The Alpha's Revenge

The Alpha's Revenge

By:  Mariyam Khan  Completed
Language: English
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🥀 The 1st book of 'The Alpha's Hated Mate' series 🥀 All her life, Gisella Odette has been running from an unknown force her father feared with their lives. Until one atrocious night she's taken. Lost and troubled, she finds herself in the arms of a daunting man who hates her with his guts and won't stop until she has known pain. Hades Desmond Vilkas is a man of vengeance. Scarred by his agonizing past, he is set out to inflict torment into the one's soul that wrecked havoc in his perfect childhood. However, fate plays a cruel joke on them when they turn out to be mates. Will Hades be able to leash his inner beast and recognize his one true soulmate before fate carries him through the same deprivation again, or will he fall prey to his own demons?

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94 Chapters
Chapter 1
A loud pounding on the door woke me up in the middle of the night.Squinting my eyes open, I turned on the lamp on my bedside table and glanced at the clock.It was 2:45 in the morning.Who could that be at this late?The pounding increased, sending a shiver crawling down my back. My heartbeat raised, and fear gripped my soul as I got out of the bed. In cautious steps, I approached the front door and grabbed the baseball bat."Wh-Who's that?" I asked.No reply came."If you don't speak, I'm not opening the door," I threatened.The banging stopped suddenly, making me frown.I waited for a few more seconds, but nothing happened.Maybe they were bored and gone.Putting down the bat, I let out a sigh of relief, my hand habitually going to the necklace in my neck.What the hell? Did someone prank? Could be those idiotic neighboring teens. Perhaps avenging their lost dignity for being bullies which I revealed to their parents.Looked like they preferred another round of lesson teaching.Sha
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Chapter 2
My eyes fluttered open only to shut back from the sharp pain the bright light caused. Gosh, Papa, why did you uncover the curtains this early? Groaning, I turned the other way when a worse pain shot through my whole body, making a squeak escape my lips. My head hammered like it would burst anytime. I shot up to a sitting position, clutching my head till the ache subsided by a fraction. That was when I felt it. The bandage wrapped around my head. My brows furrowed as I finally noticed my surrounding. Squinting, I took a glance around. A white themed room with minimal furniture and a huge glass window at one side. Where was I? I couldn't recognize this place. And what happened to me? Why couldn't I remember? Papa. My eyes widened as one by one the memories from last night began to replay in my head. The move out. The accident. The gun shot... "Papa. Papa!" I called, casting the blanket off of me and jumped out of the bed. The second my feet touched the ground,
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Chapter 3
I didn't sleep last night, nor did I protest when he locked me back in the room. It wasn't like I didn't want to, but the fear of his statement and the immense pain in my body eradicated my will. Who he was, and what he was gonna do to me, had been bugging me the whole night. Then there was the flashback from the accident. If the monster really attacked me, then how did I get here? And where was my father in the first place? The horde of questions as if took the shape of a tornado in my head, swirling around in search for answers only worsening the ache. One thing was for sure, if I had to find my answers, I had to get out of here. For the first time since I had been here, I got up and limped to the window at the other side of the room. The sun had just began to peak through the sky. As far my eyes could go, only rows of giant trees could be seen. There was no sign of a house or humans.Looked like it was in the middle of a forest. This brought out a disheartening sigh out of my
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Chapter 4
I realized too late of the blunder I committed. The man stood there like a victorian warrior, in a black vest, a black trenchcoat and same dark hair. It was combed back, reaching right above the end of his nape. A light scruff shadowed the length of his jaw. He was the definition of perfection, if not for the slightly askew shape of his straight nose as though it had been broken before. "Leave," the word came out of his mouth in a low, gutteral command, and as soon it reached Nola and Tera, they took off in a heartbeat, leaving us all alone. Perspiration ran down my temple as I gulped. My eyes latched onto the doorway, contemplating on running, escaping. Maybe, not far, but at least away enough from this menacing stranger. In a slow, treacherous manner, his eyes turned to me, and all I could see there was raw, vicious hatred as though if he could, he would kill me again and again in the most excruciating ways possible. What caused him to do that was a puzzle to me. I didn't even
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Chapter 5
Another day passed. Yet that was the last time I saw him when he put me in a spiral of perplexity from where I could find no path, no hint even to make even the slightest of sense. 'Everything. Everything that ruined me.' His last words haunted me the past nights, raking my head for even a sliver of memory to confirm I had indeed done something horrible that dismantled someone's life. But no. There was none. Even if I had a memory efface like I had before, I would at least remember tidbits from here and there. I'd at least remember his face. That face...So pulchritudinous, yet so minacious. Not a face one could forget just with the passage of time. Though not just his face, it were his eyes, his voice, his whole personality that held this regal, sporadic aura that one could hardly manage to obliterate from even the cavernous depths of their minds. At least, I couldn't. But then why...Could he mean something from my past life? Maybe I was a judge, and he was the criminal I
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Chapter 6
I looked through the mirror. The girl that stared back looked nothing like I remembered. Her bright blonde hair was in a tangle, and the electric blue of her irises almost faded to a baby blue. A small cut reddened the spot over her left eyebrow where the bandage occupied previously. It was healing. Sighing, I slid the worn-out shirt over my head and gasped from what I witnessed. There were bruises all over my pale skin, taking the shades from black to blue. Some even nearly matched the red crystal in my necklace that rested in between my breasts. They hurt when the tip of my index finger poked, making me hiss and lean over the sink. I thought about it. I thought about it all, since the day I first moved to the night my life changed all over again. Even three days ago I was a happy girl, partying with my short-term friends despite the fear of the unknown monster. I supposed what you couldn't see wouldn't hurt enough, but what you did see, what you heard with your own ears struck har
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Chapter 7
"Rule number one-" Tera circled me, "You'll call the Alpha by master." I sent Nola, who stood by the wall, a look as in to say, 'Was she for real?'She only looked away as usual. "Rule number two: You will do as he says, whatever he says." She stopped before me, crossing her arms, a small smirk played on her lips like she very much enjoyed this. "Without any delay," she added. I regarded her for a brief moment. She stood at a good ten inches taller than me with her heels, her toned muscles in the biceps flexed with her movements. Judging from that and her thuggish attitude, she was perhaps the hitwoman for their gang. Taking her down would be a difficult task. "Rule number three: no arguments or talk backs, or there will be consequences." "What about my questions?" I had still a thousand questions to ask from Hades who I had to apparently call master from now on. In which century were they living in? The 18th? "Bury them," she clipped, taking a few steps closer. "If you fear fo
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Chapter 8
"Ready my dinner." I heard him say while I sprinted out of his room in a lightning speed, both from embarrassment and fear. By the time I reached downstairs, my cheeks burned, and my heart hammered. I had been staring. I had never stared at a man like that before. Except at pictures of Henry Cavill, but that was another thing. And what was worse was that for a second, I almost admired his masculine beauty. I should hate him, loath him, abhor his mere existence for separating me from my papa and spewing bullshit about him. I didn't believe him. Not even the slightest. With each minute passed, and I thought about my father committing murder, I hated myself even more for letting myself get carried away into this. Letting out a sigh, I started towards the kitchen when from the corner of my eyes the mahogany front door caught my attention. A daring thought crossed my mind. Almost immediately my eyes shifted up the stairs. He was taking a bath. Undoubtedly he would require time. No
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Chapter 9
When my eyes opened the next day, the sun shone bright outside, the trees basking in it. I could even hear the sweet melody of birds chirping from the cracks of the leaves. It was a beautiful day. Only my life wasn't so. Dragging myself up to a sitting position, I groaned from the ache in my joints. Everything hurt, and I realized it became a daily thing. My nose scrunched from the stench my mouth and breath held. I looked ahead at the widened door of the bathroom. If the feeding session was a nightmare, then what came next was pure torture. All I could remember was bolting to the bathroom and vacating my stomach of the vile content I had forcefully consumed. After that everything was a blur. How many more times I threw up or how many times I fainted, I lost the count. Even my clothes smelled of that awful miasma. I glanced at the small clock that Nola left on the bedside table, and my eyes rose to my hairline. It was 11:27 am. Why did no one wake me up? Fear rushed through my vei
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Chapter 10
The tip of a hot finger traced along my jawline, before a masculine voice whispered into my ear, "Are you resting well, pet?" "Mhm," I responded, stirring in my sleep. "Well, that's not something I can let happen," he drawled. My eyes shot open and found two familiar silver ones staring back. They were hard, so much I almost missed the glint of dark amusement playing in them. I jolted to a sitting position on the sofa in the living room, sinking farther in as his hovering figure inched closer. I felt like the smallest creature caught in the headlights of a giant truck. He didn't say a thing, just stared. Though he didn't have to, because the daring aura surrounding him did all the talking on his behalf, and it didn't take me more than a braincell to know I got him pissed. I suddenly had the urge to chastise myself. How could I let myself fall asleep down here in the open? Then again I wasn't expecting him for another six hours considering he just left not two hours ago. Nonethe
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