My Three Alpha Mates

My Three Alpha Mates

By:  Princess  Ongoing
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WARNING: This is a reverse harem story and it contains mature content. Anna Clark, a regular high school graduate turns eighteen and is taken to the club by her boyfriend Jason to celebrate. She gets the most eventful night of her life when her body begins to change and she eventually turns into a werewolf. Jason is completely horrified and calls Anna a monster right before breaking off their relationship. Heartbroken and afraid, Anna stays cooped up in her apartment, hiding from the public. However, she gets a surprise visitor in the person of Alex, one of the most sought-after bachelors in the city. He tells Anna that she is his mate and he accepts her. While Anna tries to understand what Alex means, Evans, a famous actor who is also her celebrity crush shows up and right after that, Matt the world-renowned footballer shows up as well and they all claim the same thing: that Anna is their mate. Anna finds herself dumbfounded as her three supposed mates are not only the most eligible bachelors in the city but also enemies who all hate each other. She tries so hard to escape her new reality but, with her boyfriend begging for a second chance and her body constantly in heat, she finds herself thinking, "why can't I have them all?

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8 Chapters
Anna's PovI placed my hands on my boyfriend Jason's lap as I kept grinding on him. I was very excited, mostly because I had drunk a few bottles of alcohol. I graduated from high school two weeks ago and now I've turned eighteen.Although I have been living an independent life for a few years, I felt different today because I was now a full-blown adult. I couldn't wait to go back home with Jason and get all kinky.Yes, my sexual life was very spicy and it was all thanks to my high school sweetheart. I was going to start college in two months and I had agreed to join Jason in his college since he was already two years ahead of me. I chose this college because I didn't want to be separated from him and I wanted our relationship to progress further. I haven't had it easy though. I lost my parents when I was only five years old and lived with my grandma until I turned fifteen. I left the suburbs in Upwey when I was fifteen and moved to Madison to complete my high school education.I was
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I screamed and ran away from my mirror the second I saw my reflection. Jason was right. I am a monster but how did I become this way? Was it something I drank at the club? Would I ever change back?I felt so scared and alone. Not only had I turned into a weird-looking creature but I had lost Jason and he was all I had here. I didn't know what to do or who to turn to. I couldn't call my grandma because not only did I not want her to worry, I couldn't explain what was happening to me. Anyone who heard it would think I'm nuts and anyone who saw me would say I am a monster or a freak.I sat on the floor, just beside my bed, and closed my eyes. This wasn't my reality because I refuse to accept it. This was all a dream and when I finally woke up, I would put it behind me and ensure that my relationship with Jason was still intact.I didn't want to open my eyes or get up from the ground. Even when I had the urge to use the bathroom, I remained where I was until I finally drifted off to slee
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When I heard him say that "I accept you", I pulled away from him. "What are you doing in front of my house and what do you mean by, 'mate I accept you?' To the best of my knowledge, you and I have never crossed paths before so what the actual fuck is going on here?"He smiled at me and was about to speak when a car pulled up in front of my apartment. It was at this point I noticed Alex's white Rolls Royce which was parked in front of my house. The car that was parked beside the Rolls Royce was a Mercedes Maybach and the person who came out of the car was none other than Evans, my celebrity crush. "No way," I thought to myself as I rubbed my eyes to confirm that I wasn't dreaming.Evans tucked his hands into his pockets as he walked sexily towards me and when my shocked eyes met his, he flashed me a smile. I stopped myself from squealing in excitement because Alex was in front of me. He turned and stared at Evans. The way they both looked at each other gave me a weird feeling. Were t
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As they all fought each other, a few people came out of their houses and were shocked to see what was going on. It was at this point that they decided to calm down. Alex was the first to notice that Anna was no longer outside. He walked straight to her door and realized that she had locked it. Both Evans and Matt stood by the window to look inside. They all realized that Anna had disappeared.Alex walked over to his car but before getting in, he stared at Evans and Matt and said, "she is mine, I found her first so you two should back off before I start a war."Bring it on Alex" Matt replied. I am not afraid of either of you and neither am I giving up on my mate. If it's a war you want, then I'll be ready for you."They all got into their different cars and left.On his way home, Evans could not help but wonder what was going on. He was someone who didn't like fighting for things. As a celebrity, he always got whatever he wanted without a hassle. Women threw themselves at him and he e
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Anna's POVI arrived at my granny's house and knocked on her door. It had been a good few years since I last saw her. Everywhere still looked the same though, the only difference was that I didn't feel like I was home. Perhaps I had been away for far too long."Grandma" I screamed the moment my granny opened the door. She enveloped me in a warm hug before letting me into the house. She seemed so excited to see me and I would have shared her enthusiasm if I didn't have so much weighing on my mind."I have been expecting you since morning," my grandma said, as soon as I sat down. I observed her for a while, wondering why she would be expecting me. She kept smiling at me and eventually took the words out of my mouth."You want to know how I knew you were coming right? Well, I know you turned eighteen yesterday and your body must have changed too. It's only normal for me to expect that you will run back home to find answers."I stood up and stared at my grandma in surprise. On my way back
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My grandma was pleasantly surprised. She came closer to me and held my hands, "this isn't a coincidence my child. I know you eventually have to accept one of them as your mate but for now, you can work with all three of them and get them to put an end to their feud with one other.Once you have achieved that, you can find out who our enemy is." I immediately recalled my encounter with the three awesome men this morning. The way I felt when all three stood in front of me is something I would never be able to explain. How could I work with all three of them?I was only eighteen, I never asked to be a werewolf and I never asked to be anyone's mate or live my life in fear. All I had ever wanted was to live the rest of my life with Jason. If my body had not changed, we would have still been together.Those three men were not only way older than me but were out of my league. Trying to believe that this all made sense would be tantamount to living in a fool's paradise.I freed my hands from
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Alex's heart skipped a beat when he heard Anna's request. He had truthfully come to Anna's house just to talk to her but he never knew his night would end up being so amazing.He held her face and pulled her closer as his lips crashed down on hers. They kept kissing each other as they made their way to Anna's bed.Their lips parted and she unbuttoned his shirt quickly while he kept staring at her as his breath quickened. She placed her palm on his bare body and ran her fingers along his sturdy abs, making him feel like electricity was coursing through his body.He closed his eyes as she went a little bit lower. She went on her knees, unzipped his pants, and quickly took them off. She moaned seductively when she saw his d*ck which had doubled in size and slowly took it into her mouth.Alex gasped and lifted his face as he clutched her hair while Anna began to suck his d**k wildly and stroke it with her hands. After sucking him for a while, Anna got up and pushed Alex backward. He fell
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Alex threw his head back and laughed, "your imagination is amazing but contrary to what you think, I've always had to do things for myself because my dad wanted me to grow into the strong and capable alpha who would succeed him.When I turned eighteen and couldn't find my mate, I was disoriented. My dad pressured me to take one of the betas in my pack and make her my Luna so I wouldn't seem so pathetic but I couldn't bring myself to do that. Yes, girls threw themselves at me, both from the pack and outside, some because of my looks and others because of my wealth and status. I played around with one or two, nothing serious but, it didn't change the fact that I was the pathetic alpha without a mate.Despite my pitiful condition though, my wolf had assured me that my mate was out there but was yet to get her wolf. This was what kept me going and having found you, I do not regret my decision to wait, even for a bit.""I guess I am the lucky one" Anna replied happily. "For me, it was all
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