Alpha Angel

Alpha Angel

By:  robynmadonnar  Completed
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He’s the dracula that is determined to be the next Alpha. And he just rejected Angel as his mate. Angel want to hate his guts for ghosting her … but she can practically hear his wolf calling to hers.If determination had a name, this black wolf would be it. Tall, broad and muscular, he’s been training his whole life to take over as the new pack leader. With his sharp gray eyes and thick black hair, he looks every bit the part and his delicious scent makes it impossible for Angel to stay mad at him … or resist him.Angel pretends to hate him and never want him again yet not even proud Alphas or rejected mates can escape fate…How much longer can you resist the delicious pull?

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66 Chapters
Chapter 1 _ Thee Angel
The men stumbled into the Silver Moon Bar as if they had already had a skinful. They didn't even bother to approach the bar, one of them merely calling out, "Bring us three jugs of your finest ale, wench!" before laughing and clapping his friends on the back. Angel gritted her teeth, knowing it was better to put up with whatever they threw at her rather than bring any attention to herself. Being the daughter of Rosh Constantine, she had learned to keep her head down. And being the only one currently working, she had no choice but to serve them. Filling three large glass pitchers with beer, she placed them all on a tray and carried them over to the corner booth where the five men had taken a seat. Four of them seemed much too interested in their conversation, laughing and joking, but the fifth… She could feel his eyes upon her the entire way across the bar. She knew those eyes well, the pale stormy grey that danced and darkened depending on the emotion behind them. They were myste
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Chapter 2 _ Layon
“I’m just going to grab something from the storeroom. Can you keep an eye on things for me?” As soon as Layon heard her call to the local fae man sitting at the bar, he knew that was his chance. Having seen the tension and pain in her at Jason’s comments, he knew there was no way he could leave without at least checking she was okay. And so he waited just inside the restroom door until he was sure that he heard her walk past. Then he gripped the door handle and pulled it open just enough to catch a glimpse of her disappearing through the storeroom door at the other end of the hall. She’s going to be pissed with me, he thought, already sensing that Angel’s wolf was riled up.Then he quickly reminded himself, I’m the alpha’s son. She has no right to be pissed with me. Steeling himself for one pissed-off she-wolf, Layon pulled open the restroom door and began to make his way down the hallway toward the storeroom. Pausing at the door for only a moment to hear the sound of her throwing b
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Chapter 3 _ Bring it on
Late that night, Angel lay in her bed in her studio apartment still able to hear the ringing of the slamming storeroom door in her ears. She lay staring at the wall, unable to stop herself from thinking of Layon’s final parting words, the words that had stung her heart so badly she felt as though they were permanently branded upon the inside of her chest. Whenever she tried to push thoughts of their confrontation away, they were only replaced by other thoughts, thoughts of what might have happened if she hadn’t fallen out of favor with the rest of the Alpha pack, if she had still been friends with Suzen and even Layon. She remembered all too well how Reebah had once told her she’d overheard their father’s talking about a possible union between her and Layon. Reebah had been so excited, exclaiming at the fact that if it were to actually happen then they would have been sisters. “Yeah, right,” Angel thought aloud, rolling her eyes and cursing herself for even thinking of such things n
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Chapter 4 - The Rage is Out.
After the strange morning he'd had, waking up by the lake to a screaming Angel , Layon almost didn't bother heading into university. He would have much preferred to stay in bed and sleep off what remained of his hangover but as a son of Alpha's founding family, appearances were everything and so instead, he found himself shoving his things into his locker.He heard Jason and a few of the other guys coming from a mile away but didn't bother to acknowledge them until Jason clapped a hand on his shoulder and asked, "Hey man, where did you get to last night? The last thing I remember is meeting you for a late-night shift through the woods."Layon cringed at that and slammed his locker shut before responding,"The woods is exactly where I woke up this morning."The feminine chuckle that erupted the moment he finished his sentence certainly didn't come from Jason or one of the other guys, and so Layon found himself glancing across the hall. Though she had had back to him, Layon could te
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Chapter 5 - Angel on Fire
The resident on-again-off-again so-called couple of Silverdale University were unbearable to stomach at the best of times, but today Angel was feeling exceptionally sensitive and so she ducked into the nearest restroom with the intention of giving herself a moment to breathe. What she didn’t intend was to find somebody crying inside. Cringing at how loudly she had entered the restroom, she thought for a moment of turning right back around and heading out again. Maybe whoever was having a full-on snot session inside the farthest stall wouldn’t hear them come in over their own crying. Yet the moment the door clicked shut behind Angel, the crying stopped. She held her breath, waiting, listening. “Who’s there?” the voice sounded almost immediately, breaking up on a sniffle before it came again, “Angel, is that you?” Angel cringed all over again. Why did it have to be a werewolf? Super hearing, super sense of smell, always alert even when sobbing their heart out. Yet Angel’s own hea
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Chapter 6 - Protect Your Territory
Training didn't go well. After having bumped into Angel on his way to the men's restroom, he found he couldn't get her off his mind. It was almostimpossible to concentrate and he found that Jason was able to put him on his ass way too many times, more than he'd have cared to admit."Hey man, what's going on?" Jason demanded even as he helped Layon back to his feet for the hundredth time, slapping him on the back in an attempt to dust him off. Layon quickly shook his head and swiped blood fromhis nose where Jason had caught him with a nasty right hook. "Don't tell me it's nothing because I've only ever put you on your ass a handful of times before today and now we're at a dozen!"Layon gritted his teeth in order to stop himself from snapping at his second. It's not his fault I'm off my game, he quickly reminded himself, it'shers."I'm sorry. There's something I've gotta do," Layon said, and with that he darted from the training field, dodging past the runners who were racing t
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Chapter 7 - Eat or be Eaten
She wasn't sure how long she lay there in the cocooned sanctuary of the willow tree branches, but the truth was it didn't really matter. Nobodycared about the traitor's daughter enough to come looking for her and make sure she wasn't skipping out on class. So long as she kept up her work and her grades and turned up for the exams, nobody cared.And so she tried not to think of anything, not university or work or even all that had happened that morning. Instead, she merely lay there against the tree trunk where the moss grew thickest. She closed her eyes and breatheddeeply the scents of the tree, the lake, the wildflowers. Nothing could calm her like this place did.Yet it seemed today that it wouldn't remain that way for long. The sound of footsteps approaching caused Angel to sit bolt upright. The sprites who had been dancing about the surface of the lake, zipping through thetrailing willow branches and sometimes Layoning sprays of water at her, now hurried away as though the n
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Chapter 8 - Challenge Your Own.
For just a few moments, Layon allowed himself to believe that this was how things were meant to be. Lying in the moss with Angel snuggled upagainst his chest, his arm wrapped affectionately around her, he could almostbelieve he was right where he was meant to be. With eyes closed, he imagined what their lives might have been like if her father hadn't tried to kill his. Reebah had been adamant right up until then that he and Angel would eventually lead their pack. And although Layon had laughed at his sister, too full of male bravado to admit that she might be right, he had imagined it multiple times. Now it seemed closer than ever, and yet the possibility couldn't have been further away. If he were even caught like this with her now, his acceptance into the alpha challenges might be revoked. Although his father was the current alpha, he couldn't imagine that would hold enoughweight if all the senior members of the pack learned he had been fraternizing with the traitor's daughte
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Chapter 9 - Captive Thoughts.
Three days. That was how long it had been since Angel had seen Layon since they had slept together beneath the hanging branches of the willow tree with the sprites frolicking just beyond the bank. Though she hadn't picked up on them at the time, she remembered them now, creating magical music with their feet upon the lake's surface as Layon made love to her. Urgh, Angel! Stop it! she snarled at herself as she sat in the back of a lecture hall, tapping her notepad absentmindedly with her pen. It was increasingly difficult to concentrate on university or work or anything else for that matter when all Angel could do was think of him. And the worst thing was, he hadn't even bothered to call her. She did her best to remember that it likely had more to do with the fact that his sister was still missing and far less to do with her or her performance, but with each passing day, it was growing more and more difficult not to read into it. Her need to speak to him and her desire to make sens
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Chapter 10 - Misconceptions
"This place is disgusting," Jason grumbled even as they walked down the high street of the human town nearest to Silverdale's locked community. It was just like any other human community in the world, at least those Layon had experienced in his relatively short supernatural life. On the surface, it was quite pretty, with its mixture of old and new architecture, but beneath that surface, there was a place stinging with crime and pain, and the foul human stench rotted in the air. Though Layon didn't hold the same utter disdain for humans as many of his pack members did, he had to admit that even he was finding the stench of so many of them in close proximity hard to handle. "No wonder most supernaturals only see them as prey," Jason continued, "though I've yet to find one that smells good enough to eat." Even as he spoke those last few words, he flashed his fangs and allowed his eyes to spark amber in the direction of a passing human, who sidestepped so quickly that they almost
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