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She suddenly stopped when she heard faint voices."Tim, what are you doing here?" A woman's voice asked fiercely, turning to a guy.Her voice was almost a whisper, but she knew it was Carrie's."We both know I'm the father, so why did you force that man to marry you and tell everyone he's the father?" She was talking to a man who asked her angrily.As soon as she heard them talking, she quickly covered her mouth to keep from gasping."Tim, I'm sure you understand. You cannot guarantee your son a happy life. What benefits can you provide to us as a teacher? Just imagine how easy your son's life will be with Sean Montarde. Don't be egotistical. Leave now before he notices you." Carrie pleaded."Carrie, please.""Look, Tim, we can still continue what we have even if I'm already married. Of course, I still want you."She witnessed Carrie touching his face, too. They were ready to kiss when she turned away and quickly ran into a man's large, strong body.She was astonished when she saw the man's face. Sean turned to stare at the two, his eyes becoming more narrow. She realized right away that he had heard everything."S-sean?" When Carrie saw the two of them, she uttered a terrified statement."The wedding is off then!" Sean said firmly. As soon as he finished speaking, he instantly grabbed her hand and drew her away.Wait! Why is he taking her along with him?He kept walking until they got into a car. While clutching the steering wheel, he turned to face her."Would you like to be my substitute bride?"Her eyes widened at his unexpected question. He kissed her on the lips, which made her even more motionless.

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She was stunned when the cab Dino and she were riding in came to a stop at a motel. He grabbed her arm to assist her in exiting the vehicle while she was still in shock. She avoided looking at the driver out of shyness because she knew he was already having negative thoughts about both of them.She stepped out of the cab silently. Dino handed the payment to the old driver. She waited for the car to leave before speaking.She softly questioned her fiance, "W-why are we here again?"She lost count of how many times he took her there throughout their six-year relationship, despite her repeated refusals.Dino pleadedly said, "Yaz, give me what I want. Our wedding is next month, right?""That's right. You've already waited six years, so how long will we wait to fulfill your request legally? How long is one month?"He remained silent. She could even make out the gaping of his jaws when he turned to face another way.The tone of the man's voice was a mix of sullenness and fury. "Are you alwa
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That evening, Dino still hadn't returned her calls or texts, which made her restless. In fact, it appears that he even turned the phone off so that she could no longer get in touch with him.She was still at home alone at nine o'clock in the evening, even though their parents had to be returning from Manila by then.Because their home was too quiet, she became even more restless. She had given her decision from that evening a lot of thought. She made a decision and stood up from lying down.She'll visit Dino's rented property. Dino's family was from the province, so his cousin was staying with him there. She is aware that every Saturday, his cousin, a student, leaves for home and comes back early on Monday. She was certain that Dino was by himself in their rental home.She smiled, though the concept made her uneasy. She got ready and went to see him. She brushed her loose hair and covered her lips with thin lipstick and powder. She immediately left after being satisfied with her appea
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The conversation between her and Dino did not happen because she immediately filed for a leave from work for three days. It was good and it was approved right away, so she just left for Manila all of a sudden.Her alibi to her parents was that she had to attend a last-minute lecture in Manila. Dino, on the other hand, keeps calling her but she doesn't answer. Dino can't go to her right away because he's at work. She took advantage of that since she no longer wanted to interact with him anymore.She went to Manila to meet with Sheena. Sheena was a classmate and friend since elementary school. They only separated when Sheena got to work in Manila last year.For a long time, her friend has pleaded with her to go to Manila so that she can go sight-seeing and explore at night. In fact, she urged her once more to come spend a week with her in Manila so that she might experience the nightlife at least once before getting married. It was a good thing this time that she didn't immediately decl
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The next afternoon, Sheena was already busy fixing her. She took another shower and used a blow dryer to dry her hair. Sheena styled her hair and let the loose waves fall. She applied a color, which she initially rejected, but Sheena insisted that it was temporary. She claimed that in order to make her look different, they must first change the color of her black hair.She didn't say a word anymore and just let her friend continue with her work. On her, she applied lipstick. It seemed to be a little thick, so that it took a little while to remove. She only nodded. Despite the thickness of her makeup, she was happy with it. When she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she felt like a different person.Around five in the afternoon, Sheena finished fixing her. Sheena made her wear the clothes she would wear later. She was right. That dress was too short and daring. Her cleavage is visible. She wanted to wear a blazer to cover it up."What do you have to say? Don't be shy because y
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"Sean!" Even Miguel's booming call to the newcomer could be heard by her. She was unable to see the guy's face because Miguel had his back to her.Miguel called the man who was dressed simply. He was dressed in pants and a white polo shirt. The man's arrival was strong despite the fact that his back was turned on her and his attire was simple. She had previously heard the guys discuss his name.As they greeted the man they called "Sean," the band grew even louder. She believes they are pals.She was about to see the man's face when a woman who had just entered the group abruptly blocked her vision. The two women followed him and drew closer to where he was standing, making it much harder for her to see his face.She simply averted her gaze, then looked at the person sitting next to her who gave her something to eat off the table. She hadn't eaten yet, so her stomach was immediately growling.Are they planning to go on dates there? Or will they choose another venue?They might end up e
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She hastily set the glass on the bar counter, stood to leave, and then abruptly sat back down. When she stood up, she felt dizzy all of a sudden. He helped her sit up straight right away.His smile vanished when he inquired, "Are you okay?"She shook her head. She was feeling better once again, yet something felt off. She sighed once more."I-I'm alright,"He told the bartender, "Give me a glass of water," and handed her the glass of water.She accepted it right away and drank everything. She was quite thirsty.He was worried. "Have you had too much to drink."Maybe that was merely the result of her allowing the hunger to pass. She reasoned, "N-not yet."Her phone vibrated as she was about to say goodbye. She noticed that it was Mhariel calling once more when she gave it a closer look. She hung up the phone in frustration, but Mhariel didn't seem to want to stop.He took another sip of wine, curious, "Who's that? A jealous boyfriend?"She paused when she unintentionally accepted Mhar
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He approached her and reached out his hand while facing her. "Please undress me." He said that with a disturbing tone of voice. She saw that the hairs on her body were standing up, and her eyes shifted to the man's bulging middle thigh. She gripped it unconsciously and had the impression that her hand had a mind of its own. "Ahhh, shittt..." He continued to glance up and murmur gently. He responded in a way that gave her encouragement. She was already feeling that part with both hands. She unbuttoned the slacks he was wearing, her hands appearing to tremble. She was about to lower the zipper when he flashed a lowering glance at her. Their eyes were clearly burning as they exchanged long, intense looks. He suddenly laid her on the bed while climbing on top of her when his pants finally dropped to the floor. He passionately whispered in her ear, "I want to take our time, baby, but let's try it another time because right now, I just want to devour your body." Right away, he gave h
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After paying, she exited the taxi without delay. She walked into the condo building with large steps. She nearly raced to Sheena's condo unit after exiting the elevator. She was also surprised when some men came out of Sheena's apartment out of the blue and carried all of Sheena's things out of the condo.She turned to face the elderly man who was directing a group of men carrying her friend's appliances.His face is familiar.Now she can remember him! He was dating Sheena. She was displaying her boyfriend's picture to her.She dared to come near him."W-where's Sheena?"He turned to face her right away."Are you also going to try and get that woman to pay you back? Keep your expectations in check because that shameless chick has already left!" After saying that, he looked back at the porters."I-I'm Sheena's friend."She almost said, "Ex-friend."The elderly man sighed unpatiently and then turned to face her once more."As I have stated, that b*tch fled. Wow! She left behind a sizabl
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She pushed him with all of her might. He allowed her to push him before intensifying the way he kissed her lips."How dare you!" She gave him a strong slap in retaliation for his bravado.She slapped him, but he didn't even budge. Instead, he appeared to be teasing her with his glance."You sang a different tune that night. Have you forgotten already how compatible we were in bed?"Even though her face began to heat up, she was even more irritated by what he said."That was a mistake!"He laughed, seemingly finding humor in what she said. She stopped talking after that and hurriedly opened his car door to exit. Thankfully, he let her go.She quickly retreated to her aunt's home. She was unsure of Carrie's reaction as her fiance abruptly yanked her away. It was fortunate that everyone was inside and that no one else was outside when the man suddenly grabbed her.Before reentering the house, she paused briefly to fix herself. She searched the area for her parents. She saw them chatting
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When she heard that stern voice, she gradually opened her eyes. She saw that Sean was rushing to stop her cousin's hand from striking her face. "You're such a jerk too! Cheater! Get your head around you. You thought this cousin of mine was innocent, didn't you? She's sneaky and flirtatious!"The moment the man attempted to grab Carrie's hand back, she became aggressive. Sean wouldn't let go of her hand. He turned to face her brother, who was likewise taken aback by what had happened. He moved his neck, pointing outdoors, and said to his brother, "Mr. de Lara, please take her away from here." Sean gave her a quick glance to let her brother know that she was the one he meant to take away from that place. Just blinking, her brother was staring at his boss. Mr. de Lara!" Sean was raising his voice a little more to awaken his brother, especially since Carrie was still trying to attack her. Carrie appeared to want to scratch her face as she raised her two hands in the air. "Come on,
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