Dom and little Academy

Dom and little Academy

By:  Cendrillon1996  Completed
Language: English
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The year is 2996 the world went through some major changes, vampires are now a thing. Human aren't enslaved well maybe just a little, at the age of 16 all human get tested mentally and divided to categories: Dom/Sub , Daddy/Little , Mommy/little , Master/Pet , Master/slave.Sophia a 16 y old who's gonna just find out which category she is. Dimitri a vampire prince and well known dom.Well you'll have to read it to know what happens next. This is A DDLG Book , with MAJOR DADDY KINK in it.You've been warned. Apologies for any misspelling and grammar mistakes.

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The year is 2996 the world went through some major changes, vampires are now a thing. Humans aren't enslaved well maybe just a little, at the age of 16 all humans get tested mentally and divided into categories: Dom/Sub, Daddy/Little, Mommy/little, Master/Pet, Master/slave. If you aren't a dominant you are definitely a sub, its how the world work now, your Dom will take the role of providing you and taking care of you. Most people are spoiled although abuse does exist, the punishment of abusing your sub of any category is public execution. So where the vampire role came you might ask, after their coming out five hundred years ago and bloody war between them and us human, the vampires manufactured a chemical gas that makes you go to a sub or Dom headspace and blew the world with it. They then signed a truce contract with the world's most dominants and here we are now. Humans and vampires get paired together for life, it can be a two vampire or two human pairings or it can be a mixed
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Today is the day I've been waiting for...not. It's my Bday and I can't be any more miserable, I woke up to someone shaking me and taking off my blanket. "Sophia better wake up before I whip that ass of yours," the voice says and I try to ignore it, that until I feel a sharp slap on my butt and I jump up. I look to whom it was who wakes me and I see it's my mother she's wearing her no-nonsense face, dressed in her tailored suit, my mother is 5'5 and well-built she's blond with green eyes, I had all my looks from my dad and she hates me even more for it. "You got thirty minutes to be ready, I'm taking you to the classification center," my mother says and leaves the room. I feel tears burning my eyes but I ignore them, I wasn't expecting a hug and a kiss but a happy Bday would have been enough, knowing that she's not someone to mess with I get up and get ready in twenty-five minutes I give myself a mental hurray. Well my mother wasn't impressed she walked straight to her car not giv
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The doctor was right the school did send someone to get me but they sent two vampires. I was kind of scared of them they were both around 6 feet tall, a girl and a guy they were both blond and have similar eye colors, sibling’s maybe. "Hello little one we are here to take you to your new home," the guy says."I'm time and this is Tasha, she's going to help you change to something more comfortable then we'll go okay," the guy says again and I nod my head yes, I was still in the hospital gown they gave me before my physical exam. Tasha took me to a bathroom she washed my face and pulled a bag for me, it looks like I'm not getting back into my jeans and shirt. She gets pull-ups from the bag and I shake my head no, I'm a big girl. "Come on pet it's a long drive back, just in case you had an accident" Tasha tries to reason with me, but I don't want it I try to run away from her. Well, a big mistake since she's a vampire and much faster than a normal human being, she moved faster than I
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I woke up to Tasha shaking me awake gently and laying a few kisses on my face, that's new nobody woke me this gently this my dad died. Tasha is alone today well thank god, I don't want Timmy to change my clothes again, she sends me to the shower and I'm grateful I get to do it alone, I brushed my teeth and she brushed my hair for me, even put it in two pigtails. "This little uniform, if you see someone wearing it then he or she is a little," she says while lying on my bed in a dark blue plaid skirt with a white shirt and a blue tie. "Doms wear a full-on suit just watch the ties blue is for a daddy or mommy, black is for a Dom, green for a Master for pet and red is Master and slave, other subs wear a uniform like yours but the color differ depend on their categories got it?" she asks and I just nod trying to file all these information for later use. She drags me off to what she says is Madame P.'s office she's the dean of this institute, a vampire and a Dom. I walk with Tasha feelin
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After my first class was over the kind boy who sat next to me introduced himself. "Hello I'm Rory," he said and stick his hand out for me to shake"Hello Rory I'm Sophia," I say while shaking his hand. "You're new here?" ~Rory"Yeah it's my first day" ~Sophia"Let me see your schedule," he asks and I hand him my schedule "Oww oww, we got almost everything together. Wanna be my friend I've been here for two weeks and the other kids are mean to me cause my age is young" ~Rory"Yes I would love to" I couldn't help it, he was adorable "how old are you" He holds three fingers for me, oww he meant he's regression age, if he's three and everyone is mean to him what will they do to me. "What about you," he asks and I lift two fingers he gives me a sympathetic look and a hug well at least now I have a friend. The day passes quickly I have most classes with Rory except English and PE. I'm walking out of my English class which sucked since there were so many doms there with me and I was th
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After lunch, Dimitri keeps hold of my hand and no matter how much I try I can't get him to let me go. I can see Rory giggling at me and I mouth the word traitor which he laughs even more. Dimitri walks me to my class while the guy who brought me to their table in the first place the one who I learned his name is Vincent take hold of Rory's hand and it's his turn to struggle which made me giggle. Yeah, karma is a bitch.Our next class is history but ow no not normal history, it's the history of doms and subs and how this new law made the world a better place. I take advantage of the boring class to talk to Rory. "So you and Vincent “~Sophia"Don't start he's been trying to be my daddy since I got here" I open my mouth to ask the obvious but he beats me to it "yes I'm gay but Vincent scare me" Oh, that does make sense Vincent is a giant compared to Rory. "Someone catches the eye of the prince" Rory tease and I don't get it. "Dimitri he's the Vitale prince" Rory state and my mouth op
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I made it to my room without any problems I walk in, strip from my school uniform, and put on some PJ. I lay in bed and think, I feel tears going down my face I had no one to talk to about these things, my dad the only person who ever cared about me is dead. I cried myself to sleep.There is banging on my door and I can hear an angry voice. I get scared and hid under the blanket hoping whoever is at the door will go away, but the banging kept going. Then it all went quiet finally, I was starting to fall back asleep when my door opened. I hid under the blanket hoping whoever is here will leave."What are you doing here?" came the very angry voice of Dimitri "I've been searching for you for the last three hours!!" he says and drags me off the bed he looks mad his eyes are all black, I try to pull back but he won't let me.He takes a few deep breaths and tries to calm himself down when his eyes finally go back to their origin green, I stop fighting and look down at the floor "I'm sorry
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My third period is PE, oww god can this get any worst. This class is a mix of subs, the coach made us run till I'm out of breath, he made us do some aerobic exercises which proved to me that I got zero muscle coordination. But did the torture stopped there oww of course not, next the coach decided we should do a friendly game of Dodgeball!! How could that game be friendly? My muscles were burning by now and I was on the verge of fainting, I was hardly standing up until a ball hit me straight in the face, the girl who threw it made an "oww my bad " face but her eyes were gleaming with mischief she did it on purpose. I couldn't help it then I just started crying my face felt on fire. "Below the waist Britney" the coach scream"Sorrrryyy," says Britney in a voice that shows no remorse. "I can take her to the nurse office coach" Before I can object Britney takes hold of my hand and start dragging me out of the gym she's 5'3, her hair is box blond and her eyes are brown. "Stay away fro
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After his class is over, I get to change back to my uniform and we go to lunch most of the doms coos and oohs at me for being hurt, I've had the worst and never had this many people fussing about me. The rest of the day was peaceful I went to my classes afterward, until in Dom/little class where the teacher decided to inform all doms about the new pacifier rule. "All little should have one tomorrow, any little under the age of 4 should have one at all time"I'm starting to change my mind about sir milo. After class Dimitri said I can go "play" with other littles, I gave him my best death glare before I went to hang out with Rory. We went to my dorm room since it's mine till the end of the week. I told Rory about Andy because well I trust him and I made him pinky promise not to tell Vincent. We watched some Netflix well we watched Cinderella and the lion king. Until Dimitri and Vincent came and get us. Back at Dimitri's room he shows me what he got me, he got me a brand new iPhon
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Today's Friday, I'm in my school uniform but a pacifier clipped on my shirt. I tried to compromise and put it in my bag but daddy wouldn't let me. I pout the whole way toward the cafeteria, he goes to get me my breakfast and I don't even bother to go along with him I stomp to our table and see that Rory too got a paci clipped to his shirt, well at least I'm not alone.Today's class is about regression, how to go into our little space, what can trigger it, and what can snap us out. The last five minutes were spent with paci inside our mouths. My academic classes passed quickly thank god I didn't have English today, so most of them were with Rory. In our last class with our daddies, we had to sit in their lap the whole period while Sir Milo explained about trust and caregiving while in little space. After the class was over Tasha and Timmy came to get us to Madame P's office, I had to make my decision if I want Dimitri to be my daddy or not. Well the answer was simple I said yes, I had
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