Alpha's Little Miracle

Alpha's Little Miracle

By:  Um_royhan  Ongoing
Language: English
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When life gives you a lemon, you can make it vanilla or strawberry. *** When life throws Adira into the world of fantasy, the world she only read in books and always imagined. Being lost in a sea of emotions, betrayals and hatred existed before that time. Follow Adira into her fantasy roller coaster.

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5 Chapters
Prologue "Lucian, don't go," His weak mother called, coughing lightly. He frowned, staring at his mother's fragile body on the rusty bed, and sighed, "mom," he dragged, "I'm a man already. I need to bring food on the table," he said, staring ahead at the wall. "Don't go," His mother said persistently, "I have a bad feeling about this." "There's no bad feeling about it," he growled, "You just don't want me to…". Lucian felt anger surge through his veins as he clenched his fists. He was now an adult and felt responsible for his family after his father had run off with a younger female. His mother had always been the only one to put food on the table. Now she was weak, and her health was deteriorating. "No, dear…" their argument was cut off when a little girl with pixie hair bobbed in. "Brother," she squealed excitedly, jumping on Lucian, who caught her immediately. He twirled her around, which made her giggle before he ran his hand through her hair playfully."How is my favourite
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Chapter 1Lucian Eros Ambrose. The rectangular golden nameplate showed the owner of the magahomy brown desk where it was placed. The names gave chills to people when heard or voiced out. The names were spoken by a few without the feeling of being swallowed by the ominous feeling. The names fit the person who owned them. His voice and his physique were enough to make people tremble with fear. The flipping of pages resonated around the silent room as the man behind the desk read what was on the pages before turning to his laptop and typing furiously. His brows were perfectly curved as his Harry Potter glasses dangled on his nose while his nose was scrunched, clearly showing his frustration. He groaned loudly, slamming his palm on the desk annoyingly as he tugged his tie freeing his neck, feeling angsty. Every part of his body begged him to rest; visible black bags were under his eyes as his brown eyes dimmed from tiredness. He cracked his knuckles and sighed before taking t
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Chapter 2 She was running, running on her heels. She didn't know what was chasing her. She was in an abyss of darkness. Everything was dark, with no ray of light. She tried to pry her eyes open, but it was like a force was keeping her down.The same dark voices continue to loom in her head, making her mind spin like a well-woven web. The gruff voice always haunts her every time. She wanted to move or wake up, but her body was stuck.She knew she was in another world or space, she could feel everything like it was real, but she knew the voice was toying with her sanity.Her hands and legs were bound, and she was shackled down. She was unable to move. She thrashed around before giving up. “What do you want from me?” she sobbed, tired from thrashing as her chest rose and fell heavily.No response, just a heavy breathing sound could be heard. She couldn't see anything; even her shadow left her and rhymed with the darkness at a crucial moment she needed comfort. “I'm yo
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Chapter 3Knock knock Lucian groaned, tossing on the bed as the immense sound of knocking pulled him out of slumber. He was just having his rest two days ago after he checked the campus and found nothing, but there was a particular faded scent that left him and his Lycan on their toes. He came to his penthouse yesterday night before falling on the bed without changing his cloth or showing. He was tired. His nose scrunched at the nasty scent of his fiancé. He didn't feel anything for her. Thanks to his Lycan, who felt like snapping her head, they couldn't because they were bound by dealing with humans. "Lucian baby," he heard her high-pitched voice on the other side. He went to open the door on his crumpled shirt, dangling tie, unbuckled belt, and messy hair. "Hi" he muttered dejectedly while Greta had a broad smile on her face. "Baby," she screamed, wrapping herself around him as she pushed his mouth forward to kiss me, and he swiftly turned his head, making the kiss land on hi
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Chapter 4  "Mate."Adira grinned, looking at the fine specimen in her front. Did he consider her a friend? she thought before stretching her hand forward. "What's up mate," she grinned widely, "I'm Adira," When she noticed he wasn't taking her hand, she slumped it down. "I thought you wanted to be friends with me. That's why you called me…." Adira was interrupted by a supermodel. "Who are you?" the woman raised her eyes, and Adira felt small to the tall woman. The woman's height was overpowering her 5'4 ft. "All of you back off to your position," the woman ordered as everyone scrambled away, leaving her and the man. "Baby, let's go," the lady touched him but instantly, he pushed her away as her touch burnt him. "Brady, meet me in my office," the man said and dashed away. What the fuck happened. Lucian couldn't use a minute again there, and he was so into the conversation with his Lycan when he felt Greta's touch and pushed her away. Her touch was uncomfortable before, but sin
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