Clandestine: Hidden World

Clandestine: Hidden World

By:  Behemoth  Ongoing
Language: English
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Clancy Lockwood was born a Dhampir which changed his life exclusively because he never grew up knowing who his mother was or what she looked like, he was raised artificially in an incubator by Doctor Lloyd Wright. Driven by the rage of vengeance and thirst for revenge, Clancy attained the moniker Rapidfire hunting creatures of the night, mostly vampires as a vigilante because he believed through them, he would be able to reveal his mother's murderer but everything turned from normal to worst after he discovered his life has been manipulated from the start by a biblical prophecy related to the birth of Cain, the first murderer and Lilith, queen of all demons also known as the bride of Beelzebub Lucifer, the devil.

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    51 chapters
    Early Hunt
    Twilight Fall Town Town Motel The town was a sophisticated one, composure and thoughtful to be precise. Perhaps, it was for the downset of the sun conferring upon the land a heavy dullness that could render one blind. The sky was starless and the moon was obviously out of sight, meticulous night for the creatures of the night. During the day, the streets and towns are always safe for the majorderances but during the dawn of night, everything becomes messy and rogue. In movies, horror lurks in the silhouettes, the night is the horror, along it comes not zombie breakouts or waste mutant experiments but vampires and not just vampires but many more. Bungalow structures coddled the land with bright bulbs shining over some dark sides saintliness and radiance, unstructured establishments could be seen also but with construction banners pasted on each walls and at the edge of the town was a bar, a motel to be accurate glowing from the windows light reflections to attract customers. HONK
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    Violetwall Town C-Dome The street was more than expected because it served as the nexus gap between other cities in America, mostly known as a one way ticket into the cities beyond. Been the only town with such popularity, it served as an enticement to many emissaries and governmental supports all over the world. Storey buildings covered the sun's rays from consecrating the land, bungalow buildings shaded the asphalt road in attraction and on the asphalt road, streetlight poles and traffic lights surveyed the land in a marvelous way one would mistake it for a medium city. At a closed street was a building, perhaps semi-detached but with black roofing, Windows at each sides of the wall stared down the street like a buried giant's head, a door before a wooden staircase that led down the street and at each sides of the wooden door were beautiful vases, heartwarming and decorative vases. Audible exclamations filled his ears, images bedazzled him as was having a hard time segregating
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    Generational Rage
    Violetwall Town C-Dome The sun was warm but to others, it was deadly. He couldn't stop thinking if he was a vampire, not a half breed but a true vampire, he would have rescheduled his timeline. He would have called his day his night and his night would be his day, poetically barbarian but sounds like entertainment to the night creatures. He sat on the rooftop, his body glittering to the sun's rays on him. He stared at the horizon, hearing the whispers of citizens, their laughs, smiles and even their cries but he dare no interfere. He was indeed their guardian as they believed but there was more behind his motive of been the human vigilante. They believed him to be their guardian against supernatural creatures although many believed in vampires and other creatures but few believed in their existences. He was waiting for nightfall, been a vigilant during the day would attract the cops and other security forces. They don't really believe he's a hero and he knew he isn't, he was jus
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    Display Of Power
    Twilight Fall Town The Dry Forest CRUSH! He landed silently in the middle of the dry forest, his black costume creating a perfect camouflage in the darkness. He barely made a sound as he landed crouching like a predator anticipating its prey, he looked forward, his eyes piercing through the proliferation of the forest like an owl. He could hear the hooting of birds and the trampling of night animals, he could feel the wind as sharp as it landed on his skin like hard metal. He knew the forest could be guarded by predators and he was the prey but little did they know, to him, they're the prey and he's the predator. He ran down the forest, his boots crushing dry leaves as he sped down the aisle dispersing leaves like a bolt of lightning. He lept into the sky and landed on a tree but relentlessly, he aimed more onto another tree but WHAM! A tree trunk slammed him on the chest that sent him flying back and finally slamming his back on the tree forcefully before falling on his one kne
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    Unknown Location Zenith Tower The Councils of the hidden world as implied constantly are the ruling power of both the known world and the hidden world. Although, their popularity was overshadowed by the governments and security personnels but the zenith power above all authorities were the Councils. They ruled everything. They're the minds that acts correspondingly, the eyes that sees through many eyes, the ears that hears through many ears and the noses that smells through many. They're unknown to many but understood by majority of high superiority, they're not just guardians of the hidden world but predecessors of the hidden world and every creatures that resides within, including the human race. The Zenith Tower was an extra-dimensional reality mixed with unreality that exists within earth and out of its perception but on a different perspective from the senses of everything residing, so detecting the Councils domain would be like looking for what does and doesn't exist simul
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    The Real Journey Begins
    Unknown Location Zenith Tower "We know who killed your mother Dhampir." Corvinus finalised. Clancy walked towards his, anger diffused with uncertain confusion "tell me!" He ordered. Corvinus snickered, turned and walked back along his inmate councils "Not so fast Dhampir, service first." He said. Clancy couldn't wait, he snapped again darting behind the latter like a beast but Corvinus noticed in a nick of time and held him by the neck without him even moving an inch. "We are trying to help here Dhampir, we aren't your enemy." Lady Sif cut in and Corvinus released him slightly tossing him back like a doll. Clancy groaned holding his neck, he could feel his bruise paining but wasn't for long as it healed immediately. He rose back on his feet slightly not having a chance against the councils, they knew who killed his mother and he has been searching years just to find who did it. He cleared his throat and signed briefly "What did you want?" He finally asked. Vlad scoffed un
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    Twilight Fall Town Sheriff Dome Offshore the town, in the middle of the dry woods existed a bungalow shaped building. A building encircled with short wooden fences and a short entrance door into the compound. A red highlander was parked outside the fenced walls along some other short cars ranging from Camry to Lexus and Toyotas but in the midst of these luxurious cars was parked a black cop bike. Inside the house, it was more than expected with just a room as wide as the house itself. In the room were wooden chairs arranged in rows to the end of the room with numerous men sat dressed in different outfits and had different hairstyles. Before the arranged chairs was another chair, a plastic chair with Scott Evans seated on it. In between his lips was a lit tobacco stick fluming with wild smokes. "Why the sudden summon boss, we all have places to be. Children to attend to." A man in the midst of the men said. At each sides of seated Scott stood D and Matthew staring at their fell
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    Gratuity Hunting
    Violetwall Town C-Dome He looked at the picture once more and back at Clancy "I worked on her once but failed," he remembered and looked at Clancy with disbelieve "the lady you're looking for has been dead for thirty years!" He exploded putting Clancy in an endless thought of suspense. Clancy gleamed more than thrice staring around thinking he heard wrong, he looked back at Lloyd and scoffed decently "That's impossible, i recognise undead when i see one." He said. Lloyd snugged "Maybe she's not an undead then, perhaps something worst!" Clancy had a certain gaze on his face as his eyes searched through his room like a mirror, he couldn't visibly digest what Lloyd said but he suspected he's right. He knew every single details of vampirism and other gothic certainties on the planet but none of what he knew read out about death before deformity or becoming a creature of the hidden world. Truly, in basic mythologies, vampires and most creatures often die before emergence but none of
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    Hunter Hunted
    Violetwall Town C-Dome The Cellar The cellar was more bright than ever and quiet, after Clancy left, he was the only living soul residing in the house. He grew bored and decided to take a walk into the bunker cellar to visit his daughter, perhaps to keep her lively but she was still asleep. His feet clanging on the staircase was what padded the cellar for a moment but as he got close and stopped on the cold cemented floor, he shivered to the sudden cold. It was the like the cellar was conducting coolness. His hand rummaged through some tables shuffling through different types of blades and guns, his eyes looked through the troops of bullets lying unconditionally on the table but before his brain could find a job for himself since his daughter was asleep, he heard something scattering. At first, he thought it was from above but after an insignificant and undetermined inspection, he saw a lady dressed in white patient clothings standing and holding blood satchels in her hands.
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    Violetwall Cemetery CRUSH! Their boots crushed dry leaves beneath as they walked and stopped at the entrance of the cemetery. It was literally as imagined, a large spacious area besieged by wrought irons as fence and a short entrance gate in between. Rapidfire adorned in his costume stood before the team; a long sleeve black leather jacket that stopped at his ankles, black turned in shirt underneath, black trouser, an utility belt strapped around his waist, black leather boots and black goggles shading his eyes. He was holding in his hands his black OTS-02 Kiparises ready for unwanted litigations. Aaron, Amelia, Chiang, Douglas and Logan stood behind him with various weapons readied except Amelia. She's a witch and doesn't need weapons to articulate her abilities. They looked more depressed than ever, starting with Aaron as they stared at the entrance gate. The cemetery was surrounded by a large forest far from city zones but known to be nearer to Twilight Fall Town, home to the
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