Dangerous Love: Two Can Play This Game.

Dangerous Love: Two Can Play This Game.

By:  IrreplaceableSassy   Ongoing
Language: English
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After falling into the trap set by her step mom and sister,Natasha White ends up having a one night stand with a stranger losing her Fiance overnight to her stepsister,Kassidy. Natasha White, strong willed,beautiful and smart lady ,potential heir to the company loses her chance of getting married to her sweetheart Keith as he ended up with her step sister Kassidy. she was rejected by Keith who deemed her a whore ,struggling to keep her family inheritance from her step mom who would not hesitate to kill her,she ends up capturing the fancy of Italy's biggest Mafia leader Luca Marchetti. Luca Marchetti,That name was a threat to the Underground world,he's heartless,a possessive freak ,His Cold aura sent fears in the heart of people,who were even afraid to speak of him, He wouldn't hesitate to spill the blood of his enemies. He built a wall around his heart vowing not to fall for a woman ,he believed falling in love meant been weak and vulnerable for his enemies but not until he met Natasha White who captured his cold heart ,making him believe in love. After discovering that she was the woman who he had a one night stand with,He could not let her go for the second time. Fighting off the monster inside of him who wouldn't hesitate to kill Natasha because she was destroying the other him. Can Natasha fall for Luca?who's whole existence was a danger to her,She wasn't a fan of men who were possessive of their women,but Luca was something else. Can she be able to fight for her inheritance without breaking down? Would she able to forgive Keith who was pretending to be a nice guy but had secrets lurking in the shadows?

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35 Chapters
Chapter One:This Engagement Is Over!
"This engagement is over!"Natasha pounded over the words Keith told her over and over again, she could not forget the way his eyes screamed hatred and disgust towards her.She tried holding his hand to keep him from leaving, at least he should hear her own explanations,but he jerked her hands off his as if she was carrying some contagious disease.And then she knew,She had lost Keith.How could she loose guard like this?She knew Kassidy and her mom were trying to get rid of her at all cost,she had always known her inheritance was what they targeted but she did not know that they were planning to destroy another part of her life.Waking up to find herself in bed with a strange man,her head fuzzy, not quite remembering how she got in bed with a man.She was totally confused about what actually happened because the last she could remember was coming to the club with Keith.She had escaped wearing her clothes in a haste before the man could wake up,he had his head turned making it impos
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Chapter Two:Luca Marchetti.
Luca Marchetti,king of the underworld,Capo of the largest mafia family in the whole of Italy.His cold nature and personality had made him stand out from other mafia leaders as he did not think twice in spilling blood.He was a sadist that derives pleasure from making people suffer,not excluding the government bodies who were also trying all they could to not get the wrath of the great Mafia leader,Luca.Luca Marchetti was a man whose mere presence screamed dominance,even his people were finding it difficult in keeping their gazes with him whenever he's with them.That name made mountains move and the impossible can be possible as long as it's Luca Marchetti.That name had cost the destruction of many Mafia families and lives of people who dare goes against his law.They called him the 'BEAST',with no love for human nature,he was wicked,fearless,Smart and cunning in his ways.His real identity is hidden to the underworld,going by the name 'De beast' to ward off his enemies.But tha
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Chapter Three:You Will Come Back Begging Skyler!
Halting her car in front of her dad's company which was soon going to be hers,Natasha could see her secretary Nancy with some few guards standing at the entrance of the company."Ma'am"Nancy walked up to her boss Natasha who had been stripped of her title without her presence."What is it Nancy?"Natasha asked not quite understanding the reason why she was outside instead of being in her duty post."Why are you with my files?"She demanded but Nancy was not opening up to her."The chairlady…"Nancy tried explaining but she knew her boss and her temper,she was not going to take it lightly on her step mom and sister when she finds out what happened.Natasha pushed her aside, not in the mood to listen to her,she needed to see her Step mom,but as she made to enter inside,A security man stood in front of her blocking her entrance."What are you doing?"Natasha glared at the security man,what was his name again?"I'm sorry ma'am but we had received orders from the new boss not to let you
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Chapter Four:I Will Bring Hell Straight To you!
Natasha was sitting in her room of her penthouse looking at her phone as if she was expecting a call.She had sent her secretary Nancy home after she drove her here to her house. She didn't not want to break down in front of her,keeping her cool , but she knew Nancy had left her today and wouldn't relent in checking up on her tomorrow.Growing up without her mom had made her into a hard nut that was hard to break, as her dad who had always been busy at work rary had her time.She had acted as a spoiled brat,who literally caused problems for her dad so as to get his attention but as usual a dad's love could not be compared to that of a mother's.Dialing Keith's number for like the fifteenth time with no response had made her really frustrated and angry at that moment because she desperately needed someone to talk to.She had been expecting his calls,because he would have seen the news on the internet by now,she was the number one topic in the search list in Sherbrooke city. She rea
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CHAPTER FIVE:They Made His Prescious Cry!
De Beast's Villa,Underground basement."I didn't do it,I didn't…"The man screamed in agony,his whole body filled with immense pain.He was tied both hands and feet to a chair in an underground basement that reeked of blood and sweat."You are one hell of a liar,I appreciate your persistence but as you can see,I'm not really in a mood to play sick games with you,so the sooner you give me what i want,the best for all of us"Ethel, Luca's second in command threatened their victim who was still persistent in not talking."You can do whatever you like,you are not getting anything from me"The man said adamantly,but he was scared inside of him knowing that he was in a dangerous territory."Very well then"Ethel said rather not moved by what he just heard,walking up to his left hand side he picked up a hammer and in a blink of an eyes,he had it aimed directly on the man's knee,his scream vibrating the whole place.The man was a spy working for their enemy,he was caught selling their weapons to
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CHAPTER SIX: Natasha White,You Have Bewitched me!
Natasha turned to where the direction of that cold,deep and mysterious voice was coming from,she met with a grey eyes which went darker the minute he walked up to her.Natasha was so lost admiring the man standing in front of her that she forgot her worries which was hunting her since today.The man standing infront of her stood 6ft tall,his muscular body making her small and vulnerable compared to his,the curve of his oval face highlighting his small sexy lips which was so kissable.Natasha could feel the cold gaze, and drank aura emiiting off him,giving her the shiver,for some reasons she felt dominated under this man who made feel so small.His pale skin gave her the idea that he clearly not a Canadian,unlike them,he had the look of some hot Italian model,what was his name again?His hard jaws clenching,which made her wonder why he was doing that,was he angry at her for trying to commit suicide?well,what was his business in trying to interfere in her life,he should not have stopp
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CHAPTER SEVEN:Just An Infactuation!
Hot!That's how she felt,for some reason unknown to her,she was liking the feeling of being dominated under this stranger that had her whole body screaming in need and undeniable wanton towards him.Natasha thought,her feet felt jelly,she could barely keep her foot on the ground ,she was totally weak to react towards the new feelings her body was experiencing,letting him do away with her,she knew her neck was going to be filled up with his hickeys once again,but she didn't care as long as this feeling never stops.Being a virgin,she did not know that was what was accompanied when one decides to give herself to a man who knows how to pleasure and take good care of the body,and this Hot strange Italian man was totally up to the task.Keith barely gets a reaction out of her whenever they make out,but here she was,surrendering herself to a hot Italian guy she knows nothing of.Realizing what she has done,she tried releasing her self from his grasp,knowing that if this continues,they
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CHAPTER EIGHT:She Will Make A Fine Whore!
"Did you plan everything accordingly,the reporters?"Skyler White asked, sipping her drinks in pure happiness,the smile on her face was evidence to show that she was really excited.Finally,she had Natasha out of her way."Yes ma'am,I have everything undercover"The cold voice from the other line replied."That's perfect,let's see how she survives this time,keep me updated with her whereabouts"Skyler said with an evil grin,she ended the call by placing the glass cup on her table."Let's see how much stronger you claim to be dear Natasha""Mother,I'm pissed off!"Kassidy's angry voice could be heard as she walked into her mom's room breaking the lady out of her trance."What's wrong?''Skyler asked with concern, standing up to look into her daughter's eyes to notice she was on the verge of breaking down,"tell me my love who made you angry?''She persisted further."Mom,did you believe Keith told me he needed some time to think just because that 'wench' discovered we played her,why would h
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CHAPTER NINE: Babysitting The Fallen Princess.
Standing in front of a huge Cliff i became surprised as to what I'm doing in front of there.How did i get here?Where am i?Then i heard the constant chattering of monkeys,the singing of birds,and turning around. I met a figure with it's back facing me.The voices!I could hear voices of different kinds.I don't want to be here.Then i heard it,my dad's sweet voice calling me,turning around and i saw him standing on the other side a bit far away from me."Dad,you are…"I called but my voice sounded hoarse and tiny making it impossible for him to hear me.Walking away from the cliff,running forward to meet my dad,but it seemed impossible,the harder i tried running to him,it seemed as if i was never getting nearer."Look at her,so pathetic!"Kassidy!I turned around to see Kassidy laughing at me as i struggled to meet my dad who was looking at me with a sad face,as if he knew that i was really sad and needed comfort."Her mom died because of her,she's a psychopath mother"Kassidy blabb
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Chapter Ten:I'm Your God,Bella.
"Move aside"Natasha uttered with clenched fist,her temper boiling that she needed someone to take it out upon.Not only had her step mother and Kassidy steal her birthright but embarrassing her publicly to the whole world that she was a whore had her self control off.Natasha knew the reason for this humiliation they just did to her,she knew they needed her to beg,to beg for mercy but that was going to be the last thing she would ever do.Never!No matter the amountof disgrace and humiliation coming her way she would endure but to give her step mother and sister the reaction they wanted from her that was going to be impossible."Ma'am you need to calm down,I know how angry you are but it's not good for you to be seen in public now"Nancy tried calming her nerves,this was a critical moment for her boss and she knew appearing before the public right now was not going to help the matter."Calm down you say,I was snatched of my inheritance, Nancy that was not enough,Skyler had to post my
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