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The Gauri is cute yet beautiful in her way, her dream is to fulfill every person's needs for a home with her designing she is one of the finest interior designers in the city her beautiful life cast a spell at age of the 17-year teen girl who was forced in arrange marriage life cast a spell of curse in her life, A life which had never been fair before marriage her dreams are broken like glass, yet she fights but all goes in vain and her life turned upside down when she came to know the real face of her husband ……………….. Vikrant Rathode is a 25-year-old playboy who hates girls who said NO to him cruel, merciless, greedy self-obsessed No.1 builder of Lucknow his life changed when he cast his evil eyes on Gauri and wants her not because he loves him he became obsessed with her kind nature. …… What will come in way of Gauri, and what will she do or she put herself into a trap can she save herself or there is more Guys !! join me in the story of Gauri and her life take a chance to know more about Gauri join us in “TALES OF HEART”

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21 Chapters
Engagement Part 2
PREVIEW MAYANK P.O.VWhen I entered there was no one to welcome us but when I looked towards my mother in law she was standing with father in law, when I go towards them they were talking about the arrangement I took ba lessing and went towards my guards to help them if they needed any help ……..I saw my mother-in-law was going towards her room to bring her down……..PRESENT SANIYA P.O.V When I was getting ready my door was opened by none other than my sister she is looking beautiful in her floral lenga with diamond earrings and with her light-weighted dupatta and her biggest smile .”“Didi you are looking very beautiful “you are looking beautiful my chipkali (lizard)”“didi let me help you ““Why are you looking so happy ““did see this ““your article, why are you showing me ““didi I got selected and I can apply for my dream university ““congratulations ““didi but I think my jiju (brother-in-law) is here and I think he will not able to stop himself, “ she said with a t
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After 10 years Life has changed in the last 10 years and I never thought to be perfect with my loving daughters, they chased their dream unlike me to become young and successful as a mother I am very proud of them ……Today is the happiest day of my daughter's life, she is going to marry her boyfriend. I never thought that someday my princess will get married,“ put that aside ““yes mam” “go and do your work”“Mumma don’t worry everything will be fine ““ Tina what are you wearing today is your sister's engagement ““Don't worry queen Victoria we will be ready on time ““ Mumma Mumma ““what happen doll ?”“Mumma where is lilies they will go with my dress”“oh god Ms. drama queen go I will arrange it ““If papa was here I don’t have to wait ““Mumma when the papu will return ?““If there is no emergency he will come in half an hour ““go and get ready I will arrange everything “Where is your husband? come fast otherwise, they will eat me alive,Gauri signed! “Mumma where are my ban
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Engagement Part 1
PREVIEW“you are looking beautiful my angel”“go and check your sister, Tina”“yes, queen Victoria “she salute and ran away giggling. PRESENTThis beautiful day reminds me of my life and my past. It looks like I got married yesterday ………..“Mumma see how she is looking “ as I turned around I saw my daughter looking very beautiful in her engagement saree her beautiful cream saree and backless and beautiful pearl work on the front and beautiful diamond bracelet and high heels, and her long black curly hairs which reach her back and a beautiful smile of my daughter give life to dress it looks like an angel is walking to earth from heaven ……“Mumma how I am looking? ““ you look like an angel ““Mumma where are lilies ““at darling at last movement, we cannot find them ““Mumma”“princess you look stunning “ “Papu”“What happened to my princess? why my beautiful princess is looking dull”“Papu there are no lilies ““oh so my princess wants lilies ““yes”“ Then your every wish is my com
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Past Memories
PREVIEW :MR AND MRS KAUR P.O.V : We are very excited because our son is going to marry a girl who he loves more than anything .when we came outside the car Mr prem and his sister is standing them to welcome us when we entered we did not expect that their house is well decorated with flowers and candles when we reach backyard we were shocked that there arrangements and decoration blew our minds and with very beautiful and big dining table for family and stage with flowers and lights and our daughter –in – law is looking very gorgeous...PRESENT : I don’t know what papa and Mumma are hiding from us and why Mumma was crying, I need to talk to didi because she is the only one who can make them tell us the truth ………GAURI P.O.V : We are in our room resting and I know today or tomorrow we have to tell them the truth, which can change their life but this truth has to know by Mayank too because he is the only one who can save my daughter from the upcoming storm, I have to save them a
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PREVIEW :AFTER SOME TIME Knock knock !!“who is there” “ Please open the door Gauri “ “ What are you doing here ““I can’t open the door please leave “ “Gauri try to understand my car is broken in the middle of the way ““Please open the door, the weather is not good ““ for god's sake open the door ““I can’t open the door ““ I have already called the mechanic, due to the weather there is time to repair it ““Okay “ Mature content if you are not comfortable you can skip this part “I WILL BRING YOU WATER ““ Okay! PRESENT : “ ahh leave my hand ““Why darling “he is touching me inappropriately and then it happens it can't be like that! No! No, don't do this with me.Ah!!! then someone called her.What happened ... Wake up ... it's fine...wake up now “Gauri everything is fine “ she is breathing heavily and her body is shivering badlyHer face is filled with her tears ………..“prem he is here ““love, no one is here “ it is just your dream a bad dream ““love nothing will
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PREVIEW UNKNOWN P.O.V You are far away but as I promise, I will come and you were always mine to love mine to care for, and mine to torture “hahaha hahaha haha haha “he laughed You were saved by that bastard but not now you will pay. I was trying to change because I have a reason but you made me very mad you can run away from me but not now you will be mine. I want to see you screaming in pain and fear in your eyes and want you under me again “my love ““ I am coming backPRESENT“Princess come down we are all ready to go ““coming papu, just wearing my heels “didi jiju already saw you in pj’s don’t make efforts we will be late ““hey chipkali (lizard) I will take all revenge them on your wedding ““ ok but come down first jiju brother–in–law )is also here ““come down lazy bun”mum just 5 minutes”Mayan let's sit in the car ““yes papa”MAYANK P.O.V My night goes to work to complete my work for a rip with my in-laws and when my work is finished it's morning but it's like som
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Journey Started
PREVIEW Tina p.o.v My didi and jiju (brother-in-law) are talking about something mom and dad are thinking something very hard and I am very nervous about all this feeling it’s like something we all going to lose…..And this feeling making me hell scared……….PRESENT MAYANK P.O.VWe all were thinking the same what is going to come out and how will it affect us?In the car, all are just thinking about what is the truth but in reality, I can’t stay still with something that is going to happen I lost my patience and calmness…. It is not about me but what will it affect my love and this silence makes me very hard to travel and we are almost near the railway station……After sometimeThis journey came to end and we reached the railway station ….“Let’s go”“I will go and see our seats, “ papa said“Hey take suitcases towards the AC compartment of the train ““bhaiya Ji (ok sir)”“Children come out we will go and settle first …….”Gauri p.o.v My heart is beating like crazy because I know
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Journey Part 2
Preview : But I know their happiness is not too long and when they know the truth they can’t even speak And prem was seeing me with his puppy eyes not to tell them but today is my daughter's test whether they love their father or my prem.Present : Mayank p.o.v : Our journey started but no one is speaking not even mom she is so quiet that her eyes turn rand ed, eyes are showing Her sorrow and loneliness she was so quiet like Thunder just will visit now! She was saying how she want to spend her life and how her life has begun she doesn’t even know but the truth has to be revealed someday and that day is today how can I start my journey to tell truth to you All, but can this truth will change our life properly or don’t tell them anything and let them enjoy their lives?( Gauri thinking in mind ) "Mama what happened please tell us," said Tina "what are you going to say, Mumma, please do not hide anything," said Sanya " Yes Mama tells us," said Mayank"Mama if your Comfortable s
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Revenge Game Begins
Unknown POV : I am ready for my revenge, to make you suffer, you will cry and beg forgiveness but you will face the most dangerous man, I WAS obsessed with you but now I just want to make you cry and suffer, you have my most valuable things my child and I wil make them hate you so much.You know your lovely husbandmen who are trying to find me are killed by me no one can think we're I am my revenge started and most you will suffer haha haa hahaha.Gauri's point of view:I start telling them about my past and how my parents forced me to marry someone whom I do not even know I cried because I do not have a choice and he was even more than 10 years older than me.“Mama tells us what happened with you?”Said, Tina“Princess I tried every way to stop this marriage but I do not even know my fate is joined with the most dangerous man in the city your father is not capable and financially independent to take care of me”“I tried to tell him that I love someone but there is no way because he
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Past part 2
Sanya p.o.v. : Yesterday my life is filled with happiness I thought a new chapter of my life started but I did not know how can I survive when There is a lot more coming in to disturb our peaceful lives when Mama started telling us about her past and how Gran's father and grandmother forced her to marry the man she did not even want to marry but there are a lot of questions that how she married Dad. is this the reason why Grandfather and grandmother hate us and never come to meet us not even at my engagement…..Gauri p.o.v : “mama you married dada is the reason that grandpa and grandma never came to meet us, “asked my daughter.‘Now how can I make her understand that in their eyes I’m dead for them I am not even their daughter, * I think“Yes princess but there is another reason also,” I said “as I told you I was forced to marry at age of 17years and that man is 10 years older than me ““Then what happen mama, “ asked Tina“My engagement”“What, “ asked my both daughters“Princess
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