The Queen Of All Vampire's Kings

The Queen Of All Vampire's Kings

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Four creatures live in this world: Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and Wizards, and Humans. In a change of event, I was taken in by Werewolves and protected from the war ongoing between Hunters and Vampires. All were attacked by a new enemy from the Old World but when the time came and my powers as a witch grew vastly, I was able to capture the minds of Vampires, Werewolves and Hunters to join hands to defeat our common enemy. They learned they needed to watch each other's back and being the Witch for the New World and the Queen Of All Vampire's Kings, I was able to ever the peace.

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116 Chapters
Prologue:Time vanquishes an existence, and it could also stir up a beginning, thus, there brings up the matter of the Old World and New World.A very long time ago, planet Earth used to be called the Old World. It was to signal that there will be a time in future when things will be different and far advanced. In the Old World, there consists of Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and Wizards, and Humans, who all lived in peace. It was euphoric until a time when Witches and Wizards cease to exist, as nature would want it, thus, giving birth to a revolution from the Vampires' side. The most powerful of all the Vampires led the war that torn apart the barrier, separating all of these creatures. Humans: they were the first to drown in the ruins of the war. The Vampires wanted nothing but to rule over all that was created by nature. For the Werewolves: the mighty creatures, respected across all the universe, or so it was thought, were also knocked off their high horses. When it came into t
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Chapter One
Chapter One. Anastasia's POV. "Relax your body." My brain heeds to his command and I calm. My eyes are closed, and my breathing is hitched. My lips are caught between my teeth and my hands gripped the ends of the bedsheets. His hands were trailing my thighs, sliding downwards and my legs yearns to shudder to his cold touch. Although, deep inside me, I feel so much warmth from his nearness. His tongue is on my cleavage, trailing down my skin. I want to explode into a million and one pieces, but I remain under his figure. His free hand is helping him lessen his weight on me. A sound escapes my mouth when he grips my underwear, pulling it so tightly against my core. The action made me shiver and not being able to hold back my moan, my eyes shot open, rolled to the back; my throat release an ever tone of ecstasy. But just as I wait for more of his touch, I begin to feel too much warmth that beads of sweats began forming on my forehead. Just then, a sound so ear-piercing erupts from b
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Chapter Two
Chapter Two.Anastasia's POV.Breathe in. Breathe out.I tell myself this, as soon as I drive to my destination. The traffic has delayed me, which I didn't calculate would happen, but I'm here now, and I'm late by more than ten minutes and I can't help but be intimidated when I get out of the car and was faced with the tall building of the Eclipse publishing company.Oh, did I forget to mention that? Jeez. I resolve back to my calming mantra as my hands straightens my clothes. I can do this: I tell myself inwardly.Shit! You're getting late the more. Pull your shit together. My subconscious is dramatically screaming from the inside, and before she won't stop screaming now, I take my first step towards the building.It looks like its tallness reaches heaven. My eyes hurt when I try to see if I can see the end. Back to the important thing, I walk into the building and are faced by a blonde woman behind the registry counter.Not that I don't see other people, stuffing the space, but I'm
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Chapter Three
Chapter Three.Anastasia's POV.I am beginning to get anxious, just in time the door opens and entering inside is Olivia. I've had a lot of time to check in details to each of these portraits. They are sore, exquisite."I can't begin to appreciate how much of what you've done...""Oh, please stop." Olivia says, ushering me before I say anything further. I snicker lightly. "Well, you had proved yourself to be better." She adds and gestures for me to walk with her. "So, I'll be letting you in on what is to come next, but before, I need some snacks, do you, too?"I snicker again, "yes, surely." We walk side by side out of the office."So, as your job isn't all about nannying Mr Nicholas's kids, you're also his personal secretary officially and unofficially, you need to know quite some things about how we work here. We have two sections: mass offices and solo offices." She pauses, her eyes catching me from the corners.I think she wants me to ask what she meant. "Um, what does that mean?"
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Chapter Four
Chapter four.Anastasia's POV."Wake up, Anastasia." I hear a familiar voice that jolts me up from the cramped position I had slept in."Nicholas..." My voice is low, barely audible. I raise my hand to touch his face, but he withdraws and that's when I realize something odd.That's a woman's face.Kyra."Kyra." I say, firmly, blinking my eyes open. Jeez! Did I just have a lucid dream? Oh, my God.When I stand on my feet, Kyra is in front of me, having her arms crossed over her chest. "What?"I try to be nonchalant about it, fully knowing she's not the type to give up easily. "Oh, a what? You just mentioned Nicholas in your sleep.""No, I did not." My voice is demanding that she doesn't further it."Yes, you did." She presses. I look at the wall clock and panic."Jeez! Someone is coming here in an hour.""What, and you didn't tell me since...since whenever you've known that. My face is literally painted with a—this..." She trails off, her hands gesturing the facial cream she has on, co
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Chapter Five
Chapter five.Anastasia's POV.I spend the rest of my evening in my room, stocked up with streaming on Netflix. I just feel odd, not wanting to explain anything to Kyra. Although, I think the reason for my actions are plainly differently reacted to.I feel like there's a cloud of thoughts in my head, hovering. I stop the movie I'm currently watching when a mail drops on my laptop. Opening it, I gasp. What the heck? I was expecting Olivia's mail, not his, definitely not Mr Nicholas's.Why would he mail me when Olivia could?My heart thuds for unexplainable reasons as I read through the message.Subject: Contract Approved Plus Details That Might Need Your Attention.From: NicholasTo: Anastasia Sanusi.7 mins ago. View details.Hello Miss Sanusi,The contract has been approved, and you are encouraged to be seen tomorrow in the company, as have been told in the contract.By the way, I hope you're having a nice evening. I am not. The kids are really in need of care, which I hope you can o
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Chapter Six
Chapter Six.Anastasia's POV.A just so you know: entering into the building, it all went like the last time. Blonde number one checked me in before asking me to take the elevator to the second floor. In the second floor, blonde number two checked in for my appointment with the CEO, Mr Nicholas, before she told me to take the elevator to the twentieth floor. Unlike the last time, I'm calm and less intimidated with their exquisite choice of dressing. I get into the elevator and just when I thought the door would close, a leg stops it. My eyes shift from it to its owner. Zeroing my eyes on Mr Nicholas himself, my mind got all shaken up and all of a sudden, it's like I can't think again. I manage to compose myself on the outside as he enters with a daunting smirk on his face. He watches me from the corners of his eyes, as he lowly says, "Miss Sanusi, good to see you early today." I think he's realized I am not about to answer after the smile I return to him, and so he adds, "to my flo
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Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven. Anastasia's POV.Sebastian Hunter, son of Mr Cole Hunter, the Third in media. Sebastian. He's really proved to be a confusing one, because of his actions towards Olivia. The way he had addressed her when he asked for my attention. I mean, after he came to meet us, he and Olivia had a little chat that didn't quite last long and sadly enough, I barely heard anything. Then, he asked to see me, to which Olivia agreed to when he was pestering. I am currently leaning on the cool iron rails before the glassy part of the building, waiting for Sebastian to talk. He's been standing next to me for the past five minutes or so, and I can't take the silence anymore. My head's booming, and I'm tired of looking out into the distance. Just knowing I'm close to the glassy area is scary enough. "So, what's to talk about?" I say and look at him. A smile forms on his face right away, before he winks. "I was waiting for you to start up the conversation, and you did." Okay, that's weird
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Chapter Eight
Chapter Eight.Anastasia's POV.The road is busy at this time of the day. When I check my phone, it's one minute past three in the afternoon. Wow. I'm glad time went fast today. Entering the small shop after Hillary, my eyes flare at the waiting line. There are too many people here, meaning it'll take long before it gets to our turn. "There's too many people here." I say out part of my thought, only making Hillary chuckle. "Ana, go find us a seat. What would you like to order? I'll get yours and mine." He sounds so cool once again, like it's not enough to be panicky about, even in the least.I chew the inside of my mouth softly, as I think about it. "I want cold chocolate tea, please, make it thick with some cupcakes with banana icing on top." He smiles a ghosty smile, "I like that order. A woman that knows what she wants." Him, saying that word, I blush right away and instinctively, my fingers go to my hair to brush it to the side, exposing my right ear. I leave him to do my par
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Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine.Anastasia's POV.I had just placed my phone back into my bag when the door opened and Mr Nicholas walks in. Raising my gaze up to meet his, I find myself almost losing control and gasping right away. My eyes flare, and on the inside, it's like it might pop out any time from now, for staring too much. He looked away from me for a moment, and I take that chance to admire the handsome fellow that he is. He has a sour facial expression, like he's tired or something, but to me, it doesn't very much seem like it. His hair is sprawled around his head, so he's using his left hand to rake it, but sadly enough, the strands wouldn't do as bid and I feel the urge to want to help him out on that. Oh, my God. This usually happens to my female leads in my novels. How could I be also feeling the same?Mr Nicholas's hands swipe down at his coat to remove wrinkles just before he gets to my front. "You stayed, Anastasia."Of course, I would... especially after having seen this gorgeous
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