Alpha's Bitten Virgin Slave

Alpha's Bitten Virgin Slave

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[Guaranteed good R-18 content | Gore | NO RAPE] "Remove your panties and spread your legs!" Alpha Cyrus Rhaziel commanded her, while settling in the sofa opposite to the bed. His awaiting gaze was fixated over the terrified blonde girl. "Your...your highness?" Danielle, the bought sex slave, couldn't refuse her master. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she exposed her womanhood in front of him to stare. "Play with yourself!" She was stunned over the demand and shakily slipped her hand between thighs. The alpha never touched or pleased her, daily humiliation was her fate now. Her sin? Being Cyrus Rhaziel's mate. How dare a filthy brothel dancer could be the counter of his curse? -*-*-*-*-*- - Chapter 1-27 length = 2400-2700 - Onwards 27 length = 1000-1100 words - Daily multiple uploads - NO FILLERS | Fast pace - Estimated chapters 200-250

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35 Chapters
Filthy Brothel Dancer
When the hunger gets stronger, a wolf is set loose for a mate hunt! “I am not sure if we should do this or not. I don’t want to be stripped naked in front of a court full of those beasts. Gosh, I am getting goosebumps from even imagining it.” The terrified girl tried to predict the horrible circumstances, which they might face if the alpha caught them hanging around casually in his castle. The two women stood in the midst of the marketplace while they continued the bickering. Danielle, the blonde haired and green eyed girl who appeared to be constantly twisting her fingers in fright. On the other hand her friend, Martha stood there calmly while gazing at the shimmering castle situated on the cliff, which was visible to the whole town stirred a longing within those two brothel workers. The snowflakes were falling at the night time making the whole scenario straight out of some fairytale. The marketplace consisted of two rows of shops on both sides, the whole street was illuminated
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Predators Chasing Danielle
[Next night | Time skip] The night finally arrived patiently and two women walked out of a shabby nearly downtrodden building. Which had nothing to hide because the sorrows of the dancers, shame and poverty had been puking out of each tainted window. The whole assumed shining outer of their lives was in reality just a rotten, moss and moth eaten building, where the stench of perverted werewolves reeked who had left their seeds and scents there. "How are we supposed to travel to the palace?"Danielle inquired upon seeing nothing in front of their house, whereas the whole town had been approaching the castle in lavish carriages. Both of the ladies stood there under the snow as one snowflake fell over Danielle's pointy nose. It appeared that winter was the constant weather of kingdom Selene.People claimed that the reason for the cold climate of the kingdom was caused by the alpha's nonchalant attitude and was a punishment for the kingdom due to some curse. And for that reason the alpha
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Punished for touching her
The lo fi music resonated in the golden lit hall as numerous couples danced and developed their emotions. Precisely, situationship as they say which Martha was looking for too. After all, it would not hurt any bit if somebody would get laid with an authoritative person for a few gold coins and rubies. Danielle wanted the dance to end as soon as possible because the man’s intense soul sucking stare was making her uncomfortable. She had no clue if the werewolves were always like that or that man was someone special in being the top tier pervert. But it did make her grow cautious from him as she kept her gaze fixated on him not to make the man suspicious. Soon after the music stopped and the dance ended, the man bowed down to the lady with respect though he had a grin over his face. Whereas Danielle followed his lead and flung her arm out courteously for the man to kiss the back of her hand. No doubt there were some set norms for the civilians to pay heed and nobody could boldly dare to
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Abducted for the alpha
Danielle was stunned upon seeing the dead boy of the beta count Hawthorne. It did not take long enough that the body was reduced to ashes which turned into the black smoke. The woman had no clue what to do ahead and as soon as her gaze fell upon Curtis, her breath hitched and the shaking increased. The whole hall became silent too, which was a clear indication of an unusual act. Nobody had thought of any such thing happening at the ball. Especially when the alpha Cyrus was right there somewhere around. And yet somebody dared to act reckless when that was not something with a sane mind would attempt. Curtis shifted his gaze from Danielle after giving her a glare as he could not bluntly confront her. The woman grew even more cautious about the whole thing and could not move with her trembling legs. However, by now she was sure that the beta Curtis would not hurt her or any other person when it was not needed. "I apologise for the inconvenience, dear ladies and gentlemen.” Curtis turn
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Danielle jumped off terrace
Upon seeing that the beta respectfully called the person as his master, Danielle could not contain her curiosity and looked at the particular direction. The woman could not clearly see who the man was on the other side because there was a white silk curtain in the middle. Quite fancy, ain’t it? The lady had no clue that the alpha would live such a luxury, the only type of silk she had seen was the expensive dresses. Even though Danielle could not afford those she had saved enough money to buy a decent gown for that night. And here the alpha was using the damned silk as his curtain. Nonetheless, the woman was curious and terrified at the same time after realising that she had been brought to the alpha’s chambers. Danielle could not bring herself to conclude anything else except that she was about to be beheaded. After all, she dared to entice the count Lord Hawthorne with her antics and blood scent. Although unknowingly. 'K- king Cyrus? I have been brought here right to the alpha’s c
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About to mark her neck
The alpha was sure why she was reacting so severely upon seeing him. It was expected since she had indirectly committed a crime and was supposed to be punished. Moreover, the way she fell back over her butt made it evident that she was not going to let him touch her. And for that reason the alpha Cyrus seized the chance and leaped towards her.The woman could feel his glaring golden eyes staring straight into hers. There was something in Cyrus’ eyes, something passionate and unsatiated. Only if she could know it was not love but the strongest emotions, resentment and hatred. She could not move from his embrace as Cyrus’ arm was wrapped around her waist.Danielle did not wish to die like that but was aware she had to do something all by herself. The woman had already seen that there was no other way to leave the alpha’s chambers. Because she could not possibly run all the way from the door to down the hall. It was expected that the guards would catch and imprison her for insulting the a
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Her tears are burn marks
'No, what is he doing?'Danielle opened her eyes to see a shadowy figure approaching her as she began to fall deeper into the hollow valley. The darkness was endless and there was no way an ordinary person like her was even able to see anybody behind her. Danielle could see that some shadow of a person was following her, the person was also falling in the valley along with her.But according to her assumptions the person was the beta Curtis since the possibility of the alpha coming behind her was quite slim. She had no clue why would the alpha wanted to save her when the initial idea was to punish her for that indirect crime. Nonetheless, Danielle had no clue why the alpha would send his beta to make sure she would survive.If that was the case did it mean the alpha wanted to kill her all by himself instead of dying in the valley? Danielle had no idea why the alpha would grow obsessed with killing her with his own hands. He could simply let her fall down the valley and bump her head so
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Licking her tasty neck
How dare she despise his existence!? He was alpha Cyrus Rhaziel not some riff raff werewolf of the kingdom Selene. He was the most desired and powerful man alive in the kingdom and the stupid girl was resenting him. How dare she!? The audacity! A measly girl like Danielle was the most stupid one who would dare to deny his presence and his touch. Danielle forgot to mind her words and due to shock and bluntly spoke the answer to his question. "N- no. but were going to kill me." She felt her limbs shaking and now within one second Danielle realised what blunder she just committed. how dare she bluntly talk back to the alpha while addressing him without any respectful title. 'Oh no!' Danielle cursed herself for saying that out loud knowing the consequences of speaking boldly in front of him. The woman nearly bit her tongue for uttering back to him which could easily land her in a perilous situation. Danielle had no other choice but to prepare for her death now, if that was n
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Claimed her on thigh
The woman was unsure what was happening to her, Danielle had no clue why her lower abdomen was becoming wet. She was never touched that way and it was her first experience to encounter all those touches. The lady was never used to them as Cyrus assumed and her hesitation was making him even more confused.The alpha did not wish to leave her from his embrace but he also did not wish to make her uncomfortable. Not at least at that moment. Since the woman had promised to do anything to save her own life Cyrus had a lot of time to torture her. Her antics and bold statements contrasted with her innocent face. Just like her profession and her reaction to his touches were totally opposite.Cyrus was still in his reverie because he was also unable to understand why he was drawn to her. There was no way it was all because she was his destined mate, if he could control his desires it was not difficult to resist her. It appeared that Danielle was something else, she possessed some kind of charm
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The Alpha’s arrival in town
The Alpha Cyrus Rhaziel inhaled sharply after licking the same spot where he had bitten before. He was unable to stop himself from devouring her body but he eventually had to halt and prevent himself from going further. Cyrus was aware by now that he had to limit his touch and intimacy and have to keep a check on their physical relationship. Well, that too if he wanted to develop any such kind of affection. Cyrus grinned and got up from the bed, the alpha was aware that now Danielle was his property and nobody could potentially steal her. The alpha stood up from the bed and tied a knot to his nightgown as he dawdled towards the balcony once again. He knew that the beta Curtis would be around to serve his duty as the bodyguard of the alpha. "Curtis?"The Alpha called out to his confidant and inhaled sharply as he placed his both elbows over the marbled railing. The cool breeze of winter brushed past him as if the air was terrified of the alpha too. He was sure that Curtis was around
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