of ice water and she splashed it on me.“Ah!” I screamed and crossed my arms over my body to guard myself, but to no avail. The damage was already done, and I could feel my undergarments drenched too. The soggy feeling didn’t cover up for the emotional breakdown I was having at this moment.I wanted to run. But my legs were frozen on the spot.I wanted to scream at them
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**WARNING: SEXUAL ABUSE AHEAD. READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION** “That is scary. I thought he would not come to this town. It has been five years since the town came under a pack and he never showed himself.” I said, “That’s true, but rumors are that he was in some kind of hibernation,” Candice replied with a thoughtful look. “Wolves hibernate?” I asked. I never saw Sam talking about any kind of hibernation or sleep. Jannet shrugged “I don’t know. It’s just a rumor. There are several other types of rumors. Some say he is dead, some say he is just traveling to different places and I personally think he’s not interested in the town.” I frowned, “Why would you say that?” “It’s quite evident. Blood Moon Pack didn’t claim the title of the strongest pack in the world just by existing. It has the whole country under its reign. And there are rumors that it will spread its wings further. Alpha Dark seems to be the only person after the Lycan King who could take over such a vast expanse in suc
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I breathed out in relief, as I finally got some space and now had the chance to escape. Natalie looked at Sam and then at me, “What’s happening?”“Babe!” Sam pointed at me, “She was trying to blackmail me into getting physical with her.”What?!I just couldn’t believe Sam would explain the whole situation like that. It didn’t make any sense as he was on me, not me. But then I saw Nat’s face turn from confusion to anger and she snapped her head at me.“You fucking bitch!” She pointed at me and before she could pounce at me in her wolf form, I collected myself and ran away.I huffed as I passed the empty corridors and was finally out of the building. But I didn’t stop and kept running through the streets until I had reached my home. Who knew what that crackhead would do if she caught me?My house was not very far from Winterville and I opened the gate to William’s residence and walked in, my body feeling like it would give up anytime soon. I reached the porch of my house and rang the be
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“That is wonderful!” My mother exclaimed in happiness and Aiden ran to look at the car.I looked at the man who was supposedly the driver, “Is the Alpha providing the means of escorting the people? I didn’t hear about it, that’s why I was confirming.”The man stared at me for a second and said, “You are Miss Avery Williams, aren’t you?”My parents looked at me and I blinked in confusion, “Yes, why do you ask?”“This is specially reserved for you and your family. Nobody else.” He said in a solemn tone and my frown deepened. This did not make sense at all!“My apologies, it is very kind of the Alpha. But may I know why he sent us a car when nobody else received the same?” Dad asked what I had in my head.“I am only following my orders, Mr. William.” The man said.“But how can we take the ride just like that?” I asked.“You can refuse if you wish to, miss. Then I would call and let the Alpha know.”“Eh, no, no!” Mom spoke out and waved her hands, “Pardon my daughter, she doesn’t know.” S
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My body froze in spot and the phone fell from my hand as I stared at the pair of red eyes that was just above me. The lights flicked on and I found myself standing on a different place, that did not had the black walls. But what intimidated me was the person standing in front of me. And the red eyes which I saw before vanished like the darkness and there was pitch black ones. A shock weaved down my body as I felt the cold hands of the person who was holding my shoulder. His obsidian black eyes held me in place as if hypnotizing me and they perfectly matched his raven black hair that was slicked back. His angular cheekbones trailed down to a concrete jaw that twitched and I realized I was staring. But I saw red eyes in the dark! Was it an illusion? Why did it seem so familiar? “Running from someone, kitten?” his deep voice reached my ears and played like music. It was so smooth that it didn’t surprise me that a man with such good looks would suit with any other voice rather than one
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My head was spinning. The attention of all the guests at the party was overwhelming, but not as much as the fact that I had spoken with an offensive tone to an Alpha! If he wanted, he could destroy my life in seconds. I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked around for familiar faces until my gaze fell on my mother who stepped out of the crowd and walked toward me. She had a wary look on her face and I didn’t need to second guess the reason. It was not every day that my mother saw me walking along with an Alpha. “Avery.” She planted herself in front of me, her eyes expressing concern, and placed a hand on my shoulder. I knew she wanted to interrogate me but there was a more pressing matter ahead. A six feet tall, sexy one clad in black. Her gaze shifted up to the Alpha and she bowed to him, “Alpha Dominic. It is my utmost pleasure to see you. Did my daughter do something?”She shot me a small glare and I knew that she was wondering what I had now. A crooked smile shaped the lip
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I breathed in and fell the gaze of others in the party on my skin like icicles. There was no way that I could reject an Alpha or who knew what consequences me and my family would have to endure because of his wrath. I haven’t seen him angry yet even though I believe I had offended him before, but one made no promises. I gave him a smile and offered my hand that appeared like a Lilliput in front of his giant palm. He took my hand, his grasp warm yet firm and sparks flew off the area where our skins met. He lead me to the dance floor, where some couples were already dancing to the slow music of the piano and violin. I didn’t like these kind of music but it sounded appropriate and perfect for the hall that looked no less than a royal ball of the Victorian age. The white walls appeared yellow to the warm golden light cast by the chandeliers, the candles on the candelabras and the small led lights on the decorated ceiling. We stood beneath what I would consider one of the largest chandeli
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||DOMINIC’S POV|| Weather in Wilfair had its own taste, something I had never experienced before. The atmosphere always had a curse flowing in it, as if this place was forbidden and the fog danced in front of the tinted glass of my window. It was a good way to hide before I could unleash myself and put someone to their grave. Never had I thought that this dead town could be so interesting. And there was one person who made it beautiful, my sweet mate. I saw her walking in the line of other classmates. It was their P.E. class as per I knew what their schedule had. This was the time I could see her so I chose to sit in my car and watch my little kitten do the long jumps. Her hair was tied in a ponytail, the brown waves of her strands cascading down on her small shoulders like a waterfall. Her plump lips moved apart and closed while she spoke to her other friend who I had seen Sky dance with her at the party. I saw a bit of my own reflection in the window of my car, a smile adorning
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I played Cheap Thrills on my phone as I got ready for the day. I was so happy! My mission was successful and Sam could not mark me. Now I could focus on my grades and make a plan to get out of Wilfair. With this plan being successful, I had some confidence and looked up to the brighter side of my future. “Av, have your breakfast.” My mom chirped as she slid the plate towards my side on the table and I was surprised to find waffles with chocolate syrup on it. Even my parents were in a good mood today. Last night, they interrogated me for almost an hour on how I met the Alpha and how lucky I was that I got to dance with him. My mom did not leave the chance to brag about it to our neighbors who surely were jealous. I didn’t care what our neighbors felt, but after such a long time I saw my parents being genuinely happy. I was slowly getting at their good side again. Maybe things would go back to normal as they used to. Once I was in Winterville, I met Jannet and Candice and we all la
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